Update for 6/23/12!

All SFW! With a fairly boring prostitute.

Pika seems rude

Molest the Monkey

Pedur and da wulf – by cheesecake

Prostittues r’ Us

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  1. wanderingaddict says:

    his thoughts! SO APT. the ((NO)) – is that – god! the side chars are always SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE SEMES! for some reason no matter how loudly I shout at the screen though the uke doesn’t go for him instead? I don’t understand this dr.faps please explain

    dr.cheesecake-san please can you explain why someone would draw a comic 90% chibi and still call it a comic

    • dr. cc says:

      Short answer: They are lazy.

      Long answer: The author REALLY doesn’t know anything about chibis or they think shortcuts are acceptable. Technically this is an “Acceptable” use of chibis if considering the typical usage in other parts of the drama. The application is in poor taste considering the events less than 3 pages ago.

      I BELIEVE the author learns from this… 50-70 pages from now? But the art is still fairly flawed and the story/pacing still suffers greatly, even with the most current page.

      I really do have nothing personal against the author but she commits some pretty big mistakes to the point that I really can’t keep my palm away from my face.

      • wanderingaddict says:

        oh that’s good! I was wondering if there ever reached a point of any improvement at all (I haven’t read the original and will only ever finish it if you continue these edits). it’s fascinating to see your critiques of it all too.

        • cc says:

          Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you find them interesting.

          As for her improvement, it’s difficult to describe, while in some areas she improves, in others it goes backwards or just goes in a weird wayward direction.

          She also still has a really noticeable gap between when she freehands and (as much as I don’t like saying it) looks like she traces. things.

          • icarus says:

            she does trace things. we’ve dug up a few images she clearly traced. the hardest to peg (and the most visually obvious) are when she traces wolves. googling “wolf” followed by any word basicly floods you with thousands of images. it’s difficult to sift through to find which one she traced for any given scene.

            she also tends to use photoshop brushes and filters instead of actual techniques for backgrounds. not even brushes she created for herself, either.

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Dr. Faps here! The thing is the nice guy loses out to the douchy to abusive guy s/he had first is pretty common in a lot of different romances aimed at women.

      I think what it comes down to is the fact that the more ~dangerous guy~ because he’s more ~dangerous~ makes him more sexually appealing. Since these romances are all fantasy, the woman reading/writing will not actually be effected by who the fictional character chooses so they go with the sexy dangerous guy.

      I don’t have the same mind-set. Like in Molest the Monkey, I honestly thought Beary and Chimpy would be a half decent couple. Beary is a giant sap, and Chimpy is hot-tempered but kind making it an interesting combination. Yet you can’t have 2 nice people in 1 couple that’s not hot at alllllllllll.

      • wanderingaddict says:

        oh huh. you know, I prolly should have thought of that but it’s just so hard to divorce a character from the story-world. but then I also usually am so taken with the side characters being generally good, whole people with no deep-seated psychosis like gay sex amnesia that I forget it’s the ~dangerous~ aspect that’s so “sexy”

  2. Crista says:

    First the punk thing and now a digital watch, yay.

    It’s really sad, the birds are cute. But Rory and his incest kink it’s creepy as hell (he’s totally thinking that in the original, it’s my new headcanon. My horrible and scary new headcanon).

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Haha well I don’t KNOW if its a digital watch but that’s the first thing I thought. I wouldn’t be that surprised considering they have a booming dildo and vibrator industry.

      Honestly Rory is the only half decent character at the moment and that’s sad considering he wants to fuck his twin, and had a SUDDEN and TOTAL infatuation with Lord Diddles-a-lot.

      • Crista says:

        I know! I like Rory because he’s not a horrible person like pimp-sama, rapist!king and Axel!wannabe. And, of course, he’s not like his “twu wuv”, OCD!creep.

        Somehow I rather Rory fucking his twin than fucking OCD!creep. At least that would make sense because that’s what Rory wanted since the beggining. But… a heterosexual pairing in my yaoi comic!? That’s sick!! (yeah, I think that’s why they don’t want Rory with his twin. If she was a man, then it’ll be AWWWRIGHT for the author and the fanbase).

        • yourfapsendhere says:

          I so agree. His attraction to OCD!Creep seemed to come out of left field. Since the first time they met he UNDERSTANDABLY frightened and intimidated by him. His decision to BE with OCD!Creep also just seemed like a way to give Axel the finger, and there was no real change either. The best you could say to change his mind was, “oh he’s such a great kisser,” which is one of the most cliche, bullshit, and lazy pieces of writing I ever did see. ARGH GODAMNIT TEAHOUSE!

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