Update for 7/26/12!

All SFW + Prostitutes r’ us!

Pika seems rude

Molest the Monkey

Pedur and da wulf – by cheesecake

Prostitutes r’ Us

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7 Responses to Update for 7/26/12!

  1. Annausagi2 says:

    How dare you be dirty after a day of backbreaking work, Pinky? You should be ashamed! >8(

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh god is a second anus on that kissum pokemon?

  3. Kraken says:

    Why is Persian always drawn like some kind of fat kangaroo beast?

    • Probably the same reason why everybody has the same face and hair, and why they are drawn as deformed chibis 70% of the time, and why every background is copy pasted from google images 12 times.

      Because they’re not a good artist and refuse to put much effort forward.

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