A parade of drama llamas: The story of the teahouse bans.

As some of you may have heard when the teahouse authors found out about my riffs there was a bit of a drama explosion.

The nitty and gritty, below the jump.

Some images, SFW, copious amounts of butthurt.

It started back when Tankasaur’s riffs were yanked by the teahouse gang.  I offered to host them up on my riff livejournal…and then things got out of hand.

They banned me from viewing their site, got the account I hosted the riffs on LJ suspended, got the riffs removed from photobucket, started watching me all of the people who looked to support me,

Suspicious much?

and even contacted me on my personal deviantart (which they had to really search for since I don’t leave the links on my rapeiskawaii blogs) with vague bitchy comments.

When people start mentioning that their behavior is childish on deviantart they hide their comments and ban them from commenting. Screencapped for justice.

Even people who have never commented on their deviantarts are banned preemptively for expressing that they support me.

They’ve also attempted to get the riffs removed from this site as well.  It’s a good thing the owner of this site has my back.

To see the riffs, hop on over to the prostitutes r us category!

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16 Responses to A parade of drama llamas: The story of the teahouse bans.

  1. Annausagi2 says:

    Oh the lulz, it’s delishious!

  2. Mia says:

    The edits would have had less attention if they’d just ignored you…

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Seriously! By throwing this bitch fit, I think they pretty much doubled my readerbase. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY!

  3. blankd says:

    Wow, they’re -still- pursuing it? God forbid someone ever say something bad about someone else on the INTERNET of all places!

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      We got an initial email about it, and we’re just covering all our bases in case they do in fact try to pursue.

      • blankd says:

        An email? I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was curious of the contents.

        Will that be added to the archive of butthurt? I wonder if “permission” could ever be extracted, signs point heavily to LOL no- parody is obviously a ruse for “slander and defamation,” not criticism and parody 8U

        I wonder how far and long they will pursue this. Do they just want someone to “stop it ;_;” or do they (somehow) sincerely believe this is copyright infringement?

        • yourfapsendhere says:

          Haha the email isn’t that fascinating. It’s a legal junk about how my stuff is copyright infringing them, how they don’t believe it’s not allowed under fair use, and how it should be taken down ASAP.

          I will add a piece of it to the archives once the legal stuff blows over.

          They haven’t really responded after this site’s admin was like (I’m very roughly paraphrasing), “YO YOU WANNA LEGAL BATTLE THIS OR WHAT!? MY LAWYER’S NUMBER IS A SPEED DIAL!” So I don’t believe they believe it is truly infringing on their copyright rights, or in the very least that they don’t want to take it to court. However we will see.

  4. miss says:

    lol thanks to them I now know about the riffs.

  5. What? No, That’s not how dealing with sensitive issues works.
    The problem with depicting things like rape and the such in an ignorant way, isn’t just whether or not it’s insulting to people who had to deal with it.
    It’s also just plain bad writing.
    Like, to take the teahouse example, the pimp-guy is an abusive narcissist with the way he treats his employees. Once you realise that, you can’t actually take his participation in a romance seriously. Because you know that even if he and pinky end up together, pinky will be beaten black and blue the moment he does something that pimp finds anywhere vaguely threatening, like, staring one second to long in the direction of a vaguely handsome guy.
    Because this is how abuse works. And you are just alienating the part of your readership that actually understands this, if you keep ignoring the way things work in reality.
    In other words, it ruins the suspension of disbelief.

    Also, they’re girl-bullying, which I find kinda cute in and of itself. But you honestly shouldn’t be responding to it.
    Their next step will be taking you pictures and drawing dicks and poop over it.

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      I so so so so agree. Pimpy is the least likable out of the cast, and one of the most abusive and yet we’re supposed to root for him to get together with the most fragile character AND feel sorry for him? You’ve got to be fucking joking. I don’t care how many panels they draw of him looking kinda forlorn, he’s an insufferable character. I mean hopefully he’ll have an arc where he truly comes to understand that he treats his employees like garbage, that the system of sexual servitude is fucked up, realize the center of the universe isn’t his dick, and start treating others with dignity and respect.
      However I’ve got a feeling that his ~transformation~ is just going to be a series of hollow gestures and platitudes. Though the authors confirmed it’s going to be pimpy/pinky by the end so that ALSO ruins the suspension of disbelief.

      The girl-bullying is hilarious to me. I thought the last time I’d see catty vague threat self-esteem targeted bullshit was in middle school, I GUESS I WAS WRONG!

  6. Somebodyy says:

    I am so sad.
    I was in the middle of reading the riffs and my friend came over, and I showed her my favourite parts and linked her on MSN so she could read it when I went home, then I closed the page and when I came back the riffs were down. I feel so incomplete not knowing where this much more entertaining version of Teahouse will go T0T I hope the legal stuff is done with soon so we can all enjoy this parody.

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      That is a sad story! I’m sorry I had to take them down in the first place.


      I just got good news! Looks like the riffs will be back up on April 8th! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

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