Udpate for 10/25/12!

All SFW!

Molest the Monkey

Prostitutes r’ us AGAIN!

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  1. blankface says:

    I’ve been reading and loving these riffs for a while, but todays Prostitutes page is the first one to drive me to comment because WHAT THE FUCK, that is some feminine cleavage on Pinky there. Like, that is straight up boobs, I’m pretty sure male pecs don’t cast shadows that way. I am lead to believe this character is biologically male, but I’m not sure the creators of the comic seem to remember that…

    • wanderingaddict says:

      for me it was the lips today! but now that I notice, shit yeah, that is some definite cleavage to those pecs!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the riffs. You’re right I didn’t notice it when I was riffing but that’s definite lady cleavage. Way back I posted some riffs of Teahouse I found on 4chan. One of them was this beauty.

      The last line made me laugh, but now it’s become more and more true and it’s a bit scary.

  2. Moony says:

    I legitimately believe the authors forget what gender Pinky is from time to time. Putting boobs on a male character can not be an accident.

    Also, Pinky, close dem lips pls. I hate that perplexed gopher look you’re sporting.

  3. Skarto says:

    Wow, yeah, a male chest isn’t going to do that unless Pinky is a muscled hunk. Which he clearly is not.

  4. cc says:

    “The Stockholm just isn’t the same without you Pimpy!”

  5. akitotheakita says:

    They must not now any other positions for the mouth to be in when speaking? Or do actual human expressions make the characters ugly and realistic. Can’t have any of that.

    Pinky is so pathetic. Love letters and shit.

    Dang they can’t write any characters with backbone. And its so sad because a seasoned sex slave character would be so interesting.

    When you been working in the sex industry that long you learn how to play the game of manipulation. Unless u live in yaoi land and u make no attempts to control ur life whatsoever.

    • Corndog says:

      What is it about yaoi (comics or otherwise) that most creators seem /horrified/ to make any attempt to take their subject matter seriously? A majority of them seem only to cater to the hormonal preteens in the audience, and it’s a shame because sometimes the plots/settings the creators come up with could be really interesting if done by ANYONE ELSE.

      Teahouse’s setup of a drama involving a bunch of jaded hookers in a Victorian-ish time period could have been great if it just wasn’t for all this kokoro-doki-doki bullshit and stereotypes.

      • cc says:

        It’s an interesting question and one we may never have a concrete answer to, most function under the “it’s for fun TEE HEE” excuse, some just don’t know how to write for shit and some put actual effort into trying to make something but instead it manages to turn away people who dislike yaoi due to it’s horrible trackrecord (or personal preference, which is more than fine) AND the people who “get bored” of having a plot/characters worth a shit instead of the flying kawaiis.

        Speaking of- do ANY of the hookers have any grasp on how to emotionally manipulate people worth a damn? I think Lilth is the closest and even on that front she’s not very good at it.

        • Yeah none of the prostitutes seem to have a grasp on how to emotionally manipulate people. You could argue Axis tries. However his attempts are so transparent that even the most slack-jawed gullible fan of teahouse can see through it.

          Lillith is probably the best manipulator to date, and her manipulation so far is, being Catty to Pinky ONCE and having unsuccessful attempts to sleep with Pimpy. With the drama and confusion surrounding Pimpy’s “U IS MY HO’” bomb Lillith could have done some serious damage. Yet the only thing she does is try to bang Pimpy, fail, and have a cry. She doesn’t even have the guts to be like, “Well screw him then! Let’s try another angle.” Though we haven’t seen her in near 2 chapters…I hope by the end of this one she just lights the place on fire and get this shit over with.

          That’s one of the problems with Teahouse. A house full of catty whores can make for some really ripe drama even if it’s all reality show/soap opera nonsense. Who said what? What’s her real motivation? Someone poked holes in my condoms! OH NO! Yet all we get and I mean ALL we get is really obvious, “I’m jealous!” pouts and everybody is nice to people who are cunts. La de dah!

  6. z says:

    hello! just found this site because I was banned from teahouse and wondered wtf was happening considering I had made like two negative comments. And this while they seem to be allowing blatant transphobia to remain on their site!
    I see now that the authors do not actually care about rational criticism! Pimpy is such an abusive prick and I cannot believe they’ll ultimately “redeem” him -_______-
    Your riffs are wonderful though so I’m glad they sent me your way! *fistbump of rage*

    • *fistbump of rage*

      Yeah since I may have antagonized them bit in the comments section earlier this year they seem to be banning any person who doesn’t lick ass. I am curious what you wrote exactly though. If you have screencaps that’s all the better.

      They have had some really backwards things on their site transphobia is just one of them. Everything from, “People of color didn’t exist in Victorian times” to “a man who doesn’t beat up his sister’s boyfriends is a pussy” to “Since Axis didn’t fight back harder he wanted it.” Pretty much anything an average fangirl is ignorant on will go unchallenged.

      The thing regarding Pimpy to me isn’t that an awful character will get redeemed. Rather they have no idea how abusive he is, and rationalize and defend it instead of admitting he’s a diseased cock.

      But thank you very much, I’m quite happy you’re enjoying them! May we fistbump in rage many more times! Cheers!

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