Update for 12/21/12!

All SFW!

Molest the Monkey

Sure is great that other characters see him for the monster he is…..wait.

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Star Rapist

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8 Responses to Update for 12/21/12!

  1. akitotheakita says:

    That decision to make every character black-white-black-white over and over has to be one of the most horrid character design mistakes imaginable.

    New dude looks like Abel’s long lost dumpster baby from the Sturfurter prom.

    I shall call him Goober.

    • Anonymous says:

      StarRapist has the following “limitations”:
      -Organization that uses uniforms
      -Color coding of hair is either standard or somehow plot related (benefit of the doubt on this)

      How it could get around these limitations:
      -Different face types
      -Different body types
      -Different squads can have different IDs on their uniforms (usually these are minor)
      -Extremely minor modifications to the uniform
      -People wear different parts of their uniform in different ways (someone could tie their jacket on their waist, GASP!)

      Something that seems like a limitation but can be worked with tastefully:
      -Limited color palette, primarily B&W, other works can pull off the B&W look so it can be done!

      This design choice CAN be pulled off well, effort and some degree of design must be applied of course.

      • wanderingaddict says:

        it also doesn’t help that all side characters can be written off as one-note stereotypes. the little masochist dude is the S&M pervert fag. the goober dude here is newfag, fresh off the bus of naive and stupid. pirate is angstfag, ready to be sad and broody even though he’s an ace pilot and incredibly good looking and has newfag lusting after him. none of them will experience much highs or lows in the relationships or anything more than vague resolution because all the drama is tagged for Cain and Abel who own it all despite it seeming to be perfectly fine and everything’s resolved with them. I mean, right now Cain is sexually satisfied and emotionally not connected to Abel, same as Abel is to Cain. how will the “tension” be reintroduced?? geeeeee I wonderrrrrrr

        • cc says:

          I’m not even going to pretend that they were designed with these personalities in mind, all that really indicates any of these “traits” is what angle their eyebrows are and I guess how many eyes they have visible.

          Key: If only one eye is visible they are COCK BLOCKED from their trufucks. SuperEmoFringe can’t get into Cain’s pants and Pirate here can’t get in Abel.

          Maybe with their eyesight combined they might realize how fucking terrible they are.

      • JID says:

        I still don’t understand how they all have to wear their uniforms in exactly the same way, but don’t have some kind of haircut-regulation…
        Like wouldn’t a long fringe be really unpractical when steering a spaceship/whatever?? Or when shooting at moving objects??
        It’s aweful how some people don’t realize, what haircuts or clothes are NOT propriate for battle and the like…

    • I can understand you’re designing characters and want them to specifically stand out for a grey-scale comic but the “WHITE HAIR OR BLACK HAIR” idea was a pretty terrible one.

      I like this name goober, I am tempted to use it depending on how much screentime he gets.

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