Update for 6/26/12!

Pedurs is getting a bit NSFW so I’m going to toss them under a cut until this bizarre sex scene blows over. Teehee blow!

Pika seems rude

Molest the Monkey

Pedur and da wulf – by cheesecake

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8 Responses to Update for 6/26/12!

  1. icarus says:

    today we learn that pedurr has no nutsack

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      We’ve known for awhile that Pedur had no balls, we just didn’t know it had such literal implications!

    • cc says:

      It’s the anatomies, they’ve claimed his junk so that he cannot hope to ever really breed.

      (This disease is for the better, I’m sure.)

  2. wanderingaddict says:

    hahaha, I thought the point of pokemon gojinka was to make pokemon into humanoid counterparts. misty’s pokemon is a… ? a chinese crested poodle? lawlz, and pedurr’s eyes glow when someone touches his anus? is that… is that like his special power?

    • cc says:

      His eyes glow at pretty inconsistent times, at one point I thought it was because it’s ~when he’s horny~ but he doesn’t do it at the start and he does it as one point when he’s apparently GETTING KILLED.

      (Also on two separate occasions Wulf is all “omg I gotta bring this up” he does follow up on both but then the author sorta FORGETS about bringing it up and brings it up a 2nd time!)

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      A Chinese crested poodle!? Hahahaha well played! Your dumb fat duck turned into a chinese crested poodle man who is somehow not an idiot? GOOD GOING AUTHOR! I would say his eyes glow ~when the author feels it’s dramatic.~

      • wanderingaddict says:

        wait that was MISTY in the hot tub??? I THOUGHT THAT WAS ASH

        I mean, I just assumed that it was Ash in dream-mode? Or because the author felt like it? I don’t know they all look the same! THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH

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