Update for 4/19/12!

Prostitutes r’ us is NSFW! There’s probably going to be teahouse rantings at tumblr at some point.

Diddling Kids at a Rave

Molest the Monkey

Pedur and da wulf – by cheesecake

Good job at holding the side of your head that wasn’t punched Axel!

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14 Responses to Update for 4/19/12!

  1. Skarto says:

    ‘Major waste of serious hotness’?

    Pedur IS a twelve year old girl!

    And look at the Teabaghouse gang. <3 You can tell that these two are seriously going to end up together! Psychotic posessiveness is hawt!

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Well the author has the mentality of a 12 year old girl so WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW!

      I think you misspelled gang bang. I just made a post on my tumblr about how the teahouse crew posted a picture of Axel and blue balls ~tenderly embracing~ and I’m sure it wasn’t planned at all.

  2. wanderingaddict says:

    the comments on this page today are all about how “omg this is so hot” and “omg time for angry sex!!!!”

    ugh. just… I was *happy* to have Axis not be a uke-pukey for once, and yet the fans still have to go and leave a foul taste in my mouth. hah, you’re right: “why pretend like anyone reads this for anything other than sex?” is disgustingly accurate.

    • wanderingaddict says:

      also those angles they choose to “obscure” Axis’s dangly-bits. the testicles prevent a penis from being aerodynamically hidden between the legs at that angle! it’s not like it just flops back with any gust of wind or motion!

      • yourfapsendhere says:

        Haha it’s adorable how you think they should know how a penis works in a gay sex comic! They should BUT THEY DON’T!

        I’m coming out and saying it now. I will be SHOCKED if we ever get to see a flaccid wang even in the extendo sex pages. There was one instance we should have but for some reason he was still ragingly erect? I always find it weird they clamor to draw honking great stiffies but a flaccid wang is ~tasteless.~

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      I agree, it’s a refreshing change of pace to see that Axis’ attempts to defend himself are ACTUALLY WORKING NOW! It’s too bad it’ll be blown to shit with him cringing in orgasmic delight when he gets anally penetrated again, THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IN THIS COMIC!

  3. Mia says:

    Those eyes have no pupils.

    He has become a demon!

  4. akitotheakita says:

    I predict that Eyebrows will run into the room and tell Axis to lie down on the bed and think of England because he is hypocritical like that. Then the rap– I mean hate sex that all the fan-girls are screaming for will happen.


    Pinky’s ass will get in the way and get hit so there can be angst! Eyebrows will not be able to choose between mo’ money or his hoes!

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Your first one makes sense to me, but I doubt Pinky will get involved in this one. Axis and Pinky have never been anywhere near each other in this story and I doubt they will be….ever.

      I personally predict that pimpy and/or their bouncer will NEVER show up, and they’ll have glorious rap-….hatesex but at some point Axel makes some vague wording like, “oooo” so it’s totally ~consenual.~ Blue balls leaves and tosses some nickels at Axel on his way out.

      Pimpy will confront blue balls later which will go,
      “You hurt my doors!”
      “Yeah it’s too bad your whores had to do their job at somebody I didn’t allow them to.”
      “Pay for it!”
      “And never come back”
      “lol I’m the king bitch. I’ll be back after lunch lol”
      “Drat I need his delicious money dick. Unlike what happened with pinky (cause I was jealous) I Better do nothing.”

      • akitotheakita says:

        Sadly, your theory has more weight to it and I’ve never really noticed that Pinky and Axis haven’t communicated at all or Axis and Dildo Dude…

        I can’t shake my feeling that there will be angst though. But if Bluey has a calm conversation with his sister about how Axis is a good fuck I will chuck up cookies.

  5. wanderingaddict says:

    lol okay wait I reread Cheesecake’s and is that last line the ACTUAL wording?!

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