Update for 10/31/12!

All SFW!  Happy Halloween everybody! Spook some kids for me, won’t ya?

Molest the Monkey

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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  1. wanderingaddict says:

    I’m always amazed how these ukes with internalized homophobia, instead of becoming ultra macho or ultra-masculine or ultra-”straight”, they just sort of… have long flowing hair and effeminate clothes and delicate bodies and pretty much could have never fooled anyone ever. not to imply that someone with those traits couldn’t have internalized homophobia, but it does kind of immediately say “this character was created with design and background as two separate parts”

    • wanderingaddict says:

      by which I mean they clearly don’t put much effort into rejecting, demonizing, or avoiding the very thing that they so strongly reject. hell, they don’t even bat an eye when the author has them straight-up assume the “woman’s role”! even when the author calls it the woman’s role!

      • Moony says:

        Totally agree with you. It’s a cheap ass way to create some nonexistent “sexual tension” between characters, and once the supposed homophobe gets a few smooches and a grope or two, they completely forget they were ever against being gay and just frolic around the house wearing pink aprons and baking cupcakes. What.

      • It’s really just character design for convenience sake. Making a person’s look not really match their personality is poor character design and really speaks about what the author TRULY cares about. Here its not a compelling tragic character dealing with the conflict of his internalized homophobia and homosexual feelings on the outside. On the outside he’s just a waify bishie.

        Hell as rare as I give teahouse props, they at least seemed to try to do that with Axis’ character design. That to overcompensate he “tried” to go super macho yet it kinda backfires cause he ends up wearing the same amount of jewlery as Pinkie.

        • blankface says:

          The lack of understanding about character design makes me think a lot of these either very young (and thus ignorant about attitudes surrounding sexuality) or willfully ignorant. Like, back in middle/high school, I wrote a comic (never saw the light of the internet, thank god) with a gay couple as a b-plot and that couple had a lot of these design/backstory problems. They were just pretty for the sake of pretty.

          In recent years I’ve thought of re-starting the comic, and I’ve overhauled the characters. The closest homophobe was once a moe blob, now he’s a hyper-masculine metal musician covered in tattoos and always sneering at things. His openly gay on-off partner is also very masculine (homophobe fetishizes masculinity – he wouldn’t be dating a waif) but is more fashionable. Etc. I could have stuck with the original designs, but that would be ignoring all the shit I’ve learned about LGBT stuff since my own coming-out.

          Ah… sorry, that’s a lot of text. Basically, I just think that Kaito Shuno’s author just seems young and un-informed, Teahouse’s authors seem to know better but happily bask refusing to write gay relationships in a realistic manner, speaking from my own experience in such matters.

          • cc says:

            (May not mean much coming from me) But you really should consider pursuing that comic if you have the times and the means. That way there can possibly be better GLBT comics out there.

            *Not saying yours won’t be better but I have no idea what your writing abilities are, it’ll probably be better than TH or KaitoShuno but they’re fairly low bars.

            The author of Kaito Shuno is definitely over 18 and have been for a few years, so youth is out the window. (They also decide to delete/ignore comments that ask about these because uh, who knows why.)

            As another aside, the TH character designs are bad because they’re way too cluttered and the severe disconnect with the characters (they would have used this to explore how pimpy/their jobs makes them assume fetishycaricatures but TH is not really one to explore such things), but in some vague cases these designs could theoretically work if the writing/characters of TH weren’t so painfully wafer thin.

  2. wanderingaddict says:

    with the TH characters, their designs could easily be incorporated into anything at all! Axis could easily be part of some interesting minority culture, fatty two-by-four could be from another region of interest and pinky could be part of the effeminate working class servants. I really get what you mean when you describe it as “design for convenience sake” because damn even just writing out that paragraph there made me feel lazy.

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