Update for 2/19/13!

Kaito is NSFW!

Molest the Monkey

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Skipping a few pages so I can get through this scene without any kind of violence toward myself or others.

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13 Responses to Update for 2/19/13!

  1. cc says:

    I just want to take the time to remind everyone that people of course praise or otherwise recommend Kaito Shuno as a ROMANCE, not some kind of fetish story that caters to rape fantasies as some of the “smarter” yaoi apologists will try to tell you.

    Now, I haven’t looked at how the author herself presents Kaito Shuno but I can almost bet money that she too considers it a healthy romance. Somehow.

    • RC says:

      We live in a world where Twilight and 50 Shades are the mass market ‘ideal’ that will “save your relationship, marriage and reinvent your sex life”

      Personally, if had kept the angle of a macabre horror rape story I could probably deal with the idea- as that actually sounds semi interesting- but the “oh look! Romance and CUTENESS! Kaw-ie-eeee! They just WOVE each other so much! This is the IDEAL relationship!!” is freaking dumb and says more about the morons who fan over this crap then I care to think about.

      Screw apologizing for my high intensity/horror rape interests, these people who encourage such crap as this should be apologizing to ME!

      • cc says:

        The additional irony is that these same yaoi fans will shit all over Twilight and 50Shades for their bad traits but REALLY gloss over why their precious buttsecks “isn’t” as bad or worse.

    • I’m near sure the author thinks she’s making a bootiful unique blooming romance from the way she talks in the comments, and presents the material.

  2. SirSeph says:

    OH MY GOD KOISURU BOUKUN PLEASE TELL ME YOU’RE GOING TO RIFF THAT IN SOME WAY SHAPE OR FORM THAT MANGA IS A FUCKING MESS (Isogai is a pretty alright fellow, though, albeit not enough to save it in a million years)

    • Shan says:

      I concur. If not the manga you can always do another subtitle riff of the OVA.

      That OVA made me ill.

      • Ugh I have seen the OVA, and it made me deathly ill as well. I will be taking a break from subtitle riffing for awhile, but that is certainly a comic/ova that I want to put on the chopping block at some point.

        • JID says:

          Ahhh, I still remember the first time I watched the OVA, back when I was still naive, sheltered and innocent…
          At first I didn’t realize Blondie was molesting Brownie and was super confused because of the pornmusic playing in the back…
          After some time I simply thought I was watching a really weird anime…and then the molesting turned into something more and I was like “WOAH! Why the heck am I watching porn?!?!”.
          And I still don’t know why they had to add pornmusic….
          Good old times.

    • I have not read the manga, but I know it’s general plot from watching the OVA and I can’t agree more. It may be on the list in the eventual future.

      • Tiamat says:

        I look forward to it; I read pretty far into it because I was hoping it would get better and. It’s kind of a terrible-yaoi-cliche clusterfuck.

      • Anonymous says:

        Manga is as bad as the OVA. I don’t get this fucking series. It’s about a ‘tyrant’ who was kidnaped and raped several times by his senpai, and than get’s raped by his seme who used a rape pill (or I should say rape potion- OVA calls it ‘drug’- why the fuck something so horrific is so popular in yaoi series?) and than started crying, that his uke doesn’t understand him, doesn’t love him, blah blah and runns away and completly disappears from his life to psychologicly manipulate that poor guy to come back to him (and tells him it’s his fault). Tell me, WHY THIS SERIES IS SO POPULAR?! It’s even worse then regular porn…

        • He gets kidnapped and raped, before his ~true love~ shows up?

          God I had a bad feeling that his ~homophobia~ stems from sexual assault…would it make sense that he stays homophobic since he gets raped…again? LOL NO WAY

          But yeah as you stated it’s super popular and such a disgusting manipulative rape-athon.

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