Comic Critique Saturday: Grayscale!

My sugar snacks with the delicious hate-filled centers! This week it’s Grayscale!

I’m doing something a bit different this Saturday for the comic critique Saturday. I haven’t really had much time to write out full big reviews, and I’m lazy as all hell. So instead of a full written review, I did just the audio review. The audio review is pretty much off the cuff, with no notes, and I do a bit of rambling, but I think I bring up half decent points and perhaps YOU’LL BE ENTERTAINED! The whole deal is about 25 minutes long.

The whole review!
People seemed to like the audio rambles I did of Kaito Shuno so maybe you’ll like these too.

Because these are off the cuff, the thoughts aren’t as complete and thought out as the ones in my previous reviews obviously. I want to say, OVERALL grayscale isn’t bad. Here’s a very quick rundown.


Anime influenced, but masculine. Pretty good for the most part with some hitches in perspectives, and anatomy.


It’s not terrible, but I keep getting tripped up on plot holes, that feel very obvious to me.


Not awful, I see glimmers of interesting design but overall the characters don’t seem to click together right.


Not bad, but trips up here and there. Perhaps I’m being judgmental early on since it’s only 50 pages deep, but these are my feelings on it SO FAR!

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