Update for 11/28/12!

All SFW!

Molest the Monkey

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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5 Responses to Update for 11/28/12!

  1. Moony says:

    … How old is the creator of Kaito? Because there is no way a person can be devoid of this much logic. I know five-year-olds that can tell a more coherent story.

  2. Shan says:



    This is too stupid for my brain to comprehend.

    Were the typos in the tirade at the bottom on purpose? Either way, “collasally” sounds really adorable.

  3. wanderingaddict says:

    hahaha wooooooooooow. okay, I see what you guys were warning me about earlier. wow. I mean… wow.

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