Update for 4/12/12!

Diddling AND prostitutes r’ us is NSFW!

Molest the Monkey

Pedur and da wulf – by cheesecake

Diddling Kids at a Rave

Prostitutes r’ us

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37 Responses to Update for 4/12/12!

  1. akitotheakita says:

    Yep. Proper Victorian men kick open doors and punch people!

    Behavior like that should have got both of them kicked/ permanent banned from the brothel. Every single page shows more and more that these two did no research for anything!

    • Anonymous says:

      chances are, they’ll play it off as Rhys is an important customer and the fucking king of this country, so he is allowed to do what he wants without retribution.

      • yourfapsendhere says:

        Yeah exactly. He gives us too much money I can’t penalize him at all for causing property damage to my doors and whores! What do you mean this is like when that John gave Pinky bruises even though that could have been consensual? No way that was totally different because I was jealous!

        • akitotheakita says:

          Oh the sweet hypocrisy! I completely forgot about that. They don’t even research/look at their previous pages.

  2. Skarto says:


    • yourfapsendhere says:

      I know you can’t say no to a customer, hence how I got to fuck you. Therefore you couldn’t say no to my sister either but “BAW BAW BAW I’M JEALOUS!”

  3. wanderingaddict says:

    you asshole! *I* WANTED TO FUCK HER

  4. N says:

    Is the bottom-left panel a part of their first sex scene, the extended version that is only available with the comic book? Would you be willing to share the rest of the scene if you have it? I have been curious to see what sort of themes the scene contains.

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      That’s correct, I have the 1st book’s extended sex scenes. You can get them to at 4chan’s rapidshare section by typing in teahouse.

      The book contains 3 extra sex scenes.

      One is an extended version of the Axis/Rhys scene that happened in the 1st chapter on the bed table, where Axis’ shirt gets ruined and he throws a fit about it. Rhys gives him some nickel, makes fun of him for it then leaves smugly.

      Two in the first ever sex scene between Axis/Rhys that was hinted at in the beginning of the story. This is the beaut! When Axis is anally penetrated he punches Rhys telling him it hurts. He then tries to punch him again when Rhys acts indignant about that. How dare you tell me what I can’t do to you sexually! Rhys catches his hand mid-punch and ties his hands with his belt so he can’t fight back anymore. Rhys then mocks and humiliates Axis when he’s through, and once again leaves smugly. It’s all okay though cause Axis has an orgasm.

      Three is just one page of Rory jerking it while Reed goes on and on about how unattractive he is. Rory has a freakishly huge slong they put extraordinary details into.

      • wanderingaddict says:

        lol I *liked* that Rory’s dong was huge! I mean, yeah like a little too much so, but still! so often the uke’s is just forgotten altogether *sadface* :(

        • yourfapsendhere says:

          No no that’s a valid point to make, all too often do they have teeny weenies cause they’re not supposed to as the bottom. I remember talking to a gay male friend of mine and him saying that when he’s in a couple typically the one with the smaller dong tops in order to make it LESS PAINFUL for the other. I don’t suppose they would know something like that though cause their story couldn’t be further from the reality of homosexuality.

          We all know teahouse isn’t exactly progressive because according to them, Reed STILL has a bigger dick then Rory cause the top always HAS TO. What the hell ever.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            oh yeah, a lot of guys actually talk about how they prefer either smaller dicks (because they don’t like feeling their insides move) or just thick ones (i.e. not long) because it’s only the stretching that matters (for some of course).

            I also don’t know how progressive it is since you so artfully have pointed out many times that Axis generally lacks a penis (and linneaus has probably removed his already), and it seems like it was more just a mistake on the author’s part. maybe she thought she was drawing Lord Reed?

          • Neo says:

            So you’re a gay man?

            Okay then.

            Tell me.

            What’s a size queen?
            OH THAT’S RIGHT

            Head in my hands.

          • I am not a gay man, I don’t know why that’s relevant here. Does being a ~size queen~ necessarily mean they need that big old dick in their ass? Not really. Did you know some gay dudes who don’t really find anal penetration appealing. What a shocker!
            I was merely relating a theme I see in GLBTQ culture.
            Does it apply to all gays? No.
            Though nothing in Teahouse really reflects anything about GLBTQ culture, it was foolish of me to bring it up.


  5. Stef says:

    Even worse than the stupidity of the recent pages is the insanity of the fans. I’d say about 99% of the comments posted on this page are about how “hot” this scene is and how they can’t wait for Axis and Rhys to have angry sex afterward. Yeah, cuz nothing turns me on like a man hitting his lover! And then when a few readers commented that they found the page upsetting, they immediately got attacked for being “uptight” or for “always complaining about something”. It makes me sick that we’re supposed to root for this couple to live happily ever after. I’m supposed to root for Axis to love a guy who’s beating the shit out of him? Clearly the authors have never known anyone who has been in an abusive relationship. Sorry but men who hit you when they’re angry are not my idea of sexy.

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      I didn’t know if I was cursed or blessed by not being able to see the comments anymore, because of the way I dodge their IP ban. With what’s going on in the latest page I guess it’s the later. I can’t be suprised since these are the same fans that said it was okay there is only white people in this comic because, “Back during Victorian times black people didn’t exist.”

      Oh my god I wish my b/f would punch me in fits of insane jealousy! That would make sex so much better. Ugh I can’t even begin to describe how angry and depressed bullshit like this makes me.

      If you want to send screencaps of the worst of this “How dare you say domestic abuse is unsexy!” I will start a “Why teahouse fans are terrible” post. (I have been meaning to.)

  6. blankd says:

    Forgive me for butting in-

    I think there should just be a general “Fans Say the Dumbest Most Offensive Darndest Things!”

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      I agree! I don’t have that much screencapped from teahouse but will gladly make that post. (Also I should screencap some other comic’s shitty comments too I suppose)

  7. Mia says:


    Rhys told her to go to Teahouse. He told her to go! Now he’s unhappy she did?

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      He told her to go have sex, she has the teahouse’s brothel card in her hand. He knows Axis is one of two male prostitutes there that will sleep with women and the other is KINKY. Who is ~grosssssss~

      As Rhys’ knows the prostitutes cannot DENY a customer or else he would have never been with Axis in the first place. He also knows he couldn’t possibly know Rhys and that gal were related he said so himself that Axis has NO IDEA who he is.

      It makes so little sense its scary.

      • Mia says:

        The future king is a moron.

      • Neo says:

        I doubt he expected her to see Axis anyways. Say if you had a little sister, and she went to a brothel to fuck some guy, you wouldn’t be mad?


        • If you think about it Axis is the one she would most likely go to, if she’s into dudes, considering the other options at this brothel.

          I absolutely wouldn’t be mad if a sibling of mine had sex with some guy in a brothel. Why should I be? If they’re an adult they can make their own decisions to do what they want with their money and their body. Who the hell am I to boss around a wittle sister’s sexuality if she’s over 18 and consenting?

          Maybe I would tell them it’s irresponsible to spend money at a brothel or to be careful of sexually transmitted diseases. Somehow it feels a bit EXCESSIVE to punch out a person for doing his job on somebody he had no idea was my “delicate little flower baby sister” when yanno she PAID him to….and after I told her to go do so.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            you’re not “some sibling” though. you’re forgetting the part where you add “wouldn’t you be mad if your little sibling took part in the exact same activities you like and greatly enjoy and you’d be mad right because you’re intrinsically hypocritical”

            and/or “in a world where women are free to express their sexual appetites and desires wouldn’t you be mad that your younger sibling followed your advice and went to a safe and reputable establishment that you yourself (and any number of court nobles) frequent”

  8. Skarto says:

    Screw me in my goat ass, I should never have gone to look at the comments. Half of them are denying this is abuse in any way (or saying how OMG, bishies hitting each other is KAWAIIIII), and the other half are saying that the scene isn’t meant to be portrayed as good and that the comic should be allowed to deal with issues like this.

    To the first: no insult used in living or dead memory can describe these people. And to the second… I agree, but what happened to this comic being lighthearted and humourous? You can’t have just one aspect being (rightfully) shown as being bad, but completely ignore the rest (like Pimpy McPimperson being abusive) or say that it ISN’T abusive. Those are words from the creator’s own fingers. That’s not speculation or theory. The creators are intending for these characters to end up as couples, or be in TRU WUV with each other, right? But if they’re being abusive (and I’ll say right now I can deal with abuse in comics/ stories (and like it, done properly), I just can’t deal with the knowledge that these characters ARE going to end up together) then surely even the creators can’t deny that this IS just nothing more than them getting off on people doing this shit to each other.

    Then again, I guess it’s okay because they’re all guys. And guys abusing guys is super sexy, right?

    tl;dr: The comic IS allowed to show abuse, and no, I’m not a prude or am ‘touchy’ or whatever, but there’s nothing to suggest that this is going to be deep and meaningful. It’s just guys abusing guys, because that’s posessive and therefore hot.

    tl;dr tl;dr: NO.

    • Neo says:

      What you seem to forget though is that the author’s create the story unbiased. There is no set moral, the characters act on their own. If you don’t like it then it’s just tough shit isn’t it?

      Besides Axis is a man, and a tough one at that. I highly doubt that this would faze him so much. They didn’t hit each other DURING sex either you idiot. God forbid people being able to get over getting a fist to the face. But what would you people know? Literally all the people reading this are girls and the ones who say it’s so bad is because they don’t agree with it in real life. You might want to take a second look at what you’re complaining about; a comic, and fictional characters.

      Stop being so ragey about the fans saying it’s so good, it’s not like they really have the muscle mass or capability of doing the same, so they can’t hurt anyone, and it barely affects your life.


      • What you seem to forget is that they’re playing to an audience who have a set of morals in their head while reading this. Thus doing something grossly outside the “modern” set of morals we set ourshelves up for, can gain a big frown from your audience. If you don’t like something about a comic, yeah tough shit they’re not going to change it.

        Yet you’re very much ALLOWED to express you dislike something, and it’s tough shit if somebody doesn’t like that opinion.

        Just because a man is tough doesn’t mean he can’t be victimized. Axis did hit Rhys during their first sex scene in the extended chapters, I can give you the panel if you need proof, and Rhys in turn bound his hands so he could no longer fight back. There is more to this then just a fist in the face. Rhys exploits Axis sexually and adds violence into the equation if Axis isn’t 100% willing or if Axis does something he doesn’t like. What does this sound like? Relationship abuse mayhaps?

        I just think it’s unsettling and a bit of a double standard that it’s love when boys get beaten up and raped in relationships even if it’s in a fictional setting.

        If we would extend this we could say it would make one of these women who reads this complacent if another individual used physical violence in a relationship. Yet that’s stretching what one could take away from this scenario, though I did suppose you started by saying these dumb fans can’t beat up anybody.

        Of course this doesn’t effect my life, but it’s a piece of media I disagree with so I’m voicing my thoughts about that.
        Much like you’re voicing you’re opinion that you disagree with me disagreeing. GOOD ON YOU! FREEDOM OF SPEECH SURE IS GRAND EH?


      • wanderingaddict says:

        it doesn’t take much muscle mass to draw a shitty and borderline/outright insulting portrayal/exploitation of gay male relationships, nor to influence the people who read it and tell them that “this is how normal gay guys act” :)

      • cc says:

        Guess we better tell all those people who find racist but FICTIONAL media to be offensive and piss poor portrayals of them to buck the hell up, amirite?

        Also, very nice sexism, are you sure you’re not letting your fiction cloud your thought processes?

        Also inb4 don’t like, don’t read.

        (Welp, I fucked up that initial posting)

      • Skarto says:

        I’m British, thanks, sweetheart ;) Now go masturbate over your shitty comics.

  9. cc says:

    Guess we better tell all those people who find racist but FICTIONAL media to be offensive and piss poor portrayals of them to buck the hell up, amirite?

    Also, very nice sexism, are you sure you’re not letting your fiction cloud your thought processes?

    Also inb4 don’t like, don’t read.

  10. Derpy says:

    Are you going to do parodies of the extra scenes from teahouse?

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