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16 Responses to Update for 12/22/12!

  1. Ash says:

    Wow @ the new Teahouse page. What a callous piece of shit. Are we seriously supposed to feel sorry for Rhys?

    I was so close to commenting on this over at the actual website. So close.

    • cc says:

      Don’t you get it, he’s *obviously* deep because he hides his pain and sorrow by running off to the Teahouse! What a swell heir!

      I mean it’s not like Pimpy does the exact same thing- oh wait. damn.

      • Ash says:

        See, no. Just. No. Like, it seems like the team behind Teahouse wants to present the king’s illness as a major plot point but they haven’t been doing that and then — I just there’s no development — why do all of their characters deal with their personal problems the same …


        What is he going to do during a national crisis, like if they’re country goes to war? “Oh, sorry, I couldn’t keep tabs on the army; I was too busy rimming whores!”


        • I really really really hope that he gets smacked really fucking hard about what a fuck-ass he’s been.

          What’s that at the door? Can’t they see I’m elbow deep in a squealing punk-dumbass?

          Oh dear it seems as if it’s an army of the lower class, and now they’re dragging me away to be lynched.


      • JID says:

        Oh man, if they would just flat make Princey an asshole, I would even consider liking him, but making him act like an ass, and then saying he isn’t is just hypocritical and I don’t like it ):
        He could be such a nice ass to be converted to slightly less assliness by love or something, but noooo, the characters are of course already perfect human beings (who just need to find ot about it).
        Who needs characterdevelopement anyways??

      • It’s also not like Pinky does the same exact thing…no wait that’s a bad example.

        It’s not like that Rory does the…..oh fucking hell.

    • RC says:

      I’ve stopped commenting on TH on the actual site for 1) nobody would appreciate anything I say and would just rabidly attack and 2) even if something of worth did come out of the comments, it would be deleted.

      So I comment here, where people won’t attack me and my comments won’t be deleted.

      This page could have been something but the build up is not there- the authors are having to tell me what I am suppose to feel (and the do not do a good job of that).

      Again this is more and more proving that TH is a “hobby” outlet to get their silly on rather anything of worth. The fact that they are able to make some money off it and survive the endless update delays and breaks is annoying, but that’s what happens when you mine a market niche. :/

  2. envy says:

    Well, this is kinda nit-picky but several things are bothering me in that TH page.
    First the layout, how the top is reflected in the bottom, like so…
    1 2
    5 6
    I find this kind of unnatural to read.

    Also, the perspective in the first three panels. First panel Rhys looks too small for that angle. His sister um.. Evie? Doesn’t quite look the right size either. I cant really say much on how to fix it, that angle really bugs me. The texture on the carpet also looks out of place and stands out compared to the two tone shaded characters.

    Second panel, Evie looks like she’s about to fall over, maybe thats what they were after but that angle greatly exaggerates it and its a really abrupt skip from the last panel where she was running toward him, and is now holding on his arm. Also I don’t get why most of her body is turned away, which brings to the next panel…

    Third panel, she is now facing him, but her arm and his is cropped out so I dont know if she’s still holding on to him or not because she is in the fourth, how close they are seems to keep changing without much indication of the movement.

    Again, this is all pretty nit-picky but it just surprises me all that I notice when I don’t care about where the story is going anymore. I just want to make comics someday so I’ve started to notice these kind of things I never used to. I used to like TH, but after a while I started to question some things in it and there didn’t seem to be any answers so it just sort of came off as nonsense. The lack of historical research or researching themes and topics in general for the comic in general is also a disappointment.

    Sorry for this probably big wall of text, I just don’t feel like discussing stuff like this on actual TH comic.It seems like the fans will defend the comic no matter what you say if it seems the least bit negative.It had potential for sure, but it fell short fast because most of these comics can’t seem to decide whether they want to be pron or have a real story. Improving little things like paneling/layout would also help.It is up to the artist or writer if they take criticism or not but if they just think what they have is “the best” then improvement is unlikely. You have to detach yourself from your work, because someone tearing apart your work isn’t a personal attack. I don’t like people taking the “It took time and effort” argument, because you will find plenty of things can take time and effort. All we see is the final product, which the person is working towards to produce. It takes even more effort to actually see your mistakes and fix them, on the piece or in the future and be a better artist for it.

    • RC says:

      If you had posted it over there it would have been flamed and deleted.

      I use to read TH as well and actually own 1-3 of the printed comics and the art books that came with them. In my head cannon, TH ended at 3 with Pink and Pirate in each others arm, Pimp sulking off to the sunset and the other two just…gone.

      The art has changed- not for the better. The characters have changed in looks and skin tone and the writing…I’m learning more of what not to do the more I look at it.

      I do have in my mind a story with a whore house. I’ve decided it’s going to be an alternate world because I can’t stick to historical accuracy (too much I want to do) and some other things. I’m working on some outlines, world notes and character profiles. It is going slow. So very very slow.

      • envy says:

        Haha I guess what bugs me is that they do say things like “Victorian” inspired but then sorta throw it out the window with several mess ups like the clothes they wear, plus the trash bags and paper money. My friends a bit of a history nerd and rolls his eyes at that. You don’t have to follow things to a T but it’d be kind of offensive to say you are taking certain elements from something(culture, religion, time period, etc) then throwing out the rest cause you don’t like it or can’t be bothered to learn more about it.

        To me, the characters dont even look like they belong in the setting of some gay whore house, I think they look more fitting in some fantasy anime haha. Their differently colored hair isn’t even explained. Is it their fantasy genetics? Hair dye? We-don’t-give-a-fuck?

        Sometimes I wish I could go back to the ignorance my friend has, she just sits down and makes really silly comics. If I want to get a comic idea out I start writing all about the characters, outlining the story, starting a script, working on my art… in the end I still haven’t brought myself to draw a single page, but I have drawn thumbnails for at least 20 so far. It just makes the comic stronger in the end, though. So you won’t face problems like plot holes later, or having an undesirable page layout.

      • JID says:

        It can take some time, but it’s really funny to make your stories as plausible as possible and it’s worth it!
        Me and a friend of mine once wanted to write a story about dragons and stuff and since I know a fair bit about biology I was able to tweak the “last fire dragons” (nope, not cliché) genetics so, that it actually made sense that he’s 1) the last one, and 2) was born about 500 years after the last dragon.
        Yay, for repressive genes :D
        Same for everything else I’ve been working on.
        If a story doesn’t make total sense to the author it’s not a good story.

  3. RC says:

    It’s going to be ideal wish fulfillment- I will admit it right now. Inspired by the music of the 20-30′s dance halls with a pro-sex, equality what-if curiosity.

    Transgndered and intersex persons are treated as an ‘ideal’ and the main faith is based more spirituality based then religious doctrine- with the female/male split into 6 and the 7th being the blend of the two.

    The economy is more environmentally aware and people are more focused on buying only what they need, not what they want. I came across something about “freeveganism” and some of that will be worked in. The sex workers are contracted workers or indentured debt workers.

    There is still an issue with immoral sex work practices and human trafficking that will be touched upon briefly (cuz you can’t have Yaoi with out SOMEONE getting subcon in their past or something).

    This idea was originally started with wanting to that 20/30 music and cross it with a steam punk setting and the curiosity that if transgendered intersex persons were treated as spiritually sacred and what kind of impact that would have.

    One of the main characters is suppose to be a M/F but he’s fight it because he does not want to have to face certain things that a ‘transition’ would make him face. So he’s one big ball of misery hidden behind glam and smiles. Not because he’s M/F but because he’s fighting that part of himself. I’m trying to keep it plausible without having to go into drama fodder.

    His main hang up is he was sold and used by the people he trusted and he retaliated but he feels bad about it when he tells himself he shouldn’t. To ‘transition’ from male to female would mean he would have to face that issue and trace it to the source and he’s afraid of what he will find if/when he does that. Now add in he’s starting to fall for the new guy at work and bam! My Trope triangle is complete for this one. XD

    So I’m not sure how well this story will work out yet. :/ But so far it doesn’t look like crap…yet.

  4. cyrene says:

    Sigh. Finally someone knows what they’re doing.

    I love the whole idea. I can tell you’ve obviously put effort and time into the outline. The world and characters sound great so far. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    Also, I’m kind of confused on one part. If he’s MtF, then how come you refer to him as a male? Wouldn’t he actually be female? Or did I completely misread it? xD

    But anyways, good job on the plotting! Good luck with your story.

  5. Miss Pororoca says:

    Is awkward but I enjoy more reading your version of “Tea House” than the original…
    I think there are two big problems with the original web. And is not the art or the story (honestly, I read worst things in Marvel or DC).
    The Tea House’s fanbase is a cancer. They can’t make objective reviews, and without objectives reviews the artist can’t improve (of course, they make money but …).
    And there is a reason why artists speak through their works and not through themselves (XD). The Tea House artists are pretty annoying and they don’t know how to behave, and that is sad. Sometimes I wonder if they at least have some agent…
    Anyway… the Evelyn from the last panel remember me a lot the Berserk meme…
    Hope some new page soon!


    • Haha thanks!

      I obviously think the story is pretty bad. (Though of course there are worst stories out there. YOU ARE NO EXCEPTION MARVEL AND DC!)

      Though the type of fans they cultivate are absolutely toxic to the improvement process. Which in my opinion wouldn’t be so bad, if the actual authors weren’t petty woman children about anything less complimentary then sparkling asspats.

      Hahaha I love that edit, I’m going to post it up on my tumblr! (Unless that’s not alright with you.)

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