Update for 4/20/12!

SFW ITS ALL SFW! Even the new Star-rapist!

Diddling Kids at a Rave

Molest the Monkey


Pedur and da wulf – by cheesecake

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6 Responses to Update for 4/20/12!

  1. wanderingaddict says:

    I don’t get what you circled there in DKAAR. what’s not sexy? the noise, the prepubescent navel, or the fact that his penis is an innie instead of an outie?

    • wanderingaddict says:

      also, *god* cheesecake I went and read pedurr’s original laments and holy FUCK I can’t believe you made it through that panel without just one big red circle covering EVERYTHING.

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      I wrote above it “Lighting!?” because inexplicably there’s lighting JUST on the center of his torso there, with no real source for it.

      Was it just a coloring mistake or are they trying to highlight how his professional work clothes have a convenient opening to pick belly button lint out AT ANY TIME! WHO CAN SAY?

  2. akitotheakita says:

    Blyat?! I thought that Hamlet was trying to pass him off as Roma so she could get those diversity points since that one black background dude wasn’t cutting it.

    One mean face does not make an equal, healthy relationship.

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Nah man, he’s always been Russian and to great acclaim.

      I’ve got several comments saved from back in the day of fans tripping over themselves in delight that the psycho rapist of her comic is Russian. As creepy as it is, she’s got quite a few Russians who squeal over it to boot.

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