Update for 4/23/13!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Pure heartless Rape Dance

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  1. wanderingaddict says:

    hahaha oh I get it now – Kaito Rapo is a comedy about how AngelPerez knows nothing about men and apparently has never met one either!

    • Anonymous says:

      The ‘I’m-hetero-but-suddenly-fell-for-a-guy’ is a typical yaoi cliche bullshit. In fact… that type of guy is pretty much in each of those more cliche yaoi mangas- usually middle-aged, company employer (I’m sensing strong Junjou vibes here, could it be, that AngelPerez was inspired by that masterpiece of nosence?). Seriously,a hetero whois sexually frustrated about one guy- that’s impossible.

      Also, by looking at this page I realised, that yaoi is a bunch of (nonsensual) plot clitches- it’s like a bingo game. There are some scenes, that speak to yaoi fangirls and no matter how illogical the plot is or how many times they saw the same scenario in yaoi mangas- it will still give them ‘kawaii’ vibes for some reason. Don’t know why. Wish someone could analise those yaoi plots, cliches focusing on fangirls psychological reactions. I mean: there are so many girls who like that kind of plot, mayby it has an explanation? Or psychological reason? Or is it just a big mistification?

      • I wouldn’t be surprised that Junjou influenced AngelPerez. She has copped to several really god awful yaois being her favorites however. Which include, “Don’t you have anything better to do than fall in love with me?” and “The Tyrant Falls in love.”

        Like I get that its romantic yet implausible for a person to fall in love outside their sexual orientation, I can deal with that trope if they make efforts to explain it. What doesn’t count as attempting to explain a sexual/romantic exception? I saw him crying it was kinda hot. Though they make another stab at it later, but I’m throwing that at the bottom under SPOILERZ!

        Wish someone could analyze those yaoi plots, cliches focusing on fangirls psychological reactions.

        That is an interesting subject! I’m tempted to write a bit on that, unless anybody else wants to hop on it.

        One reason given for Colt sexual attraction to Kaito is that Kaito looks like his deceased wife. Yet Colt goes on to nearly bang a dude who is his FBI partner during a red light. If I went into how many ways none of that makes sense I’d be typing straight into next week.

        • Wanda says:

          If you want to write about fangirls and psychological reactions to yaoi, I’d love to read it. There’s a lot of fuckery going on there, but I think that’s the state of romance in general. I mean, look at the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey. It’s just a fucking atrocity.

        • cc says:

          I’d look forward to whatever you wrote about the “plots” of yaois. Though most of them seem to just be the same things from het romance or whatever. Most of the “but I thought you were straights” would fall under the “love knows no boundries” or some shit.

          Hell the TH people said the reason why Pimpy is STRAIGHT but “loves” Pinky (by being an utter ASS to him) is because he ~loves him as a person~.

          And obviously when you love someone, the highest, purest and most kawaii form of expressing it is SEXUALLY.

      • Shan says:

        “it’s like a bingo game”

        Now that you mention it.


        I’ve left a bunch of the ones I was unsure of blank. I’m pretty sure there’s a rain scene but I can’t separate one page from another when it comes to Kaito.

        • There was a scene in the rain, it’s coming up actually.

          Though there has also been through the course of this story:

          Seme licks fingers
          Wall pin
          And what is this strange feeling.

          Not sure if steak chin would count, or oddly drawn feet cause the art is just MEH!

    • “Clearly if women react to crying friends by trying to comfort them, men must react by switching around their sexual orientation! It’s not as if men have anything in common with women or behave outside my sexual fantasies!” Said AnelPerez as she broke the universe’s logic barrier.

      • wanderingaddict says:

        haha wow you guys wrote a lot (that was accurate) but also like totally not even what I was mad about? I was just pissed that A) uke is sitting how women sit in Japan (stereotypically “female” posture, I mean), is sitting like he’s wearing a miniskirt and/or doesn’t have balls, etc., and B) he… god he fucking hugs the guy the exact way female friends I’ve deeply comforted hug me; not the way men who are casual acquaintances hug when one is like “Derp, buck up buddy!”

        I mean, christ, he cheered you up a little not talked you out of depression or comforted you after your father died, uke. I’m just always, always so amazed at how writers can project their own gender onto an opposite-gendered character.

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