Update for 6/25/12!

All SFW!

Pika seems rude

Molest the Monkey

Star Rapist

Pedur and da wulf – by cheesecake

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5 Responses to Update for 6/25/12!

  1. Annausagi2 says:

    Is it just me, or have you guys also noticed this about Starfighter:
    The author makes page after page after page, detailing how Cain and Abel have sex,,, but just skims over actual story?

    Seriously, the last 5-10 pages have just been “So we met this guy, and he seemed nice, I guess, and also I’ve come to know Cain better,,,”

    Well, that would’ve been nice to SEE.

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      My spam filter put you under spam! SO RUDE!

      You’re very right. She also makes all these bullshit “revelations” and “justifications” during sex as if that justifies it’s stupid page length. What’s that 3 pages describing how Abel had been gay but unable to find someone to fuck him in the ass, but oh he really wanted that ass fuck. Oh yeah that’s character development alright, we couldn’t have picked that up from his interactions with Cain AT ALL!

      • Annausagi2 says:

        D8 The spam-filter is a Starfighter-fangirl!!

        Makes me wonder why we never get to see Cain and Abel interract with eachother WITHOUT them fucking eachother. Oh right, cause their whole conversation would be Cain talking down to Abel and make it obvious that these two have zero chemistry.
        How about fleshing out the characters and give Cain another character trait than “rapist” and “douche-bag”?


        • cc says:

          Ahmahgawd, but there was that one interaction where Abel volunteered them for that suicide mission (I mean this one) and then Cain madfaced and then and then -nothing really came of it-

          And there was that ONE TIME Abel made eyes at a city which was supposed to be meaningful and- yeah I got nothing.

          I guess it’s a slight improvement on the rape?

        • yourfapsendhere says:

          What do ya mean forcing yourself on a spineless tard is not chemistry!?

          The only thing worth seeing in this comic is NOT the sex but the page where Cain gets the shit kicked out of him by that pirate wannabe.

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