Update for 11/29/12!

2 NSFW! One because of my own doodles, the other cause it’s rarely SFW lol starfighter.

Molest the Monkey

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Star Rapist

I am not looking forward to riffing another 12 pages of sex with “deep” internal dialog.

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26 Responses to Update for 11/29/12!

  1. Shan says:

    Thanks for explaining what that thing is in panel one of StarRapist.

    Abel has nice feet. I’ll give her that.

    Usually threats of suicide get you fired from a job… Depending on where you work. *sigh*

    • I think maybe it’s supposed to be lube, but it just looks like a pepper shaker to me.

      In Kaito Shuno threats of suicide are the way you get to be CEO. He just needs to threaten it two more times! What a sly self-promotion policy!

      • Shan says:

        Foul! Incorrect usage of lube. On the other hand, correct usage of pepper.

        I need to drastically lower my expectations.

        I just realised he was saying “thanks” in panel 3. I thought he was saying “irrigation”. I need to start thinking in anime.

        Who would organise such a system? Happy people get demoted as well, I presume.

        NB: When you comment your name links to your old/closed tumblr.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Normally I don’t pick on the art of StarRapists- and I know that light sources can make the underside of the neck/nose lighter than the rest- but in these pages/panels it really makes no fucking sense here. WHERE AND WHY IS THE LIGHT DOING THAT?

    Also where the fuck is Pirate’s Navigator uke roommate, is he fucking somewhere else right now? Then again that’s a trick question.

  3. akitotheakita says:

    Excuse you real life men don’t have body hair. They are hairless and stop aging at the age of eighteen. Also no chin definition.

    How did Peppercock lose his eye anyway? They fight in spaceships and it just feels like a lame attempt to give him some character design.

    Maybe some stray jizz tragically blinded him.

    • nony says:

      I want to know how he lost his eye too. I know in Chapter 1 http://starfightercomic.com/chapter_01_page.php?page=Chapter_01_Page_15.jpg His navigator died and his ship was going down, but I don’t know what could have cause him to lose an eye from that??

      • Yeah, there’s no apparent shrapnel damage, and it’s not like his eye could have been injured that way if he smacked his face on the dashboard. I even commented on that in the original riff.

    • Shan says:

      His eye bothers me as well but for different reasons.

      Nowdays if you lose an eye it gets replaced and, generally, it’s hard to tell if they’re fake unless you really look. Heck, they’re working on bio/robot eyes that (depending on the damage) can/will restore the person’s sight – his wound didn’t look *that* deep. He should have a robot bio-eye so he can have his sight restored. It’s the future, they should have that technology. Even if it’s given half an explanation it’d make more sense than this.

      Being half blind is not helpful when you’re in the military and it looks silly.

      • You and your book learning!

        Clearly you’ve missed the whole point of this comic! ~Appearances~ and a eye patch looks cool. But Faps, a robot eye could look cool too! NO NO NO I say for it also has another important ingredient, and that is, It looks cool AND is easy to draw!

      • akitotheakita says:

        The half blindness is killing me because it adds an extra layer of confusion when it comes to the spaceships.

        His ass should have been discharged if the future military can’t afford to get him a robot eye. You can’t be in the current military with one eye/reduced vision that can’t remedied by corrective lenses.

        • Shan says:

          If the future military can’t afford one robot eye, it’s really not a military worth being in. They must have wasted all their money on giving the soldiers massive rooms with their own bathroom.

          Maybe they felt he wasn’t worth healing, maybe he’s a crap fighter. They haven’t given him a new navigator yet. They don’t have the heart to discharge him so he wanders around the corridors doing jackshit.

          Or he killed his navigator and then stabbed himself in the eye to make it look like an accident in the hopes he’d get discharged, but – for poor old Baron Praxis – this military doesn’t work on logic. Now he needs to work on Plan B.

  4. JID says:

    Why does evil-girl get a nose and suicide-guy doesn’t??
    Don’t men normally have bigger noses than women?
    Wouldn’t it be more logical the other way around?

  5. wanderingaddict says:

    you see, this whole “have you ever been with a fighter before” = “are you a virgin” just totes reinforces my belief that they follow religious distinctions about who’s allowed to top.

    … sex where there’s no penetration doesn’t count as sex and/or happen.

  6. Crista says:

    Aaand Praxis is officially gone. I’m done with the world.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good God, angelperez. Do you really need to remind us when you attempt to create some plot in the form of the sweaty old man that you’d prefer to be doodling kawaii buttsex right now and you’re trying to get it over with asap?
    His ass should be fired right now. But no, that would be inconvenient and require actual plotting.

  8. capi says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, hang on a second. He’s half-blind and he has no navigator. Why in the seven hells hasn’t he been discharged?

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