Update for 8/21/12!

All SFW!

Pika seems rude

Molest the Monkey

Pedur and da wulf – by cheesecake

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8 Responses to Update for 8/21/12!

  1. cc says:

    You know I have just realized that when there are no TH or SF pages, all the comics are pretty much about animals and people being sexually inappropriate with each other. Bizarre!

    • Holy shit! I didn’t realize that these were all furry/animal-esque kind of stories. Way to go me!

      Oh this page is going to get so furry when Teahouse introduces it’s kawaii catboy, and Cain turns into a horse mid sex-scene.

      • cc says:

        Wait, doesn’t TH already have that foreign kid that looks like a mass of white fur/feathers?

        • They do, but you know he’s not going to stay fully clothed for long. Fingers crossed that he’s actually a baby bird from the neck down.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            lol it’s times like this I wish I could draw so that I could draw him throwing off the cloak and being RIPPED TO SHIT and EGREGIOUSLY HETEROSEXUAL while still mincing about with those nice delicate nails.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            oh and then I go and look on your tumblr and see your post about Sacha being for reals gay and yet another desperate uke crying over his seme not respecting him. and here I’d dared to even dream.

          • I know. I dream so many dreams that involve depth in teahouse, I’m disappointed at each turn.

  2. wanderingaddict says:

    haha wow, ZING!

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