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Video Review: Hinako Takanaga

Furious Fujoshi Reviews: Hinako Takanaga from Faps the Furious Fujoshi on Vimeo.

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo Archive!

This is baby’s first yaoi Kaito Shuno.

It’s a hugely unhealthy relationship built on rape, bad art, possessive control, and horrendously bad writing.

For those who want the short version you can check out my review of it on Bad webcomic wiki.

Below is the long version.

If your computer has any trouble loading images this is not the archive to go to it has over 800 images BE WARNED!


Update for 12/26/14!


Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

You put on those gloves….for what reason?



Come on down to Aol Instant messenger, or aim as the cool kids say, to join in with a discussion with your local BL ranter extraordinaire, “Yourfapsendhere.”

There will be dick jokes, and poop jokes, and jokes about poop on dicks!  You will see previews of future comic and video riffs. There could even be an intellectual discussion on the role gender expression plays in different manga but most importantly JOKES AT THE EXPENSE OF GAY PEOPLE! YOU WILL BE ENTERTAINED!

Thursday 7pm to 12am USA eastern standard time!

Message me with your AIM username, or just give SESkitty a ring around the time of chatting to get an invite.

As a note: I don’t know what service it is, but one that gives you usernames with the full email address in them ex: I may have trouble getting you into the group chat. I had issues last time. Even though I may not get you into the group chat, I will certainly converse with you NO MATTER WHAT!


REVENGE of talk to faps!

Hello guys, gals, and those who don’t care to be expressed as one or the other.

I enjoyed the last “Let’s talk!” thing we did way back in April and I’ve finally gotten around to planning another one! You can ask me questions about my riffs, we can talk about yaoi or webcomics, or ANYTHING that strikes your fancy really. We may see some future riffs, and other juicy material during the chat too.~

The chat will start Friday 7/6/12 8pm American EST and this time will be hosted on MSN messenger.  Here’s a site that can help you figure out what YOUR time might be since I know I have quite a few fans who don’t share my timezones.  I am in the same time zone as New York City, Montreal, La Paz, Asuncion, San Juan, Santiago, and etc. So hopefully that site will help you.

My messenger name is under yourfapsendhere@gmail and my name is, “Senor Endless Rage.”

If you’re interested leave a comment here with your MSN messenger name, email me at, or simply message me when I’m on and I’ll invite you to the chat.

Hope to see you there!

Riffing, Riffing, Riffing!

Long ago, I made a big post on how YOU the FINELY GROOMED PUBLIC can contribute riffs too!  That’s how Cheesecake’s wondrous Pedur and da Wulf riffs got started.

If you’d like to claim to riff a whole comic or just post a couple of goofy ones for kicks I would be honored to host them here.  What do you need? Well i’d like the riffs to be on a bad manga/webcomic that features some kind of gay male relationship, preferable one that has ignorant portrayals of gay male relationships and justifications for abusive relationships or rape/molestation.  Besides that I only have two other qualifications:

1.) The comic/manga you are poking fun at is made by somebody over the age of 18. It’s stressful enough being a young teen, but once someone is around the 18 age range it’s about time they grow up and they can get pulled up by their britches.

2.) Don’t be a dick.  What!? You’re a dick faps! I know, I know let me explain. Don’t do bullshit like coat a page with nothing but racial slurs and other douchery.  We can all have a poke fun at the author but be a FUCKING HUMAN about it! For instance if English is the author’s 2nd language don’t mercilessly bash them for less then perfect English. Is the author a transgender FtM individual? Don’t bash them just because they’re transgender!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!??

Do you want to riff just a couple of pages of something I’ve already riffed? Go for it! Want to tackle a whole comic/manga? Then let me give you some suggestions.

Arcana -  A kind and cuddly vampire has a homo relationship.  Vampire then goes batshit insane rapes his homo buddy, and then tries to win him back after the incident with violence toward him and his friends. Best part? IT WORKS!!!

208 pages total and dead.

Katio Shuno - Those who have followed me for awhile know about this beaut. Man A tries to kill himself, Man B says he’ll do it FOR HIM, but instead Man A takes Man B into his home where Man B rapes him several times and then they fall in looooooooooooove.

1113 pages total and still kicking.

Saturday People - A man drugs and date rapes another man.  After a series of very skeezy and abusive things, he convinces his rape victim to help him build a total sweet rave club.

40 pages and still kicking.

Okane Ga Nai aka No money - A kid is forcibly thrown into sexual servitude to a mob boss to pay off his cousin’s debts.

8 Volumes and not sure if still kicking.

Have a suggestion or want to get into this riffing game?

Email me at!

Talk to Faps: A last minute idea.

Hello my lords, ladies, and those who give binary gender expression the finger!

It’s a little last minute but I’m going to be around all of tonight and I’d thought I’d host a, “Talk to faps” party.  I’ve got a bunch of new fans and I’d like to MEET YOU ALL!  Is the prospect of talking to me and fellow fans of rapeiskawaii not enough of a sweet deal?  Well then!  During this chat I will be announcing the comic I’ll be posting up after Diddling kids at a rave is done, AND will be sharing a few of the pages I have completed of it already.


The chat will start at 4/4/12 8pm American EST tonight and will be hosted on AIM. It’ll continue as long as I can keep your attention! I’m polishing my gay jokes and yaoi rants so they’re ready!

My Aim handle is SESkitty. (I picked it when I was 13 okay.)

If you’re interested leave a comment here with your AIM, or simply message me when I’m on and I’ll invite you to the chat.

Hope to see some of you there!

I’m bacccccccccccccck

Hello everyone! I’m back and bad as ever!

For those who don’t know some comic cried cried cried so loudly LJ  shut down my account, and photobucket shut down my teahouse riffs.  I’m working on getting my riffs back on those sites, since copyright law is on my side.

For we all know that you don’t need express permission from the creator of material to use their material if you’re making a parody of THAT material. I never claimed the horrendous use of color theory art was mine, and I’m not making a dime off of this, unlike the authors of that cash cow.

In the meanwhile you can do your worst this site isn’t coming down for anybody.  Let me end this post with a riff from an anon that sums up this situation beautifully.