Update for 6/28/12!

Pedur marching forward most definitely in NSFW territory now.  While Prostitutes r’ Us marching forward with bullshit soap opera plot.

Pika seems rude

Molest the Monkey

Prostitutes r’ Us

Pedur and da wulf – by cheesecake

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26 Responses to Update for 6/28/12!

  1. randonimity says:

    That’s Virgin’s sister? It thought it was Pinky with a dye job and no jewelry.

    • Oh that’s probably because she has the same lips, and eyes, and body type with a very similar head shape and hair style. Such a diverse cast of characters that are easily differentiated!

  2. wanderingaddict says:

    his sister looks plump and mature enough to be his mom.

  3. Haitokunohonoo says:

    Huh. I think the biggest difference between Redhead Uke and his sister is… the length of the sister’s hair and eyelashes??? I’m not even kidding, compare their noses/jaws/eyebrows. Oh wait the sister has pinker lips totally different character. No really I get it that they’re intended to look like siblings and I understand that strong family resemblance exists but the other is a male and the other is a female! There should be some differences.
    Oh wait I forgot that only “semes” can have ANY testosterone at all.

    I also keep forgetting that this is supposed to be Victorian-ish setting and not a modern day one. Again, I understand that when you are “inspired” by something you don’t need to be really that accurate, but from the very beginning I’ve always thought Teahouse as “modern day where everyone dresses fancily” instead of anything that has any connections to time period from over a hundred years ago… The fact Little Red Incestbro’s jewelry (???) really does look like a digital watch does not help.

    • I think they’re supposed to be identical twins, because the authors mentioned they were twins.

      Problem being identical twins that are different genders are genetically impossible. Identical meaning they have the exact same genes, while if one is a different gender they CLEARLY don’t have the exact same genes cause umm XX and XY hellllllllllllllllllo?

      Well Axis has some testosterone problem being he seems to lose all of it when king!rapist’s dick is within 10 miles of him.

      It would make more sense if they just put it in a modern setting, since their grasp of history is lacking….same with their grasp of science…and grasp of what constitutes abuse/rape.

      • cc says:

        I now present to you that this is all some kind of fishbowl experiment where everyone is actually some manner of android manufactured for a variety of sexual needs (or something).

        The comic is merely the testing grounds for the AIs and different bot profiles. Rory is actually a misprint of the Bisexual female, there was a mixup at the naughty bits track. The head scientists brushed off the incident and said “slap a bisexuality node into there, no one will notice”.

        The irony is that Axis is one of the on-site scientists, that is why his vocabulary and demeanor is as borked as his clothing. He really isn’t part of the simulated era AT ALL.

        (Also explains why no one really bleeds.)

        • cc says:

          The Rory misprint is also why Lord Mouthbreather gives him a female dildo, because the barcode on Rory says “female”.

        • Hahahaha I love this theory! EVERYTHING IS NOW SO CLEARRRRRRRRRRRRR!

          I would imagine that Axis isn’t a PROPER on-site scientist either. He’s some dumb relative of some higher-up who pulled strings in order to get his dumbass a job. I imagine most of the androids were supposed to be women, cause they would naturally have a higher demand but Axis fucked up a whole batch.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            lol oh god and so in order to keep his job is filling in for all the missing female androids? ahahaha

      • Haitokunohonoo says:

        Yeah, I guess that’s just that “All twins are identical” trope, even though non-identical twins are no more similar than “regular” siblings. There is the possibility of XXY male and XX female being, in a way, identical twins, but 1) it’s extremely rare, 2) I’m sure that is not the case anyway, it’s just that rampant anime sameface and lazy character design.

        On a side note, now that I thought about it, I find it kind of interesting how colorful the comic is for a “victorian” comic. Usually everything from that time-period tends to get colored brown-ish (steampunk being one of the biggest offenders) for some reason, even though that was the time when new materials and cheaper colors became more common, so in that mind the fact Teahouse is colorful would be refreshing…. if they could just… tone it down a bit at times … also yeah you can probably tell I’ve been thinking of steampunk-inspired webcomic.

        • thera says:

          Yeah, see, here’s the thing:
          The architecture doesn’t actually look like victorian architecture. My mother has a doctorate in art history specialised in victorian architecture, and she often would take me along to show me these types of houses.

          1) The colouring is actually way too bright for victorian architecture. The style is much more like versailles rococo. Victorian architecture has much more darker and richer(saturated) colour use.

          2) It’s actually not detailed enough for victorian architecture. Victorian houses use much more carved wood in their interiors, as inspired by the romantic movement. They also preffered more natural shapes as the cleaner more geometric shapes of typical classic architecture were considered old-fashioned due to the ease the industrial machinery could replicate them.
          They also would have used a lot more patterns in their fabrics.
          For example that carpet in pimp-sama’s office? Should’ve been a Persian one.

          3) I haven’t seen one single window in this comic that actually looks like it’s from before 1900.

          This all makes it look like it’s one of those buildings you see on MTV cribs rather than authentic victorian style.

          This combined with really bad shading and colour design as you can only find them in American and Japanese comic books makes the whole thing miss a certain je ne sais quoi, especially regarding the suspension of my disbelief.

          • Haitokunohonoo says:

            Yeah, I definitely agree! I guess my point was a bit unclear, what I meant to say was more along the lines of “at least they didn’t make their comic ‘victorian’ by making everyting brown like these kind of comics usually do.” — Teahouse definitely doesn’t feel even inspired by victorian anything, it’s just… some generic fancy stuff, and I don’t think the creators did any research at all. Even if it is only “inspired” by something that something should leave a certain “feeling” if you get what I mean, and Teahouse lacks that completely.

  4. cc says:

    I thought just occurred to me about TH this page, is she there because she TOO gets sold/abandoned into prostitutdom or is she there to possibly check up on him or something?

    (Because holy shit they have terrible parents.)

    Also I would try to do a “character redesign” of these but that would probably REALLY give away who I am.

    • The implication from Axis in the actual comic, “Do you think she’ll be my room mate?” is that she too is giving this “suck dicks for dollars” thing a try.

      I’m thinking perhaps Virgin CHOSE to go into “dicking for dimes” to help his poor sick mother boohoo, and now his sister is joining the boohoo our mom we best give her our whore-dollars charade. Though it seems as if nobody ELSE chose to go into whoring so maybe they were both sold for crack money. They wanted to hang onto the girl, but welp crack prices went up so they sold her ass as well.

      I would love to see you do a character redesign, and you have made me curious as to who you ~really~ are. If you would like to send me at email with it, I can post it here or at my tumblr anonymously. I respect those who want to stay anon I promise.

      • cc says:

        Oh you silly Faps, cc = cheesecake.

        When was the dying mother subplot mentioned? Or is this a guess as to he reason why they are both in there?

  5. wanderingaddict says:

    I just read the dialogue for the real Teahouse update. I – I need to not do that! Guy do NOT say “Hey bitch!” casually to other guys unless they truly disrespect them on every level. unless they’re out and flamboyantly gaaaaaAAAAAAAyyy in which case Axis is soon on his way to a thick lisp and maybe a mustache and leather-daddy clothes?

    I REALLY need to only read these comics here, and completely ignore any urge to check out the actual dialogue. god.

    • Well Axis does disrespect him a lot since he took his room boohoo. But really it’s not that he disrespects him on every level, it’s more like Axis is an utterly unlikable assbag on every level.

    • cc says:

      I will actually interject that some friends (of both sexes/genders) do casually through around “insults”, but only in the context of course that they understand it’s a joke and typically done as a playful jab.

      Axis doesn’t have that luxury so it comes off as a mixed message. It could just be me but his body language reads as casual/friendly, but his dialogue is still vulgar and makes no sense for the setting.

      BUT EH, what do I know.

      • cc says:

        EDIT: Also because almost every single interaction he has had with Rory is him doing something AGGRO or directly condescending despite how VISUALLY Rory cringes/shows his discomfort.

        I honesty don’t know if Quantum Leap Guy is supposed to be “douchey, but gold hearted stupid big brother” or just a horny asshole and that’s not a good thing.

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