Update for 2/16/13!

All SFW! Prostitutes got ranty!

Molest the Monkey

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Prostitutes r’ Us

Why did we even need last page anyway?

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  1. RC says:

    And the sad thing/annoying thing is- if there was more care in the plot and character development, answer D could have been a decent/interesting answer.

    But as it is- I could care less about any of these characters and there’s no plot holding anything together.

    *taking notes for when I follow through with *my* sex house yaoi story.*

    • Shan says:

      Aw, man I was going to use D for my sex house viva la revolution yaoi story.

      I’m no artist… but isn’t panel #3 wrong? In terms of angles. Same for the last one – at least I think so.

      Though Faps has just gone and made Rhys an interesting character. Curses.

      Love Pistols – why is everybody in a white void?

      • RC says:

        To be fair- I’ll be using A-C more than D.

        Now I just need to work out how navigate the moment of expected awkward-ness of someone who’s relatively new to partner sex realizes that part of the job interview involves having sex with pre-op MF who is in a state of denial while keeping it natural. One thing to know it will happen, another thing to actually do it.

        Oh- and out line the plot. And the relationship flow charts. Or something. And find an artist that can draw and a colorist that knows their color theory.

        And research intersex/transgender anatomy and body types.

        And basic research….there’s a lot of stuff to do. -_-;

        • Shan says:

          Aw, sweet. You’re making him a more sympathetic character. I was going to but then somebody mentioned the revolution and I went down that route – which meant I had to rework everything I had up to that point.

          I can’t say I have any experience in that situation.

          Well for artists, you should camp outside your local art school with a net. Art students are weak and easy to catch.

          Body types usually depends on what their male body type was like and how far they are with the process (and what process they’re taking).

          I feel your pain. I don’t know where this revolution is going and I can’t do anything with it without it coming off as a tacky French Revolution copy. I’m not planning on doing anything with this though. It just helps me sleep at night.

          When you have started putting your finished work somewhere you’ll have to show us.

          • RC says:

            Art students are a pain in the ass with fragile egos. Know why art students are so skinny? Not because they are starving artists, it is because their egos are so ravenous that it will start consuming the artists own body if it’s not fed regularly hence why the art student is so bitch and winy when you do not automatically blindly praise their art work as flawless. (Why…no I’m not ranting about my own experiences from my days as a design/art student…*shifty eyes*).

            believe me, when I start committing words to screen and paper I will be coming here for feed back. Because if there is one thing I can trust this group on, it is brutal honesty and a critiques I can actually you know…USE.

          • Haha, oh man I cracked up at your description of art students. True facts!

          • Shan says:

            That explains why I never saw a non-skinny art student at my school. Sons of guns would say my art course wasn’t real art, sneering little– not my experience as a Photography student at all.

            It is a genuinely pleasant feeling to know you have places to go for honest criticism.

          • RC says:

            Ah…the “you don’t do REAL art, my art is REAL art let me tell you all about it” tangent.

            I liked my photography classes- the instructor was AWESOME. Wish I could have taken more….but required classes kept over lapping them. :/

      • I’m sure the authors don’t see it as a power-trip but it looks unmistakably like one to me. Honestly it doesn’t make him that more interesting to me, just makes him more of an insufferable cock-hole.


        • Shan says:

          Yeah, he would still be an insufferable cock-hole but it’s something you said way back somewhere about how important framing is. If the work was aware of how much of a negative character he was and ran with it then I’d find that very interesting.

          Clearly the Matrix is more emotional and intelligent than I previously thought.

        • RC says:

          There’s a lot of things the artists don’t see or understand in their writing/presentation.

          Like they didn’t see or think why there would be an issue with how Rhys reacted to his sister going out and getting laid. There were…a hundred different ways that could have gone down without the feeling of “women need to be protected/should not have sex” . “He’s just being a protective brother” ….and they don’t/refuse to see why other people would have an issue with them not understanding or taking responsibility for not understanding it.

          • JID says:

            And for that reason that thing called “good friends” exists! I am so glad mine tell me whenever I’m writing bullshit…

          • There’s also the issue of Rhys is the to-be fucking KING of a nation. He’s probably got cronies out the wazoo. Why not send somebody there to beat the shit out of him, or construct a plot to get him fired from his job, or purchase him so he can no longer have sex with anybody besides you if this is such an issue?

            What fucking moron is in that position of power, thinks marching to a popular brothel to break doors and punch prostitutes is the best way to let everybody know your sister can’t make decisions for herself?

            I suppose the fucking moron who knows the authors don’t write consequences for their poor babehs no matter what they do.

    • I wouldn’t mind D so much, if they weren’t so ham-fisted with how these two are going to be tru wub 4 lyfe. I have nothing but contempt for a character who shames another for his latent homosexual desires when he’s the one who forced them on him in the first place. May I become more invested if the character sees the err of his ways? Maybe, but I HIGHLY doubt it with this couple.

      I really hope Rhys gets a VERY HARSH dose of reality regarding his behaviors. Rhys has had nothing but people tripping over themselves no matter what kind of selfish cock-fuckery he gets up to. Perhaps this blondie looking pissed at him in the rain will start that chain of events, but I can’t see him getting half as good a lesson as he deserves. Quite frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if others take most of the fall and he couldn’t care less.

      • RC says:

        I was expecting a harsh dose of reality regarding Rhys behaviors back when he did the whole “you were paid to fuck my sister and now I’m going to break doors and humiliate other customers because that’s how I roll” and it never happened.

        Part of the thrill of answer D characters is seeing them get their reality chains jerked, them having to deal with the fall out and either learn to swim with the currents of change or crash and burn.

        I don’t expect any lessons learned or character growth from from TH anymore than I expect mature, moment appropriate roll over text from the authors. It was amusing at first but it got old so very very fast.

        • Shan says:

          > roll over text

          I completely forgot to check that.

          “roses are red, violets are blue. My dick is hard, only for you~<3"

          I don't know how they keep finding new ways to disappoint me. I don't know what I was expecting.

          • Why not, “Rhys is blue, Axis is red, they gonna do it in a bed” At least that’s got a pinch of creativity.

          • Shan says:

            Alternatively: “Rhys is blue, Axis is red, they’re gonna meet up and fuck on the bed.”

            I fits the tune more. The alt text is one syllable off, it should be: “My dick is hard, but only for you”

            Unless you’re supposed to pronounce the tilde, greater than and three.

  2. song says:

    There’s been such an amazing debate on this page but all I have to say is, wow…Rhys is such an insufferable cock.

  3. RC says:

    A quote concerning Rhys on the TH boards:
    “Hello Ladies, Look at Your Man, Now Back to Me. Sadly, he isn’t ME.”

    I saw this quote used with a Red Lantern character. I am not ashamed to say that found that quote far more sexy when being used in reference to an anthropomorphic dog character than Rhys. Lucius is a sexy smug bastard. He is also a Cocker Spaniel.

  4. cc says:

    “That asshole’s asshole is the asshole for me!” prince sings on his horse as rain streams dramatically everywhere.

    Is it wrong or arrogant of me to say that I feel a little bit more confident about how I frame my asshole characters? True he hasn’t gotten the full brunt of karma yet but STILL, it’s something.

    (I don’t expect anyone to respond meaningfully to this, just saying this because if TH can be thanked for something it’s that I don’t have to be as terrible as them or something.)

    • Shan says:

      I want an “asshole’s asshole” song now… I’m thinking Disney-like.

      I get that. An example of how not to write. I think taking that attitude for any bad work is a good way to go. “Why does X suck? How do I not do that?”

      • cc says:

        Obviously the Gaston song is the best for adaptation!

        “Who does she think she is? That girl whore has tangled with cock-blocked
        the wrong man! No one says “no” to Gaston asshole KING DICK!”

        We’re off to a stellar start!

        • (Blondie is LeFou in this perhaps?)
          “Darn Right”
          “Dismissed! Rejected! But I fucked him anyway cause I’m the god damn king!”
          “More cock?”
          “What for? You’d like it!”

          • Shan says:

            Who, me? Well, yeah, but still- you’ve got to pull yourself together.
            Gosh it disturbs me to see you, dear Prince
            Looking so down in the rusts
            Every guy here’d love to fuck you, O Prince
            Even when taking your thrusts
            There’s no man in town as admired as you
            You’re everyone’s favourite guy
            Everyone’s awed and inspired by you
            And it’s not very hard to see whyyyyyyy


            I’m unhappy with that verse. Shit. <.<

          • Haha it’s just fine! No need for perfect lyrical flow, we’re just goofing off here.

            I do like your three swooning ditzs, well done!

  5. kartikeya says:

    .. is blondie axel’s brother because wow that looks like him but with different hair color

    yeah i know :( everyone else tackles the other issues better than I could so I’m just going mock the fact there’s like 3 different faces the artist can draw. I’m sorry, she seems to have enough basic skill to know better.

    • Wanda says:

      You’re right. She can draw ukey pukey faces and seme faces, but they all have cupid’s bow-like lips and the same frickin’ nose. Same eye shape too. Same skin color, because god forbid a main character have a skin color a shade darker than flour. (Well, there’s the mercenary dude, but since he’s BIG and SCARY of course he’s DARK! They’re all criminals, amirite. 8D)

      • JID says:

        Don’t forget to mock the uke-eyelashes!
        Either they use way too much mascara, or their lashes are actual spiderlegs and their eyes are gonna crawl away.

  6. Wanda says:

    I think I want to teach a class to all comic artist:


    Seriously. Does anyone in comics ever LOOK at a real bridle before drawing them? The noseband is NOT ATTACHED to the bit people, geez.

    This is probably a stupid criticism, but as a rider, I see people draw bridles like this over and over again. It’s really annoying. :/

    Oh, and the story’s stupid. Ya know, the usual.

    • Wanda says:

      Also, wtf is up with that saddle. Why is there no girth/cinch? What the hell is keeping the saddle on? Billet straps (the strap on the lower end of the horse’s abdomen) are not girths. That would be like if you buttoned your pants around your ankles and expected them to stay on your waist that way. :/

      *is a pedantic asshole

    • cc says:

      If it is any comfort I will be sure to note and attempt to properly apply this information and do what research I can to be accurate.

      • Wanda says:

        Yes, thank you. I always offer my services as a horse-know-it-all to newbies, if you or anyone else is every interested. XD

  7. Miss Pororoca says:

    Someone said it before but what was the meaning of this page? Beefcake? (blond being hurt in his pure feeling by Rhys? And Francis-chan in the previous page? (Well, he was a pleb).

    PS: I don’t know how is going to end TH, but Pimp losing his brothel maybe? Or something deeper, like this:

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