Talk to Faps: A last minute idea.

Hello my lords, ladies, and those who give binary gender expression the finger!

It’s a little last minute but I’m going to be around all of tonight and I’d thought I’d host a, “Talk to faps” party.  I’ve got a bunch of new fans and I’d like to MEET YOU ALL!  Is the prospect of talking to me and fellow fans of rapeiskawaii not enough of a sweet deal?  Well then!  During this chat I will be announcing the comic I’ll be posting up after Diddling kids at a rave is done, AND will be sharing a few of the pages I have completed of it already.


The chat will start at 4/4/12 8pm American EST tonight and will be hosted on AIM. It’ll continue as long as I can keep your attention! I’m polishing my gay jokes and yaoi rants so they’re ready!

My Aim handle is SESkitty. (I picked it when I was 13 okay.)

If you’re interested leave a comment here with your AIM, or simply message me when I’m on and I’ll invite you to the chat.

Hope to see some of you there!

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  1. Skarto says:

    Argh, I don’t know when that is… Okay, my AIM is skarto707

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