He’s an Xmas gift of a man!: A collection of the Teahouse Author’s responses.

Here I will collect and show you the very best of the Teahouse Author’s responses.

Let’s go in chronological order shall we?

Image Heavy, not safe for thinking people

To start off, many moons ago, somebody complained about them not updating on time and they didn’t handle it well.

It seemed a little childish considering they had perhaps five people who whined about lack of updates and HUNDREDS who clamored to their defense.  To be fair, after the explosion they apologized for their outburst.  Hey that’s alright everybody has crappy days every now and again.  However this is a bit of an indicator of a more deep-seated maturity issue.  Let’s see what happens next!

Sometimes I go skipping through the fields of Teahouse comments.  This is not a leisure activity I would recommend, because it isn’t as pleasant as it sounds!   It’s no field of posies, it’s more like skipping through a field of broken glass with all the shards of ignorance and pandering lying around. During one of these painful ventures, I came across someone with a legitimate concern about how the story was going.  The author, well aware the commenter had an issue, responded like ummmm how they do when somebody disagrees with them. The author’s attempt to sway the dissenter was so disgusting, I couldn’t help but chime in. Here’s the results.

Maturity abound!

While the authors couldn’t focus on anything other then making puns on my name, one individual at least made a rational argument. (One filled with fallacies but at least responded to me on the content of my statement.) My response goes in kind.

Sorrows upon sorrows, I retired to sleep at this point and when I woke up, I was banned from comments and in this engagement’s place was this.

OH NO!!! Is this where it ends?  Not exactly folks.  For in my inbox I got updates to who responded to my comments before the whole she-bang was baww-leated.  Let’s start with the individual who had the decency to actually give me more then childish one liners.  Even though I cannot comment back, let me take the time now to make a rebuttal to this.

1.) Yes E and CC have a history of responding to their detractors with witty one liners ignoring the topic.  Why don’t they respond with substance? They simply have no way of defending themselves against accusations that they know jack shit, and treat sex work like a giant candy jar filled with happy little cocks.

2.) What kind of rebuttal is this? Just because Linneus didn’t buy it personally doesn’t mean it didn’t belong to him. Liard didn’t give the jewels to Xante, he didn’t give them to the teahouse, he didn’t leave them lying around and Linneus just nabbed them. HE GAVE THEM SPECIFICALLY TO LINNEUS MAKING THEM LINNEUS’ POSSESSIONS! Either in the brothel everything belongs to Xanthe and he can deny his employees food, take away their clothing, and force them to sleep on a pile of gravel in the basement if he so chooses, OR Xante simply stole the items.  Which one of these is true? Let’s ask the author’s officially certified ask axis formspring!


3.)  Honnie what did I just tell you? Saying something could be worse is a fallacy. A fallacy is a false argument.  Sure there’s a lot of bl/yaoi that is much more fucked up. Are we talking about yaoi and bl? No we’re talking SPECIFICALLY about teahouse. There’s always something worse out there this is one of the weakest counter-points you could make. This is like saying “Oh I have an abusive boyfriend BUT there are worse men out there so I best just stick with him.”

4.) I get this, “don’t like it don’t read it” whine nearly every fucking time I criticize ANYTHING. It’s another argument that is weaker then watered down piss.  Would you tell somebody who writes movie/show/comic reviews to simply, “NOT WATCH IT OR READ IT!”?  No you wouldn’t.  Since this is on the internet and therefore public I am well within my rights to dislike and criticize something you like.  As fun as it is to ridicule teahouse it’s certainly not the only comic I ridicule and certainly not the only one I read or make critiques about.

Lastly here are a couple I got from the author herself.

It’s not that you made a joke honnie, it’s the fact you made such a tasteless one to people who had a legitimate concern about how your comic deals with sex work.  You don’t have to respond with me with seriousness I sure didn’t! I was just hoping you were going to know, stay on topic which you didn’t.

May I say that the above incident was the ONLY time I ever trolled Teahouse on their actual site.  Some of Teahouse fans that come after me claim I got banned from the site for trolling them on that site, which would be understandable.  However I didn’t get banned from the comic site until many months afterwards.

What’s next?  ORI!!!

Ori was an individual who started a discussion in the comments about sex work, abusive relationships, and Stockholm syndrome.  A very good one if you ask me! The authors didn’t agree.

I’m going to dump the rest of the screenshots I took in case anybody wants to read more of Ori’s rants, which were very good imo.

Now here’s where it gets fun.

Yep after several beautifully constructed arguments the author comes back with a truly charming one liner.  I had to chime in at this point (though I don’t believe it was really troll-like.)

And there’s where we see the author’s true colors.  Why are you guys picking on me, my comic is a comedy. :((((((((((((  Hahaha bullshit.

Also on that same comic page she made this statement.

Yep intimidation, making forceful decisions about their lives without their consent, taking their personal possessions, and verbal abuse isn’t real abuse guys.

Last but not least here’s a screen cap of their, “We’re not racists” post.

Honestly this whole ker-fuffle was fucking pointless too considering less then 10 pages later we have a client with skin darker then a lens flare in a blizzard.  I should have perhaps screencapped comments from the fans. The ignorance was so fucking potent.

“I wonder why there are no black people in yaois?”


“No guys it’s okay they don’t have black people in their comic because black people didn’t exist back then”

If anybody wants to go back to the page, and dig through to screencaps for the ripest ignorance go for it. I’m too lazy.

Thus concludes my collection of despicable teahouse author tom-foolery. I hope you guys enjoyed it.


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38 Responses to He’s an Xmas gift of a man!: A collection of the Teahouse Author’s responses.

  1. icarus says:

    is it bad i have NO IDEA who ANYONE in teahouse is when they use the ‘real’ names?

    i need a filtered version where everyone is called pinky and uke and axel and lord creepy a nd pimpsama

    then maybe i can begin to grasp some of these assinine arguments

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Have a cheat sheet!

      Xanthe Atros – Pimp-sama

      Linneus – Pinky

      Axis – Axel

      Rhys – King blue balls

      Rory – Virgin

      Reed – Lord mouth breather

      I don’t think any other characters were mentioned.

  2. Annausagi2 says:

    Jesus Christ on a pogostick, I can’t express my rage enough at some of those replies.
    Especially the “Giiiiirl” and the “He never abused anybody”, and also the Reed-defense made me raeg extra hard. These are written by adults?? D<

  3. blankd says:

    …My god I don’t even. How does this. I just can’t formulate the EMOTIONS or WORDS.



    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Really shows what a privileged white-bread life they’ve lead huh? It’s kawaii when the king hits a sex slave, but if my comic is made fun of RIP IT FROM THE INTERNET!

      It’s not wrong to have led a life of privilege, I’ll be the first to admit I have been very fortunate in my upbringing. The problem being here when people say, “oh hey its abusive” people who KNOW MORE then you do about these situations, what’s your response?

      A.) Take a long hard look at your comic, do some research, and do something about it.
      B.) Curl into a ball crying the accusers are being unfair by taking your drama comic about sex slaves seriously? <-

      Reading yaoi rape manga does not make you qualified what relationships are abusive and what aren’t. In fact it’s going to give you ASS BACKWARDS knowledge.

  4. Tankasaurus says:

    I swear it’s a prerequisite to be an ignorant asshole with skin thinner than wet tissue paper if you’re going to make yaoi.

    The authors are a bunch of immature, poorly educated, self-entitled, spoiled brats who cannot handle that someone doesn’t lick their asses for making the drivel that is their shitty comic.

    There are comics I hate more than teahouse, but at least the authors aren’t a bunch of self-righteous shits who can’t handle NOT getting their asses licked by the masses (at least, not as MUCH as these authors).

    AKLSDJFASKDLHGJ. Okay, sorry, I just get really riled up at the overwhelming stupidity and ignorance of these two. >:C

  5. Skarto says:

    I love how, when it comes down to it, they fall back on the ‘it’s humour/I was making a JOKE, GOD, YOU GUYS’.

    (Protip: If you try to be sarcastic via text… well, it’s just generally not a good idea unless it’s really obvious. Saying that someone loves their pimp… how’s that supposed to be jokey or really address what was said? Felt to me like someone didn’t have a good response.)

    I don’t see much humour. Sure, there are some funny moments, but overall? No. It reads like the sexual fantasies of girls who like bad guys, or think they can ‘change’ them. The whole tone smacks of ‘he hits me because he loves me!’or ‘it was my fault for having sex with someone else’ (and wtf, this is their job).

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Yeah I don’t understand why they thought, “Pinky loves his Pimpy” was going to sway somebody who was talking in depth about sexual trafficking and a person’s autonomy. Way to fucking go on that one.

      I agree about the humor bit, and I bet if you ask the authors about their comic they would probably say, “it’s a drama about a brothel” not it’s, “A WACKY SITCOM ABOUT A BROTHEL!” It’s pretty much all fetish fuel that they will not achknowledge is fetish fuel.

  6. werthers says:

    Reminds me of the time when I asked them why Claret was the lowest earner and they replied “oh you’ll find out in the next couple of pages!”.

    But…yea there was no explicitly stated reason and this was really early on in the comic. Probably just because she’s female in this horror of a yaoi comic

    • werthers says:

      Also I was completely thrilled that you got the riffs back up on this site! I wanted to show my friend who is working on her own comic and I cringed violently when I found out she was using teahouse as reference/inspiration…

      But then it made me sad because even after I showed her the riffs she didn’t understand what the problems were with Axel-grease and the whole character dynamics…even though you are very straightforward with the critiques.


      That was a fun conversation trying to convince/teach her that teahouse is not an ideal role model.

      Thank you so much for keeping the riffs up and fighting for your right to post them! I think they’re fantastic and I really enjoy reading them. I get excited when a new teahouse pages comes up because I know the riff will shortly follow

      • yourfapsendhere says:

        Hahaha, thank you!

        When it comes to your friend, if you want me to write a rant specific about what constitutes abuse and why it’s in Teahouse I can do that. If you think anything I can say will sway her, just say the word. I will swoop in with polite talking points about relationships imbalances BLAZING!

        Awww, you’re welcome so much for the riffs! It makes me all soft and mushy inside every time somebody says they like them. I hope my riffs will continue to make you smile.

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      They have stated that the reason Claret is the lowest earner is:

      1.) She’s ditzy.
      2.) She’s fat.

      To this I respond.

      1.) Yeah straight men need intellect in order to maintain an erection.
      2.) She is really not the pudgy at all, seriously. During Victorian times they preferred their girls a little chubbier then we tend to today ANYWAY! Sure we get people lining up with fetishes for virgins, very effeminate men, and spiked dildos/cow play but none up for sex with a girl with more cushion for the pushing?

      Read a fucking book authors.

      • Mia says:

        Claret’s fat?


        • yourfapsendhere says:

          Yep that’s that’s one reason why they claim she can’t get any clients. I’ve seen the excuse used on /co/ and in the Ask Axis Formspring. The ask Axis formspring in an official one as well.

  7. akitotheakita says:

    I’m sighing so deeply over here. So Emiran believes their comic is not serious? The story where whores can’t even leave the building they work in? These people are literally chained to this building until they get to old to be desirable then they’re kicked to the streets to starve to death? Ha ha ha.

    If the storyline didn’t revolve around that horrid premise I would hate it a lot less. If Emiran acted like actual adults that would help to.

    I feel bad for you and Ori. Logic doesn’t exit to fan-girls.

    The Official Rules of Yaoi Artists/Authors

    1.)All men shall be white or portrayed as the most offensive Asian stereotype known to man. The “darker” one in the relationship must be the health support system for the dick.

    1.a)All the men shall be drawn in a way that is not sexually appealing to any gay man in existence.

    2.)All relationships shall be abusive and unequal in every way possible.

    3.)All women are not allowed to have any importance to the plot. They must be despised by the fan-base and never protected by the authors/artist. Also the only thing inside of their heads is another boob. No brains allowed.


    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Honestly I don’t buy they think their comic isn’t serious. It was a knee-jerk excuse cause they were backed into a corner. To me if you want to have a light-hearted story involving prostitutes have it in a setting where the prostitutes have autonomy, and rights. You can’t bring the goofy smiles and slap sticks into a human trafficking/sexual slavery story and expect to be taken seriously.

      Haha it’s okay I think me and Ori can take the hits. I’ve certainly been taking the anti-logic hits for a long ass time.

      Your rules on yaoi artists/author are eye bleedingly correct. There’s probably a few more I could slip in there, such as:

      5.) The one that bottoms will forever bottom and behave like a woman. This in no way screwed up gender politics.
      6.) Every male is gay. EVERY ONE!
      7.) Anybody who does not condone an abusive relationship is just jealous.

      I could probably come up with more too, if given the time but THERE SHE IS!

  8. wanderingaddict says:

    what really gets me is that “oh it could have been a FAT man!! or a WOMAN OH NO!! SOMEONE PHYSICALLY UNAPPEALING!” is the response to someone saying “hey, I can’t find anything appealing *about* the character I’m supposed to find ‘hot’”

    much less the ridiculousness of… just how shallow that is. this guy’s a virgin and his personality is shy and reserved. *I* would be thrilled if I got someone who was fun, made me laugh, and cared for me rather than someone who was constantly short, curt, and belittled me.

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Yeah seriously. According to them someone who’s got an inch to pinch is FAR WORSE then someone who treats you like shit. Their whole comic functions on ass backwards knowledge.

      I don’t know why they’re SHOCKED some people don’t find their cardboard cut-out rapists/tear manufacturers appealing. Oh no wait I know why. They’re petty, self indulgent, bitches who can’t fathom that people who disagree with them may have valid points.

      • wanderingaddict says:

        or try and those points into something constructive like “oh gee people don’t find our…” (sigh) “‘hunky’ tops appealing! why don’t we try and remedy that.”

  9. Cynnnn says:

    > looks at the website title
    > lulz at you guys getting your panties in a bunch over a fucking /comic/

    Criticizing something is fine and all, but eventually you’ve got to learn to let go. It’s clear they don’t give to fucks about what you’re saying, so why bother?

    Seriously, take your own websites titles advice; cry s’more and get over it already. You call them whiny brats yet you b’awww when they refuse to listen to you. You’re both idiots.

    • cc says:

      Honest question here, do you tell this to all people who want better representations of [sex, gender, race, etc.] across all media?

    • We could say the same to you. Getting your panties in a bunch no over a comic but over somebody who does not have a favorable opinion of the comic. I just think their behavior was immature, and the who attempt to ban my riffs business was unwarranted. Yet I still got my riffs, so I ain’t even mad bro.

      Really this post is five months old, why are you digging this back up?

  10. boohoo says:

    Get over it. They obviously don’t care all that much, and you’re complaining about their ‘bitchfit’? What exactly are you doing? Hypocrits. If you don’t like the comic, the plot, the authors, or whatever, look to the top right of your screen and click that little ‘X’ up there. Childish behavior.

    • cc says:

      Making riffs and taking pics of when authors screw things up.

      PS: Will never tire of you guys saying the “Don’t like, don’t read” argument, especially since each time you post with such a claim you are automatically ignoring your own statement. Good job on sharing your opinion though!

    • Then why haven’t hit you hit the little X at the top corner of this post? Oh my god do you not have an X button up there!?


  11. Katerina says:

    I often comment on teahouse under several different names. Just thought you would like to know that if I post a comment on anything the author’s fine “contriversal” that it is deleted. I love this comic, but there are such high levels of immaturity. Also, I hope Gilder kidnaps Linneus >_>

    • wanderingaddict says:

      I hope Sacha just flat-out kills him in jealousy. Then kills Gilder. Then Atros drinks himself to death after running the brothel into the ground.

      … The “mean” whore and Atros’s wife hook up and live happily ever after.

    • cc says:

      (It’s so nice to hear from those that enjoy the comic but notice the things “off” from it.)

      How do you imagine such a plot would go by the way? I’m sincerely curious.

  12. ImPrettyMuchDead says:

    I just need to tell you that I am happy to have found your blog! Sorry that this may not be the right place to comment but I am absolutely happy that someone else out there (and apparently a number of other people too!!) find Teahouse deeply problematic as well. It is such a relief to know that I’m not the only one bothered about it.

  13. Kelpie says:

    Teahouse is a typical example of a comic, that tries to be shocking and noughty from people’s point of view- a comic, that pretends to be soooo realistic. The main problem aren’t yaoi stereotypes. Sometimes the author’s only contact with homosexuality is through yaoi mangas, but if author cares about their character, listends to advices and respects the readers, you are able to forgive tha. But here we have two ADULT women who acts like 13 year old Junjou Romantica fangirls who decided to write a shocking story about kawaii-desu host workers to seem, that they are ‘controversial’ and ‘mature’. They clearly have no clue about sex workers, sex and relationships. I don’t understand why their readers think, that people haven’t got right to ask about how brothels function in this world, cause, hell, this is what their comic is about!

    From the very first page of Teahouse I had a feeling, that brothel is just an excuse to show a lot of sex. And it is. It’s also not related to the Victorian Era in any way. Actually, if they didn’t wanted to put effort into ceating Teahouse’s world… why didn’t they actually put comic in XXI century? (Axis could be punk, Clarett lolita or whatever) Or even in XIX century- paradoxally, it’s easier to put something in historical times, than creating your own realm. To do it right, you really need to make a headcanon, write basic facts about history, people’s behaviours, traditions etc. But they didn’t want to do it right- you can put a girl in night-shirt with modern panties or draw girl in trousers or a punk-boy and call it Victorian tee-hee! It’s only my style! It’s my comic, I can do what I wanna!

    …Headcanon really would help here. We do not know how this society does view homosexuality and since it’s a ‘yaoi’ comic they should at least inform us about this detale. And saying, this comic is only beginning is not an excuse- it has 5 chapters- that’s a tone of chapters! Starfighter’s whole story is planned to end in 4 chapters (Starfighter has it’s own serious issiues, but it’s a story for another time).

    • I don’t think they even TRIED to go shocking or mature. I think they just wanted an excuse to draw lots of sex. In particular I think they knew it wouldn’t make sense for Axis to have sex with Rhys unless he was forced to, so made the entire world bend to that idea cause THEY NEEDED TO FUCK REALLY BADLY OKAY IT’D BE SO HOT! WE DON’T CARE THAT IT HAS TO BE BORDERLINE RAPE WITH SEX SLAVES! WE MADE THEM ALL GAY SO WHY WOULD ANY OF THEM HAVE A PROBLEM, LOL!!!!

      Though I mean that falls on its ass because even with them forcing to have sex, and Axis finding some enjoyment in it, it makes 0 sense for either of them to have any affection toward one another but welp I fall in love with every person who I get in a fist fight with over trying to control me.

      Anyway them whining that people say, “Sex work doesn’t go like that” or “Trash bags in a Victorian setting don’t work” is such bologna. They chose to do it on sex work and base it loosely on Victorian times so they’ve stepped in it themselves. To me I wouldn’t be surprised if they never bring up how homosexuality is viewed in this alternate universe, even though that should be key considering the comic revolves around homosexual relationships. If it comes up in any context I bet it will only be under the Pinky/Pimpy ship because we got to give Pimpy more excuses for his shitty behavior.

      The comic is also a good ways into the story already, 150 pages and what have they’ve done with it? Just introduced a lot of characters and make them fuck, though we don’t know much about any of them yet. So what’s their priority? Lots of sexy men have sexy gay sex, not story period.

  14. cid says:

    Hi I just popped by here from google. I had no idea this drama was happening.

    I understand your arguments but what I dont understand is the amount of emotion and effort you put into this… like I read teahouse, I appreciate the art and a few characters but I recognize it isnt written well, its mostly a bunch of shite and does misrepresent serious issues. But….. I just … stopped reading it. Reading this makes me think of a person ripping a wound open over and over again…

    I also know its not excusable but a lot of these problematic themes you mentioned are just omnipresent in the bl genre. Its really more than just the authors of this comic. Anyway I wouldnt bother with these guys theyre not worth it…… why are you?

    • cc says:

      Cid you’re about 2 years late to responding.

      (Also I am not the original poster, but just because something isn’t the only one being stupid doesn’t mean you don’t call out the stupidity.)

      • I am the original poster and pretty much what CC said. This incident happened 2 years ago, and we should call out people on bullshit even if ~everybody~ does bullshit. The teahouse authors are certainly not the only ones I call out if you ever looked at any other posts I’ve made.

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