Update for 4/26/12!

One NSFW, and take a wild guess which one~

Pika seems rude

Molest the Monkey

Pedur and da wulf – by cheesecake

Prostitutes r Us

I have no idea why penises needed to be brought up in this page. Or how it would be painfully digging into blue ball’s ribs even if it was erect.

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13 Responses to Update for 4/26/12!

  1. icarus says:

    did axel just slide down bluey’s body like five feet

    because between the panel where he’s sitting on him and the panel where he’s leaning in THERE IS A BIT OF A PHSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE BEND HE’D BE DOING

  2. blankd says:

    Axel’s eyebrow is peeking through his hair wickedly in that last panel. (And is that an earring or an anchor? I’m so confused…)

    But seriously they’re talking about dicks? REALLY?

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Yeah Axel has see-through hair. The thing that got me is both eye and eyebrow from blue ball on multiple panels.

      They are seriously talking about dicks the middle panel I edited the original text was:
      “Your dick’s digging into my ribs. Move.”
      “It’ll be digging into your anus if you don’t answer me.”

      What sexy dialog.

      • Stef says:

        Jesus. Can’t they just…. read their dialogue out loud before they ink it? Or, you know, write characters that don’t make me want to throw up? Either one of those things would be good.

        • yourfapsendhere says:

          This comic is about more then fapfodder! Just look at the dialog!

  3. Annausagi2 says:

    Well that… was a crappy transition from the last page (Teahouse).

    *Goes rant-face*

    Also, “BAWWW U FUCKED MY SISTER”, fucking hell, I swear, the next pages aren’t gonna bring up the facts that:

    * Rhys Blueballs is the one that directed his sis to the Teahouse especially, telling her: “They’re quite good. You should go, you’ve been really tense”.

    * This is Axis’ JOB. He’s the only hetero guy to have sex with female customers, and he can’t say no to them.

    * The princess is an adult with a free mind, and she decided to go to the brothel. Why is it such an issue for Rhys that *she* went there, when he has visited the place several times himself.

    * Rhys has kept his identity secret from Axis, so Axis didn’t even know that he had sex with Rhys’ sister. Even if he did know, he would have no say in the matter.

    * Rhys is no more important than his sister or any other customer. He has no right to tell Axis whom he should or shouldn’t have sex with; whether if Rhys sister or his great grandmother went for Axis’ services, Axis is the last person he should yell at.

    What WILL be brought up:

    * “Omigod, but she’s the princess! Then you must be the prince!”


  4. akitotheakita says:

    I’m hoping so hard that Axis’ last facial expression means that by some miracle a bit of realistic dialogue will drop out but I know they’re probably gonna skip back to Pinky and Brainless Green.

    • akitotheakita says:

      Also have you seen the latest whining that the teahouse authors are doing because of one single confession.

      They’ve already sent their rabid dog–, I mean fans, to attack.

      • yourfapsendhere says:

        Wow really? The confession died at like 40 notes, and you had to bring it up again? Was that not enough attention?

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Hahaha I sure hope some realistic dialog sneaks by. Meanwhile I will be giggling over the idea of

      “Pinky and the brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brainlesssssssssssssss (greeny).”

  5. wanderinaddict says:

    oh didn’t you know? flaccid penises are still rock-hard, just smaller. that’s why they use the term “flaccid” to describe them!

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Oh silly me, I was pulling on my actual knowledge of dongs instead of YAOI LOGICCCCCCCCCCCCC~ MY FAULT!

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