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Hey guys one year ago I started up this site!


To celebrate the site’s 1st year anniversary, I’ve decided to share with everybody what might be the FINAL draft of the Teahouse Bad Comic Wiki article!  I don’t pull any punches but I’m trying to be fair in this review. If you have anything you think that should be added, removed, tweaked. Let me know!

Edit 1: 3/27


Original review author: Yourfapsendhere
Webcomic name: Teahouse
Author: Emirian or E and CC
Start Date
Defining Flaw Sexual Slavery is Kawaii!


If you know anything about the boy love and yaoi webcomics you are bound to trip over this comic. Honestly with it’s saturated to shit colors and obnoxious fanbase it’s hard to ignore.




Despite its weeabo style introduction to high class prostitution I did not think it was that bad out of the gate.


There were hints that it was not long for the world of decent media, but for me, it really fell apart in the 3rd chapter.

We have a nervous newcomer to prostitution go from being creeped out by his silent, virgin obsessed client to “Oh gosh he’s so hot” for no other reason then the fact he forced his tongue down his esophagus.


We are then hit over the head with a nice-guy love interest who turns gay JUST for pretty girl boy, and showers him with compliments. Yet it couldn’t be more obvious he’s just there to dial up the angst for the TRUE relationship. So what’s the true love we’re supposed to be rooting for is doing while his darling is getting cuddles? He’s repenting for his manipulative and emotionally abusive behavior by looking sad.

How dare he be making me money and enjoying himself while I go home to my PREGNANT WIFE boohoo!


Story and Plot

It’s pretty much a gay sex soap opera in a high-fluent brothel in psuedo-victorian England. The money they make goes to their pimp not them, they live on the establishment and can’t leave unless on special escorted trips, don’t have a choice in who’s balls go in their mouth, and can be sold. So yes it’s about sex slaves. It’s fine to have a brightly colored jealousy buttfuck drama, but none of them yearn for freedom, or autonomy. To have an experienced prostitute’s biggest problem being, “My pimp cheats on me boohoo ” shows a big disconnect with the gravity of the setting and material they chose to deal with. These characters and plot lines should have been set behind the high school bleachers not a Victorian brothel.


Teahouse doesn’t really care about much besides riding their yaoi cliches and they ride them with greater skill than the jaded prostitutes they have no idea how to characterize.  Though to be fair they work outside the yaoi box by having several female characters. Yet most of the women are there for teh jeluz.

Like many a writer the author wants to cherry pick pieces from a time period.

You don’t need to know everything about a historical period to make it effective. For instance if the authors didn’t know they didn’t use paper money in Victorian times. Hey no biggie! The trick in creating pseudo-historical settings is to not add anything that would break your immersion. Here, the immersion gets broken here more times than ukey’s heart! Plastic trash bags existing alongside horse drawn carriages sure makes sense!

Let me give you the main sore thumb in this story. There is a main character who is punk rock man child (with piercings, tattoos, and dyed hair) who happens to be the highest earner in a Victorian era brothel that serves the wealthy and powerful. If you’re so hellbent on adding fetish fuel to this sputtering fire, Nazis would make more sense!

Let’s move on to the way it botches its content.

Allow me to sum up the story. It mostly revolves around these three couples, but it’s saturated with tons of unnecessary characters which are there mostly for the jealousy. The following are the main “couples:”


  1. Rhys and Axis aka “Haha I used my wealth and influence to force you to have sex with me but its okay cause I give good head.” This story while the most unique for a yaoi story is painful to watch. It’s pretty much two dudes trying to win a, Who’s the most insufferable cock-hole contest but one gets a cock in the ass so now he becomes his doting housewife.
  2. Rory and Reed aka “I want a nubile virgin to abuse and this is okay cause I’m hot.” A very stereotypically yaoi couple, and it’s just a wad of things that make your skin-crawl. It includes incest implications, dead-faced sex, and the always hilarious and never creepy stretch out your asshole plot-line. …You got a virgin for….what reason? “This buttplug reminds me of your eyes” is used as a SERIOUS romance line. That’s right! I wish I was joking.
  3. Linneus and Atros aka “I may sleep around but call you the whore and my property, but I don’t mean it because my daddy was mean.” Did you want to see a wangsty aristocrat shit all over a disenfranchised prostitute while the authors blubber that he’s a bootiful tortured soul? Then this is the story for you!



The authors claim the story was inspired by a reality TV show, and boy is it apparent.

The logic is backwards, its terribly inconsistent, and there is a lack of basic sex worker knowledge…in a story about sex workers. Allow me to regurgitate some examples of this:

You can’t expect people who write about a brothel to know anything about sex! Tell me about the story, I’m sure that’s where it shines:

The to-be king of a nation hears that his younger sister has paid for relations with a prostitute he uses. He stomps over there personally to defend his sister’s honor and without explanation clocks a man who is clearly more physically fit. He knows full well the prostitutes cannot turn down any possible customers because the prince himself forced the offending prostitute to submit to sex with him. During this confrontation, the prostitute then makes disparaging remarks about his sister’s sexuality. Which makes the prince incredibly….horny? After some less then shocking excuse for sex we end with the most cliché expression of affection. So not only are there no hard feelings but not just him but the prostitute he punched is charmed by the whole affair? …alright then.

Oh yeah and king-to-be told his sister to go to the brothel in the first place.

They keep piling on characters without explaining much about any of them. 150 pages in we have around 20 or which are mostly involved in love octagons.  The story moves forward without much back story for any of these characters, and scene transitions happen suddenly to things totally unrelated all the bloody time.

Nothing wrong with enjoy a bit of the yaoi, hell I enjoy an occasional manga, but isn’t the ugu factor here a little distracting?

Everything from the minor details to the setting and plot is done for, “teh smex.” The majority of the characters are totally unlikable yet we are expected to feel sorry for them and root for them to ~be together forever~ with docile ukes without rights?



So lets get into the nitty-gritty of why these characters are awful.

Hey now Fapsy, writing characters as perfect angels is boring! That’s true, one of my many inner voices, but the problem here is that few of them seem to have any positive aspects.

Most of the male characters are petty, bratty, man-children who we should feel sorry for when they have temper-tantrums after getting what they want.  Behaving like adults is so unkawaii! It’s more situated for a playground than a whorehouse!

There is one interesting deviation.  Lillith who looked to be the frost bitch of the brothel, but has hinted depth. So far it has just been used to help us feel sorry for a man child, but perhaps something more will come of it.

The only way the author knows how to show “depth” for these characters is by making them look sad even though you’re only guessing at what has made them sad. They ALL deal with their problems by storming out in a huff. The tops here do whatever the hell they want and have no consequences for it, yet the bottoms bend over backwards (in more ways then one) for their ~soul mates~ and end up shitted on anyway.

Let me give you an example. The couple with the most focus is that of Linneus and Atros.

So Linneus, your soul mate Atros, called you his personal whore so you refuse to make him money for a day. Good for you! …Wait a sec, you ended up making money for him anyway because he looked sad at you? Then you apologize to him even though he didn’t have the balls to apologize to your face. What are you apologizing for anyway? Being mad when he treats you like property?  The only thing you did wrong was cave in like house of cards, on the only way you can stand up to him.

Oh that’s not fair he also stood up to him by not having sex with him. Oh no wait that was because Atros’ wife is pregnant. Double that oh no because him refusing sex leads his pimp to attempting to sell him to a man he suspects of physically abusing him. I’d take the deal, it’s better then putting up with that massive smeg-head.

Not really seeing why we should want them to be together.

Art Review

The art is pretty dang good. Great concept of anatomy, good use of lighting, nicely used perspectives, and wonderful backgrounds and environments. Unlike a lot of BL comics they do a decent job at differentiating the chins and body types of the characters. They still fall into a few yaoi art traps. Such as long necks and really distracting overly-feminine characteristics like pouting duck lips and enormous eyelashes.

No this isn’t a horror comic.

However the artists know they’re good and sometimes they’re too flashy about it. Such as over designed outfits, saturated to shit colors, unfaltering use of color theory, overly busy scenery, and even excessive details on minor background objects.

The color wasn’t so bad at the beginning but has gone in a solid ~saturation and clashing~ direction as shown below.

They also have a problem with consistency. Such as fluctuating skin-tones and hair colors of the characters every now and again.

However its pretty good overall.

Author biography

The comic of teahouse is a collaborative work between two ladies, E and CC. E does the lineart, while CC does the coloring and the writing for this story.  Usually they talk as one entity, “Emirian” so it’s hard to differentiate the subtleties between the two, however they both seem to have similar interests and ways of dealing with fans and dissenters.

Don’t let their fangirlish squealing about soap-operas or their own characters fool you, they are both middle aged women who have work/worked in the art field in a professional capacity.

Though a professional position doesn’t not mean one acts professionally.

These ladies do not seem bad at heart. Let’s face it, one of the most irrational and childish fan bases you can build yourself if that of Yaoi so they do deal with some bratty behavior. However…they behave incredibly immature, and shoot themselves in the foot at times when it comes to public image issues.

They have threaten to quit the comic, not over sharp biting criticism of their art or story-telling abilities but over fans complaining they don’t update enough.


Okay that was a bit immature, but they did apologize for it. What do you mean shoot themselves in the foot? First person of color character is a background maid? Let’s make a big deal about it that can’t go wrong!

They seem to believe people who dislike their comic and make fun of it is brutal bullying.

The most telling of this would be how they dealt with fans who have concerns about the content of their work.

When one individual expressed concern about the abusive undertones of a relationship we get, “GIRL, HE LOVES HIM!”

However I’ve saved the most telling for last.

An individual expressed concern for the way a prostitute character had been treated by his John.

That’s right, “It’s not right for him to treat him that way.”SHUT IT! IT COOL CAUSE HE’S HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!”


Baroque spank fodder with no concern for story that should have been set at a middle school gossip club than a Victorian brothel. It’s a very run of the mill yaoi done up like a french whore.

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40 Responses to Site Anniversy!

  1. Skarto says:

    I’m erect. Faps. Faps, I’m erect.

  2. cc says:

    I’m amazed you gave them some mercy regarding the expressions of the characters in the art category. (Reed vs. Rhys) Or how the semes/tops all have the same rough shapes and all the ukes have the same facetypes or the use of anime expressions/cliches (blushmarks). But that might be nit-picky category.

    Also I just realized that Pinky and Pimpy literally have no reason to have conflict in their relationship since Pimpy’s dad APPARENTLY DIED 8 YEARS AGO.

    Anyway, looks pretty sexy there Faps!

    • cc says:

      Oh oh and some of the really blatant and unnecessary copy-pasting panels!

      Actually I’m kind of amazed the sextras weren’t mentioned at all. Is there a reason for that?

    • Hmm well maybe I’ll make a note about how stereotypical yaoi some of the art gets. I made mention of the eyelashes and necks but maybe I should toss in a line about how anybody can take all the blushu, desu, and smolder seriously. Just link to the latest Reed/Rory scene.

      Yeah I don’t know why they’re still ~angstily~ dancing around their relationship for 8 years. Maybe the wife has something to do with it, but I bet his dad had him marry her before he died anyway. Also didn’t stop him from boning Lillith so WELP! Why suddenly when Pimpy kicked out Liard he wanted Pinky booty again? I bet it has something to do with Pimpy just passive aggressively hating Pinky for nearly a decade for sleeping with people besides him….in order to make him money…even though he was sleeping with other people anyway. HOW DARE HEEEEEEEEEEE!

      • cc says:

        But Pimpy is the one who CONVERTED it to a whorehouse! I think he may have even did that after daddy DIED!

        As for the sextras, I mean how weird it is from a comic standpoint where everything is built around sex and porn but the actual sex and porn is behind a paywall while the authors claim they do the comic out of love for the genre when arguably it’s the only real reason why anyone would really want to read TH. It’s certainly not for complex writing and addressing subject matter seriously or a romp in a historically accurate setting.

  3. Wanda says:

    Yaoi fangirl screeds in3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

    Allow myself to be chief editor for a second. It gives my life purpose.

    ride them with greater skill then the jaded prostitutes

    THAN the jaded prositutes, Great line though. Loved it.

    and childish fan bases you can build yourself if that of Yaoi so they do deal with some bratty

    . . . you can build yourself IS that of yaoi. And a-frickin-men, Yaoi fangirls are the WORST.

    The whole thing is spot on. I have my own beefs with it outside of these, but of course we can’t write a book about it, can we? I think Teahouse makes me angrier than any other webcomic because it is wasted talent. At least Kaito Shuno has shitty art with its shitty story. It is wrong to have such artistic talent squandered because no one ever told these authors that they can’t write for shit. CANNOT WRITE. FOR SHIT. Or maybe they can and they just need a competent editor to be all “Uh, what is the point of this character? WE NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN. What is this, The Room?” I have some pretty pointless scenes and characters occasionally, but if someone told me to cut them out, I’d do it. Even if they were MEGA HAWT or something.

    So I have considered writing a silly AU of my characters, in which they all participate in a reality show called “RAINBOW MANSION”, and they all have stereotypical “reality show” personalities, or at least personalities that are so exaggerated that they’re funny. Teahouse characters aren’t “reality show” funny. These characters are just “watch us act like children who fuck one another”. Where is the drunken slut who makes out with everyone in the hot tub and gets bleeped every other word? Where is the nutty one who stalks the people he/she likes and threatens to kill the people s/he hates? Where are all the quirky “challenges” that gives people an excuse to either get naked or fight each other?

    Basically, it’s a reality show in which none of the characters are overly tan, say entirely bleeped out phrases, get super drunk, or walk around with their cooters/penises hanging out. So, uh, basically not a reality show at all.

    • If there is anything you think should be added, feel free to let me know. I don’t mind if its personal nit-picky stuff. I tried to leave out a lot of talk about how eye-roll worthy the desu-stuff is, because I mean there’s nothing necessarily wrong with the ~blushu blushu~ even if me and quite a few others find it annoying. Yet the plot inconsistencies, the poorly constructed setting, and how EVERYBODY is a man child is a problem.

      Dude rainbow mansion sounds awesome! A parody of yaoi and reality TV? YES PLEASE! I’m not a fan of reality TV, but the enjoyment of that comes from how atrociously everybody acts and how OVER THE TOP it is. Like its bad behavior if everybody storms out of discussions, but it’s mind-boggling and strangely hilarious to see somebody try to top “shitting on the rug.” So while it kinda bases the drama-llama aspects on reality TV it doesn’t understand why reality TV is popular. Personally they should have gone down that road more cause the quirky challenges are perfect fun excuses for fan service and sex.

      • Wanda says:

        So my beefs are straight up sexism.

        First off, I have absolutely no problem with feminine male characters. I have a drag queen character and a character I lovingly refer to as my slutty bitch character, both who are feminine and both who are fierce, passionate, strong people. So when I started reading Teahouse, I really wanted to enjoy the more feminine men. Of course, I didn’t, because they are spineless sex dolls with no purpose outside of making us feel bad for them. They have no personality beyond the animu duck face. My making the most useless, meek characters feminine, the authors paint women and the feminine as being useless and meek. They’re our main characters but they don’t DO anything– they have no agency. All actions happen AT them; they create no action of their own. This is the tell-tale sign of a poorly-written character, when they are acted upon but do not act themselves. Yet the men DO things– they sword fight, they run around on horseback in the rain, they choose who to sleep with and how to sleep with them. Even Axis has some agency, as he argues, states his opinion, stands up for what he wants. Rory and Linneus do no such thing. They tolerate what they are told to do and rarely ever argue or fight back. They are doormats.

        Then there’s Claret. Claret is an acceptable woman because she is dumb and cute, and dumb/cute women are not intimidating. She exists solely for comedic punchlines, has no desires or goals of her own, and lives to cater to the sex lives of her coworkers.

        And then there’s Lilith. Lilith is supposed to be a hateful bitch, But the male characters act TEN TIMES WORSE than she ever does, and we’re supposed to LIKE them. Lilith is the only woman who has any desires of her own, who stands her ground, who goes for what she wants, even if those wants are shallow. And she is the “villain” for this. The reason we cannot empathize with her is because she stands in the way of a love interest, automatically labeling her as “bad”. To me, she is the most realistic character, realistically behaving in a way that a sex slave might. She knows that sleeping with the head honcho will get her things, things she might not get otherwise. She knows that if she’s on his good side, that perhaps he won’t throw her over the bridge, so to say. Yet as she manipulates him, she falls for him– understandable, in an enslaved life where love is a luxury they cannot afford.


        I don’t watch reality TV, but it seems incredibly easy to spoof, especially if I already have characters with established personalities. It would be spoofing the reality TV and my characters at the same time. XD No one would shit on the rug though. They’d just get in catfights and drink a lot, aha.

        Teahouse should have just parodied yaoi. WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW, LADIES.

        • cc says:

          I recall that the authors said they are parodying yaoi but then I look at the mess again and just WONDER.

        • By making the most useless, meek characters feminine, the authors paint women and the feminine as being useless and meek.

          THIIIIIIIIIIS!!! You speak so much truth! I love feminine male characters, but it all too frequently just ends up a farce of femininity. If a girl can be into scary movies and video games, why can’t a girly boy be into scary movies and video games? If a girl can wear a dress and kick ass, why can’t a man wear a dress and kick ass? You’re right it’s downright sexist.

          They’re our main characters but they don’t DO anything– they have no agency. All actions happen AT them; they create no action of their own.

          Yeah I’ve made rants about that phenomenon before. I call it, “Doll in a tornado syndrome.” You can’t sympathize with a doll that gets knocked off a shelf if the doll didn’t do something to cause it or do anything to pick itself up again. Rory is like the epitome of that trope. He just does whatever Reed says even though he previously was scared of him, and does nothing about the sister situation.

          Though to be fair we do have Argent and Gloria in the Teahouse universe. However Gloria makes a very reasonable request because she cares about doing good for the two counties but she’s painted as a total ice queen for it. I bet money that plot point is only going to seek to make her look more like a bitch. Argent while a kinda bad ass body guard, really has no agency at all. She has done nothing except pick up after Pimpy thus far.

          Also to be fair the authors don’t really go out of their way to cast these characters in negative lights, but the fans make a mountain out of a mole hill, case in point Pimpy’s wife.

          I’m all for supporting any reality TV show parody goofiness you plan on making! (I’m glad you’re planning to have nobody poop the rug.)

          • Wanda says:

            Yup yup yup. I don’t know where the whole “feminine men are useless” crap comes from, because . . . dude. DRAG QUEENS. When the hell have you seen a drag queen take an insult lying down? They were at the forefront of the gay rights movement. One of the most famous gay rights pictures came from the Stonewall raid: drag queens sitting in the back of a police van. So I just don’t get it. They are some of the fiercest people out there, yet these authors write feminine men like sex dolls. Gross.

            Ha, I like that term. Very accurate. And Rory is the worst. At least Linneus pretends to have a spine every now and then, even though he crumples faster than a used tissue.

            I feel like I haven’t seen enough of Gloria to really get her character. I think she had two pages of dialogue, if that. I’m sure she’s another “Lilith, but RICH. WITH CRAZY HAIR! HA! SO CREATIVE!” I mean, I like her more than Blue Hair, but I think I like almost every character more than Blue Hair. Argent I didn’t count because she hasn’t shown much agency either. I mean, she’s not SUPPOSED to, since she’s a guard and by definition just does what her employer asks. But she doesn’t speak much, so I feel like she’s this shallow “bad ass” character who the authors made female to prove that WIMMINZ R COOL or something. GIRL POWER.

            Ugh, Pimpy’s wife. I was hoping they might be creative bout that but NOPE NEVER. Here’s another ditzy, stupid, child-like woman! Like Claret, but not “fat”! TEEHEE. They only know how to write about five different characters: Asshole, wimpy kawaii desu, ditzy-sweet-and-dumb, bitch. Okay, FOUR. But hey, at least the women have variety! All the masculine characters are straight up assholes! 8D

            Except Gilder. GIVE HIM TIME. HE’LL COME AROUND.

            Thanks! It should provide good times. :D

          • Hell yeah drag queens! I heard a story once about a young guy who was drugged at a gay bar and about to be raped in a car, when a bunch of drag queens saw this, dragged the to-be-rapist out of the car and beat the hell out of him. Fuck yeah drag queens!

            To be fair most drag queens aren’t very feminine by nature but do drag for fun, like a silly persona. Fuck I can’t remember the last time I saw a sassy drag queen in a BL story…hell I hope I’ve at least seen one.

            Admittedly when it comes to pimpy’s wife the authors confessed they like the character, and are annoyed that people demonized her so quickly. I mean the one bratty thing she did was want to spend time with her husband, which he eventually ignored anyway. What a bitch? But yeah she’s still just a vapid giggling girl who doesn’t even dress like she’s an adult.

            Gilder is going to be SOMEWHAT demonized eventually in order to make it look reasonable that pinky will choose pimpy. It’s going to have something to do with Gilder drinking excessively, and possibly Sacha’s ferret stealing his stuff is my bet. Bonus points if Glider pukes on Pinky!

          • wanda says:

            DAMN RIGHT. You don’t pull that shit on their territory, man.

            Hmm, maybe RuPaul has been lying to me then. XD Those men seemed pretty girly, in a “bitch, I will cut you!” kind of way (which is the best way to be on a reality show). I have found no sassy drag queens in BL, at least not any that haven’t further dug themselves into a misogynistic hole. There was one story I’ve found that was amazing; the main character ran a modeling agency, I believe, and wore drag, and he got shit done and took names. It was wonderful. I have not found anything since. :/

            What did they expect from their stupid fangirls? For them to like ANY female character that poses a threat to the TWU LUV of their main couple? Authors, you harvest what you plant. If you don’t want people hating your female characters, stop making stories that cater to the lowest-common denominator of fangirls.

            Maybe Sacha’s crazy FOREIGNER ways will seduce Gilder away from Pinky. Of course I hope he just kidnaps Pinky and takes him to a feminist rally, but I THINK THAT PROBABLY WON’T HAPPEN.

          • Well it depends on the drag queen. From what I’ve seen most are more campy flamboyant than feminine. Those I know in person are pretty regular guys who just do it for a laugh every now and again so my view may not be an average sample. I am no expert on this kind of thing!

            That’s one thing that’s eyeroll worthy about the authors. As I state in the bad comic wiki entry, they make some really stupid mistakes when it comes to public image. They are squealing yaoi fan girls themselves and seem to have been in the fandom for a long ass time. They still seem to be baffled when people don’t love Pimpy. Like maybe it turns out that he’s possessed by Satan or whatever they have planned for him, but how can they be shocked that so far in the story with his shitty behavior not everybody likes him?

            Sacha seducing him away may be part of it, though my money is on Gilder being demonized when it comes to his relationship with Pinky. So those poor fangirls feel less torn.

            Of course I hope he just kidnaps Pinky and takes him to a feminist rally, but I THINK THAT PROBABLY WON’T HAPPEN.

            HAHAHAHA! That would be the best!

          • cc says:


            I’m pretty sure Sacha is supposed to be Glider’s TRU WUV, but then it’ll be OK and CUTE because they’re both guys and AW SACHA JUST WANTS WUV but OMG LILITH and pimpy’s wife still need to GTFO because vaginas are TERRIFYING AND DISGUSTING.

          • Wanda says:

            Yeah, a lot of drag queens just do the campy flamboyant thing while in drag, but some can be pretty damn fierce outside of drag. Hell, my own “drag queen” character isn’t really a drag queen, mostly just genderqueer. But “drag queen” is an easier descriptor that more people understand, so she’ll generally just call herself that so people don’t ask so many questions. GENDER. IT’S FRICKIN’ CRAZY.

            I’ve found that certain communities can really change how you think about the world. Like when you’re an art/English major in college, you think everyone thinks deeply about everything and that everyone is liberal and doesn’t make sexist/racist/homophobic jokes, and you’re like “OH THE WORLD IS AWESOME” but then you get back to the real world and you’re like “I HATE EVERYONE”. Yeah, that’s definitely not based on my own experiences. >_> So surrounding yourself with yaoi fangirls probably really warps your view on how you see the real world. Things like consent and rape just aren’t talked about or discussed in an intelligent manner, so you just start assuming that they aren’t serious. These authors need to spend some time on feminist blogs. Their attitudes would change REAAAAAL quick. Or they should go to art school. It’s basically the same thing.

            Of course he has to be demonized. I’m sure it’s what’s going to happen, cuz God forbid anyone treat Pinky like a human being with worth. :/ And God forbid there be any emotional complexity to how relationships work.

  4. karti says:

    Those links served to remind me how I preferred the art and especially colors in the beginning :( I have no idea WHAt happened but damn that Rory before/after is eyesearing.

  5. wanderingaddict says:

    of all things you could link to, how could you NOT link to the plastic trashbags when referencing anachronisms??

    • wanderingaddict says:

      also, Linneaus knows Atros’s wife only has one friend: him, sooo… yeah, dick move

      • Shan says:

        I don’t know why she only has one friend. She’s sweet (from what we see of her).

        But, yes, I agree with everybody’s praise on this. Good job, Faps.

        The only criticism I can think of is to link to some examples of the bad art bits like Axis’ outfit when Rory’s sister arrived or Blondie’s weird kimono-thing. That’s about it.

        Also congrats on the anniversary.

        • I’m surprised she’s not friends with Claret. It seems as if those two would get along swimmingly.

          Thank you!

          Maybe I should do show examples of over designed outfits and objects like Axis’ or Blondie’s but really…..anything that pinky wears.

          • karti says:

            “Why [female character in Teahouse] [something that makes no sense] instead of [something that makes sense]?”

            Lady character in poorly written yaoi. That’s the only explanation we get and “need.”

          • Shan says:

            You’re right! They would get along. She’d probably like Mercutio as well. I’m sad they aren’t friends now.

            The two major examples I remembered were Axis and Blondie but a mini-collage could work. And don’t forget those maid dresses.

            Freely granted. I’ll check out the full article once it’s all jump. You did a really great job on it.

    • I figured it was just that one page and wanted to point out Axis cause he’s a main bloody character. However they are an excellent example. I think I may add them!

      • wanderingaddict says:

        but it’s just so indicative of the total ignorance of the comic! halls are drawn as though they’re lit with electricity and not candles, streets are empty and HUGE as though they’re made for cars? hint: why would you have sidewalks if this is a world where 98.9% of people walk everywhere?? gaaaaaaah these things frustrate me so much

        • wanderingaddict says:

          wait, waaaiiit, they do have electricity? I… I mean there’s a desk lamp on Atros’s desk. and lamps all over. apparently they do have electricity? but, like, not telephones? which came out at about the same time? like, I get that this isn’t a perfect analogue to victorian times but god damn, just because you don’t think of it as victorian era doesn’t mean it’s not.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            and every other god damn logic-fail this fucking comic has, like 2 total female whores. TWO!! of what, SEVEN TOTAL??? THAT”S how man whores this “brothel” has??? they have more SERVANTS than whores! what the fuck! gaaaaaaaah raaaaaagrgh faps god damnit

          • Also a total of 7 whores can sustain the that mansion full of people who live at the establishment? Do they pay the maids? They don’t pay the prostitutes!

            Also Atros seems to be working all the time when really what more do you have to do than, Scheduling, basic budget, and maybe advertising? Though I doubt they advertise, most prostitutes will show off their wares around town, or do some kind of performances to entice people.

            They just has them sit around the house waiting for people to show up and fuck them.

            He even pawns off the scheduling to Claret cause he can’t be bothered.
            Like honestly I’ll bet my last dollar a big part of Pimpy’s angst is that the mansion is majorly in debt, cause of his mean daddy! Though with the way he runs it no fucking wonder he can’t crawl out of the hole. Break doors, break lamps, ruin prostitute’s clothing, ridiculous amount of baking supplies only to be wasted. ARGH TEAHOUSE!!!!!!!!

          • wanderingaddict says:

            congrats on the 1 year anniversary btw :P

  6. Mia says:

    I noticed “Hey now Fapsy, writing characters as perfect angles is boring! ”
    Is it ‘angels?’

    Other than that yup, teahouse.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Article was pretty great, I think it really accurately describes the comic.

    Just a few things about the artwork section though: what did you mean by “unfaltering use of color theory”, and do you think you should mention the distracting sexualizing of butts and shit during emotional scenes?

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