Riffing, Riffing, Riffing!

Long ago, I made a big post on how YOU the FINELY GROOMED PUBLIC can contribute riffs too!  That’s how Cheesecake’s wondrous Pedur and da Wulf riffs got started.

If you’d like to claim to riff a whole comic or just post a couple of goofy ones for kicks I would be honored to host them here.  What do you need? Well i’d like the riffs to be on a bad manga/webcomic that features some kind of gay male relationship, preferable one that has ignorant portrayals of gay male relationships and justifications for abusive relationships or rape/molestation.  Besides that I only have two other qualifications:

1.) The comic/manga you are poking fun at is made by somebody over the age of 18. It’s stressful enough being a young teen, but once someone is around the 18 age range it’s about time they grow up and they can get pulled up by their britches.

2.) Don’t be a dick.  What!? You’re a dick faps! I know, I know let me explain. Don’t do bullshit like coat a page with nothing but racial slurs and other douchery.  We can all have a poke fun at the author but be a FUCKING HUMAN about it! For instance if English is the author’s 2nd language don’t mercilessly bash them for less then perfect English. Is the author a transgender FtM individual? Don’t bash them just because they’re transgender!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!??

Do you want to riff just a couple of pages of something I’ve already riffed? Go for it! Want to tackle a whole comic/manga? Then let me give you some suggestions.

Arcana -  A kind and cuddly vampire has a homo relationship.  Vampire then goes batshit insane rapes his homo buddy, and then tries to win him back after the incident with violence toward him and his friends. Best part? IT WORKS!!!

208 pages total and dead.

Katio Shuno - Those who have followed me for awhile know about this beaut. Man A tries to kill himself, Man B says he’ll do it FOR HIM, but instead Man A takes Man B into his home where Man B rapes him several times and then they fall in looooooooooooove.

1113 pages total and still kicking.

Saturday People - A man drugs and date rapes another man.  After a series of very skeezy and abusive things, he convinces his rape victim to help him build a total sweet rave club.

40 pages and still kicking.

Okane Ga Nai aka No money - A kid is forcibly thrown into sexual servitude to a mob boss to pay off his cousin’s debts.

8 Volumes and not sure if still kicking.

Have a suggestion or want to get into this riffing game?

Email me at yourfapsenedhere@gmail.com!

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4 Responses to Riffing, Riffing, Riffing!

  1. icarus says:

    oh man i totally forgot about arcana. i remember that was a big name yaoi comic right up there next to sublunary back in the day. someone MUST riff arcana.

    if they don’t
    i will

  2. Tankasaurus says:

    I need to do Saturday People because the weaboo is just so strong in it, it’s painful.

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