Update for 2/14/13!

All SFW! Happy Valentines day everybody! Don’t forget that daddy Faps will always love you.

Molest the Monkey

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Brace yourself you know what’s next.

Star Rapist

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  1. Shan says:

    I’ve lost the plot of Monkey. Why does Prince return a bunch of years later to pester his furry-baby-daddy or do we not know yet?

    Come on, even Pyramid Head wouldn’t sink that low! He sunk pretty low in Silent Hill Revelations but not this far.

    Cain would make a very cliche bitchy cheerleader antagonist in any high school film. Give him a wig and call him Kaylin.

    Hey, look there’s two black people on the same page! And they look… the exact same… oh…

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know, he did rape two people at the same time, even if they were monsters…


      I suppose it is an insult to pyramid head, but I wasn’t sure what kind of joke to toss on that last panel. So I went with a, “GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, HINT IT’S RAPE” kind of deal.

      To be fair most of her characters all look the same.

      • Shan says:

        That doesn’t make any sense! Oh, yeah, Love Pistols.

        You mean something like this? http://i.imgur.com/H5JzL.jpg
        I figured that was what you were going for.

        That is true but she does attempt some kind of way to differentiate between them, hair style, hair highlights, nose shape… that’s it, but those two look the exact same.
        And I think there’s something wrong with Cain’s shoulder or maybe it’s the angle.

    • Wanda says:

      To be fair, the white people mostly look alike too, so . . . ya know.

  2. song says:

    Honestly, I would be afraid of Abel if he wasn’t so ridiculous. This whole setting feels so apocalyptic, mostly because it’s in space and grayscale and there’s a war, but also just his abusive attitude…he’s eerily reminiscent of some unfortunate real-life relationships.

  3. song says:

    Also is it just me or has Starfighter fudged the whole war thing like most ‘soft’ science fiction does? Oh there’s a war and there’s some devices you use to fight it and other generic sci-fi elements let’s get back to the buttsex blah blah.

  4. JID says:

    Clang, clang, thunk, scraaaape,
    Pyramid Head has come to rape.

    My favorite poem ever.

  5. RC says:

    I’m….kind of annoyed that Cain is voted 21 on comic’s 50 sexiest male comic characters…


    • RC says:

      Axis. Is. Number. FUCKING. FIVE.

      Good by.

      • Shan says:

        What the heck is wrong with his body?!


        As for Cain, clearly all women want rapists and domestic abusers. They don’t want respect, they want to be treated like property, tagged as such, repeatedly raped and emotionally abused. *makes note*

        I guess feminists are wrong.

        I would argue that point on the website but it requires an account. Pfft to that.

        • RC says:

          Well, people in general have a habit of falling for assholes and shallow people based on looks. There is a whole marketing branch dedicated on ‘self help’ books and date guides because of it.

          Out of all the guys on that list- the handful that I know- a good chunk of them leave much to be desired in the personality department. But hey- at least they are not all white? The guy from the Less than Epic Adventures comic at least made 3 and he’s all right…I just tell myself that this whole thing is a popularity contest and assholes always come out on top in those things.

          At least this was only a comic book pole, otherwise that 50 shades guy would be some where near the top- and he’s worse than Cain.

          • cc says:

            Speaking of that, I DO wonder why so many “sexy” male characters lack any character depth whatsoever. I mean across media, not just that list or just the yaois.

            It’s not like it’s impossible to have BOTH.

          • RC says:

            Probably for the same reason so many “sexy” female characters lack any character depth whatsoever across media.

            The trap of Formula Writing and Lazy Writing.

          • cc says:

            But sexist media dictates that the non-objectified sex should be “interesting” or “compelling” or “complex” in some fashion!

          • RC says:

            Interesting, Compelling and complex? What are these words you speak of? Sound to me like you are just saying “overly complicated” and “will burn out my gold fish attention span” and the most horrific words of all….THINKING on MY OWN!

          • Shan says:

            Yeah, but usually when a guy gets attracted to a female character she isn’t a domestic abuser. Nor do they ever try to romanticise that kind of behaviour. It usually comes down to “she’s hot, pity she’s fucking mental”. If somebody said “Cain’s pretty attractive, shame about his psychotic behaviour” I’d be fine with that but it never is.

            The only comparison I can think of is the “yandere” character – basically your crazy-in-love psychopath who murders anybody who talks to their “love interest” and usually the “love interest” as well because they’re trying to get away.

            I can’t comprehend this mindset. It’s so fucking stupid. “Aw, man, I love the way he isolates .” What’s wrong with these people?

          • You’re right it is typically seen in romance geared at women. I mean we see unheatlhy behavior from women in certain romances, such as tantrums and light stalking, but I’ve never seen it NEAR as harsh a degree as we seen in men.
            I personally don’t understand it at all but it’s clearly begrudgingly popular in romance.

            I think it may come from the idea that an abuser’s “love” is more intense then a non-abuser. Some kind of twisted mindset of, “Wow he beat up that guy for just looking at me, and then beat me up for looking back at the guy! An average guy wouldn’t go that far!”

            I don’t care if women enjoy reading stories of such a nature, but they must recognize it’s unhealthy, it’s abuse, and its not about love it’s about dominance and subjugation.

          • cc says:

            Well Shan a common way I see them woobify Cain’s shitty behavior is “Aw he just wants Abel all to himself because he’s lonely!” (false, he’s known to “mark” people and he hasn’t had any demonstrated in-comic stuff to indicate he does it out of loneliness).

            Or the other route which is “Cain just can’t help himself, he’s got NEEDS!” Which is more in line with his “character” but still doesn’t make sense when many/several fan depictions are not him exemplifying the “rape fantasy” (I’m fine with that, fans just need to acknowledge and stick with calling what it is if they want to indulge it) but of having fairly fluffy/vanilla intercourse with Abel which is bizarrely at odds with how he is in-comic and begs the question of why fans even bother with the comic’s source material (or similar).

            I do admit I understand the APPEAL of an asshole character having fairly psychotic/terrible behavior but has additional layers or interesting reasons provided for WHY the character acts like that; and I’ll even go so far as to admit I do it too (do stories/have characters like that).

            But what personally floors me is why fans flock to material that supplies none of this why and they (the fans) then have to create material that revels in this sort of head-canon/fanon. It’s to the point of “why bother? why don’t you simply stick to material that hits these kinks off the bat?” aside from the “excuse” of art reasons. Because let’s be honest there are some REALLY SHITTILY drawn versions of this too so the logic explodes.

            And I do know some fans like the uh, “fandom exercise” of creating these extra scenarios, but this overwhelming FLUFFINESS (and resulting “OOC” of the characters) is across the board and in absurd amounts when it comes to these yaois that tend to skew towards “rape fantasies” or really poorly structured relationships.

            Case and point, (ironically a heterosexual example?): http://wontloversrevoltnow.tumblr.com/post/42481698259/tw-sexual-assault-rape-culture-victim

            The “romance” genre is such an odd thing and it really does bleed over to yaoi. I “get” escapism and fantasy but christ, there is a LINE IN THE SAND about these things. “It’s just fiction” is still such a bullshit excuse whenever these topics crop up.

          • Jesus Christ Twilight, I knew you were bad but I thought Jacob was the nice guy to tempt Bella away from Edward, not just as huge an abuser if not worse!

            But yeah pretty much everything you say. LINE IN THE FUCKING SAND PEOPLE!

          • Shan says:

            I think I understand… I think the desire to find good points in a completely asshole-ish character like Cain is that the fans are discovering it for themselves. They’re living out the “rebel with a heart of gold” fantasy with a fictional character as opposed to another fictional character living it out for them.

            As for Twilight: damn. That scene is totally different in the movie – I guess they decided to tone down the rape. If they felt they needed to do that, something was terribly wrong.

            I agree. There is no excuse. I’m all for well written characters who do terrible things (rapists, abusers, whatever) but I want them to be treated as such. I “like” those character types in the same way you like a good villain. You don’t like them as a person but as a well-written character.

            If SF was a story about an abusive relationship in a really shitty military then it’d be doing a semi-okay-ish job.

            One day I want to see a book/film portrayed as a romance novel, it has your abusive boyfriend character and the main character trying to set him up with her best friend. Throughout the entire thing the MC justifies his shitty personality with “he needs love, blahblahblah”. It eventually ends with the best friend going to hospital and the MC learning an extremely heavy-handed lesson. It wouldn’t solve anything but it’d make me feel better.

          • Wanda says:

            Since everyone’s talking about abuse in romance, there’s this. I wrote a story that kind of shadowed Pretty Woman but instead of it being all happy and fluffy and filled with Richard Gere, it’s pretty much a story about a prostitute who is controlled by an abusive drug dealer. And not even in a subtle way. And yet many of my reviewers were convinced he was going to “turn good” and they were going to fall in love.

            WTF. Stuff’s screwed up.

          • Wow that’s some scary stuff. I bet if the genders were flipped people wouldn’t assume nearly as much. I’m going to put that on my tumblr tomorrow, that’s some heavy stuff.

          • cc says:

            Whoa, wanda, those reviews were really eyeopening in a way that definitely needs to be shown more often.

            Thanks for taking the time to collect this information and of course doing the story!

          • Wanda says:

            Ya, put it on your tumblr, that’d be awesome. I think some people really need their eyes opened to these issues. It really is straight-up ignorance. I think our romance culture is f-ed up. Honestly, all you have to do is frame it within a common trope and make the dude super hot. Then he can do nothing wrong, cuz we all know abusers are fat ugly guys with bad acne.

    • wanderingaddict says:

      what I’ve never understood is why an artist/author, if told that one of their characters is sexy while the other half of the duo is someone nobody wants to touch with a ten-foot pole, how they don’t realize that… that the (basically uke) they created is a complete and utter void of sexiness. like, how do you not realize that and/or consider it a problem?

      • cc says:

        It might have something to do with how the uke it typically the standin for the reader/audience, so why bother liking them when what they really like is the idea of the seme/lover or something.

        Things can be quite weird.

        • wanderingaddict says:

          but if they’re the stand-in, then they’re unattractive and no one wants to have sex with them. I know step 2 is ??? but even then how is there profit?

          • cc says:

            If one was actually unattractive then the fantasy of “two hawt gais” making out is lost.

            I know some theories make the uke kind of the “plain girl” to better compliment the “sexy” of the seme.

            I dunno, there’s some interesting psychology behind it but god knows we aren’t going to get much from the people themselves about it for whatever reason.

        • That’s how I feel. That the uke/woman stand-in is plain is considered a plus because a large number of people can insert themselves easily in that role.

    • JID says:

      To be honest the whole list is kinda fucked up…Not that I know all the characters, but the ones I know are (at least in my opinion) clearly misplaced….
      (Also I can’t get over how anybody could find Axis more attractive than Jason Todd or Bruce Wayne…Or Roy Harper and Superboy for that matter…or anyone…)

      • cc says:

        Because Axis is wish fulfillment for Axel (Kingdom Hearts) or something???

        Sometimes these are mysteries for a reason!

      • Shan says:

        For a lot of “vote on X” lists the writers would tell the audience and when you’ve got a web-based audience you’re going to get a lot of votes.

    • I’m very annoyed at that fact considering he’s a domestic abuser, and even fans of the comic agree on that.
      What we don’t need in any society is romanticizing a domestic abuser.

  6. akitotheakita says:

    Idk whats going on in Monkey…Do the bat dude even have a job? How long do animal people gestate? Wasn’t his vaginus/uterass shallow or something…

    So Mopey Dude and Cain are good now? It makes sense, ones a rapist the other a stalker.

  7. wanderingaddict says:

    okay, so long as he at least wore the PH mask I’d be alright with him raping me.

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