Diddling kids at a rave archive!

Sublunary is on the chopping block next! I’ve completed the riffs for the WHOLE THING but haven’t gotten to post all of it.  I’m dumping everything I have posted before.


Edit 1: As up 5/2/12 all of the diddling riffs are in this archive! Enjoy!


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  1. wanderingaddict says:

    I swear to god, I am in love with you. I read this and the whole backlog all in one day, I could neither stop nor stop laughing. when I was at class I was snickering. when I walked my dogs I was holding my sides. then I came back and read this and was just in awe at your wit. just fyi.

    • yourfapsendhere says:

      Haha awww, thank you! What a huge compliment! I love to make people laugh, and I cherish my (not so G-rated) wit! If you knew how much I loved you back for enjoying my riffs, “Have the police patrol your house JUST to be on the safe side.” <3

  2. Wanda says:

    You know, as bad as KaitoShuno is, I don’t think it has the sheer amount of WTFery that is going on this comic. This reminds me of the nonsensical stuff I wrote when I was nine, except I wasn’t writing sex between 13-year-olds in jean thongs. Do you know how old this author is? If it’s anything over the age of 15, I will be appalled. Also, I think it was html coded on a potato.

    The only answer I will accept for the creation of this is meth. Lots and lots of meth.

    • The setting is certainly more WTF in Sublunary than in Kaito Shuno…Which taints everything that goes on it. As I understand it was the product of 2 women, who were both over the age of 18 at the time it was created. However this is one old webcomic, it started I think early to mid-ninities. I think the original authors are embarrassed by it as well now-a-days.

      • Anonymous says:

        I did notice it was last updated sometime in the early 2000s, so I figured it was old. And there are things I wrote from the ages of 18-21 that I would still find embarrassing, but not really THIS embarrassing, dear lord. I looked at the fan page on DA, and it’s horrifying to me to see so many people who love it, though I’ve found that if you watch/enjoy something when you’re young, you tend to ignore all the shitty things about it. I’m convinced that’s why some people still love Sailor Moon, but I guess I shouldn’t get into that. XD

  3. Rita says:

    Ahaha. Read all of it in one setting. I was laughing nonstop from start to finish. This was bloody brilliant <3
    There's a lot of stiff competition, but this might just have been the most idiotic yaoi webcomic I've seen yet. Logic straight out the window with this one. And I have a feeling it makes even less sense in its original form?

    I want to highlight all my favorite parts, but that would take too long, so I'll just go with DINGLEDORK CANDYASS

    • Thanks! I’m glad it made you laugh. This is a classic no-good yaoi comic…but there are a lot out there. So I would hesitate to call it the worst. It does…it really manages to make less sense in the original.

      I must admit Dingledork Candyass was a stroke of genius…and I don’t even know where it came from.

      • Rita says:

        Haha, that’s true.
        I gotta say, the outfits are just killing me. And it’s like they get worse and worse as the comic progresses. i’m impressed mr. plothole actually managed to outdo child porn in ewww-ness.
        I’m so tempted to make fanart of this riff because ohhoy XD

        one more thing, why in the world would she pair the two characters that basically are the same character (the green guy with the glasses and the other green guy with the glasses). It just highlights how lazy their design and characterization are ._.’

        • Haha I would love to see any riff art if you got around to it!

          Oh man how about that mouse character who has sex with the blue haired guy? What a fucking disaster!

          From what I remember the two green-haired dudes were not originally meant to be an item. However the creators polled their audience and the audience apparently loved the idea of the two of them as a couple so the creators rolled with it. Personally, I bet people liked the idea because you can play it off as incest or even twincesty.

          • Rita says:

            Because nothing says ‘taking the story seriously’ like letting a bunch of horny 14 year olds decide such a major part :le rolleyes:
            Lol the mouse guy. Suddenly furries! I hate when people put a bunch of really out of place cameos in their comic. It’s so jarring >.>

            i’ve… tried… to redesign those IMPORTANT GOVERNMENT GUYS, because I somewhat liked Trampy Peacocks hair. Jackofferson is simply unsalvable. dat hair and dat shirt and dat everything XD

          • Yeaaaah as I understand the whole last half or so of this comic was decided by the fans because the authors gave up on it…not that it made much sense before the switch over.

            Haha I forgot about Jackofferson…what a disaster. It is fairly fun trying to re-write or re-design certain elements in bad comics. I feel like they’re good writing exercises.

          • Rita says:

            Hehe ^^ Here they are, in case ya wanted to see http://i1068.photobucket.com/albums/u445/TotallyJW/theGOVUHMENT_zpsec559faf.png
            not the best drawing in the world, but what the hell, i had tons of fun :P They still look just as stupid (if not moreso), but at least I think I managed to give them a little more personality than just ‘desudesu’

          • Hahaha nice! What’s that a variety of body-types, skin-colors, and a WOMAN!? YOU MAY HAVE GONE TOO FAR!
            I mean the designs are still goofy and colorful, but there’s actual color theory used and they have a lot more personality this way.
            Would you be cool with me showing this off on my main blog?

          • Rita says:

            Hehehee, turning that pimp guy into a lady might just be the most radical thing I’ve ever done in my life. Actually I think Turtleneck is a lady too. I couldn’t really decide (much like the authors?)

            Aww, that would be awesome! Thank you! :3

          • It is up!

            No no no no no! Thank YOU for making it in the first place!

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