Update for 3/24/13!

ALL SFW! Mr. Anderson is going to be so MAD star Rapist!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Pure heartless Rape Dance

Star Rapist

Fun Fact: I was going to go with Mrs. Anderson but then I remembered no girls in Starfighter lol.

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16 Responses to Update for 3/24/13!

  1. RC says:

    And suddenly, for the sake of buttsex, out of nowhere a submissive fighter? Fuck you consistency! You have no part in my plot!

    • Oh hey look they’re breaking stereotypes! …. okay actually they’re only breaking a stereotype they set up for their own universe he’s still ukey pukey in love with Cain.

      • RC says:

        I was pegging him to be one of those oily obsessive little rat like creepers. I would be disappointed if I had any expectations.

        Clearly those Navigators are the bad bad guys instead of the endearing sexy bad guys.

        Need to stop avoiding and write my whore house comic. Write it first- draw it/find an artist later. -_- *desk head slam*

        • RC says:

          I am working on character and world information so it’s not like I’m not *not* doing anything productive…

          • Shan says:

            Character and world information are the most important bits. You can’t start writing a story if you haven’t got the world sorted… well you can a bit but the world would evolve during the writing.

            Best of luck.

  2. Shan says:

    This is one of those “this could be interesting” moments. The whole navi-fighter relationship being switched here and all of that.

    The script is really letting the idea down here. The navigator’s lines aren’t so bad but Abel is acting like a child. It’s hard to tell if that’s what it’s supposed to look like.

    • cc says:

      They’re all acting like children except when it comes to the sex, then they act like unrestrained teens.

      Though this WHOLE SETUP is stupid because why the fuck is there color-coded seating anyway? What’s the point in an inherently collaborative fighting force? The funny part is that this exact same situation could be done but with “specific fighter and nav pairs HAVE to sit together” but that can’t be done because then we can’t have Abel showing off his “how to keep your man” lines or Cain finally having a “good side” shown off by giving a shit about emo’s wellbeing. Funny he can’t show that same “kindness” to Abel what what the fuck ever.

      And I swear those are the same catty Navs from way before.

      • Shan says:

        I’m pretty certain those are the two navigators from the lift from way back.

        The segregation is pretty demented. If it had some purpose in a screwed up society (like racial segregation way back when) then it would have a bit of logic to it.

        Your idea of pairs having to eat together would work definitely – the background would only need minor changes so it would turn into a “teamwork is the only thing that’s keeping you alive” sort of thing.
        Abel would still be able to keep his “how to keep your man” lines if he ate with Cain but next to whatshisname and Praxis was missing. Praxis not being there for the meal would have more weight and Cain could still drag in whatshisname and the rule breaking would be more obvious.

        I’m curious on what scale this other fighter is whipped by the navigator. You’d think he’d be hanging around with him more. I suppose the navigator told him to piss off and he went to Cain for some reason.

        • cc says:

          You’re right it would be more interesting/logical with your take on it.

          I find it a little odd that the other fighter is so whipped because I vaguely recall him nearly shivving another fighter? Maybe he has some weird S&M contract with his Nav.

          Actually the more I think about it, why is Praxis avoiding what could possibly be his scheduled meal for the day? I doubt the cafeteria is open outside of a scheduled time and they’re on a ship so…. argggggh thinking about this just bothers me more.

    • I’m pretty sure Abel is supposed to be all SASSY AND COOL, even though his dialog screams, “Oh my god, where is your hall monitor badge? OH SNAP YOU DON’T HAVE ONE THEREFORE YOU’RE NOT A HALL MONITOR THEREFORE YOU CAN’T BOSS ME AROUND YOU PEE PEE HEAD!”

  3. Wanda says:

    I don’t get the fourth panel. I don’t get how it went from ” I don’t remember you being in charge!” to “You always have to be the center of attention.” That’s like a dialogue in which one person says, “I like dogs. Dogs are my favorite animal” while the other replies “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO CONCEITED!?”

    Also, I’m sure all the fangirls are like “OMG, Cain’s gonna kick some ass yayayayayay!” Because clearly when Cain beats the shit out of someone for touching his “property” he’s being loving/protective. He couldn’t, ya know, just be loving and protective without all the bullshit posturing.

    I really hate worlds that cater to kinks. I am totally 100% fine with kink and power play, but I hate it when someone tries to make a “serious” story in which all the characters behave in ways that cater to a kink, instead of just acting that way in the bedroom (or dungeon, or whatever). Like in stories were slaves are just A-OK with their slavery cuz they enjoy being bossed around. YEAH THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE.

    Anyway, Hamlet, your story would be fine if all this power play/posturing crap just happened in private while everyone was cool and tight when they had to do their frickin’ job.

    • Like in stories were slaves are just A-OK with their slavery cuz they enjoy being bossed around. YEAH THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE.

      GOD EXACTLY!!!!

      I think it would be a much more sex positive way to deal with stories if the kinks were accepted into the bedroom but not bleed out into the outside world. There is this weird disconnect where someone can’t just like rough sex. To show rough sex it tends to be dub/non-con. Or that nobody roleplays in the bedroom, whether for a kink or for shits and giggles. How people act in their daily lives is USUALLY not how they like sex. People can have say a foot fetish, but realize it is not appropriate to attempt to lick every person’s foot who passes by, for fucks sake.

      I’ve had a storyline in my head for awhile of a new person working at a brothel, and a client comes in who is very into being submissive. The new sex worker really enjoys these interactions. One day the sex worker sees their client in public, and tries to treat them in a dominant manner. The client is appalled, they are in public with friends and they utterly humiliate the sex worker for assuming they want to be treated this way outside the brothel. I think it’s a poignant way to break that stereotype and for the sex worker to realize how little power they ACTUALLY have over their clients.

      • Wanda says:

        I love your storyline. It’d be awesome to read more of that stuff. I have one couple that has some power play and honestly, the “sub” is a chubby dude with a beard and no one ever guesses he’s like that behind closed doors cuz, ya know, he has a personality beyond his sex life, as well as a body type beyond his sexual preferences (try finding a sub in a story that’s not 5’4″ and 110 pounds. HA). If anyone treated him like his partner treats him in the bedroom, he’d probably kick their ass. :/

        This whole “world catering to kink” thing may be happening because of sex negativity. Since people don’t see healthy, consensual kinky relationships in real life, they have to create worlds that vaguely cater to the kink without straight up being “Hey, this is a story about BDSM in space”. Because the latter would be taboo. I understand there’s some draw in the “danger” of it all, but healthy relationships can still be exciting. I’ve read some damn good BDSM stories in which both partners enjoyed it and it was still dangerous and edgy and hot. And I’m not even INTO BDSM.

        • I’d love to see that too! I personally find a wide variety of body types attractive, and in yaoi you get one, “Skinny.” Also I hate the idea of Well if they’re a sub they’re into ANYBODY treating them like that. If somebody is into public sex will they be okay with ANYBODY just coming up to them and banging them against the wall? I DON’T THINK SO!

          I’m not REALLY into BDSM either but I wish it was more common to treat it like two people who aren’t emotionally damaged enjoying it without all the domineering posturing outside the bedroom. Also if there could be none of that problematic, sub is being exploited nonsense that’d be awesome. I’ve read/watched a few good stories that avoids all that, I just wish more people would break these stereotypes.

          • wandaw says:

            Yeah, it’d be great to see more weight variations and, of course, more race variations in BL. You get white skinny dudes, the end.

            The best consensual power play I’ve read about is in Ckingsbridge’s Close Protection But it probably is the best in my mind because it includes a power bottom, which is really frickin’ rare, especially in well-written D/S smut. But there are safewords! And lives beyond fucking! And careers that aren’t seen as secondary to fucking! Amazing! There was an AU fanfic I read a while ago that was really good too, but I don’t know what it’s called, and if I knew anything about Supernatural, I think it would have ruined it for me. XD

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