Update for 5/3/13!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Pure heartless Rape Dance

Prostitutes r’ Us

Out of the top things not to tell your partner when he tells you his parents are dead ; Tellingl him it explains his gutter-ass has got to be at LEAST 3 if not 2 or 1.

On a more fun note, the Bat-bummer signal can come out of YOUR ass if you believe enough!

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  1. karti says:

    Ahh yes there was no rape because Axis CHOSE TO BE a PROSTITUTE right so he was totally aware this would happen and stuff no rape right? RIGHT?


    There is something uncanny in the last panel. Also when I went to check the original page on TH site I kept seeing Blue-y seme-ys arm not as arm but as a part of his body and he looked seriously hilarious like that in the second last panel.

    This page is just so bland I can’t even get worked up about it. It’s just fanservice (“LOOK NAKED MUSCLEY CHESTS!!!”) thinly veiled in “OOH BACKSTORY that actually came as no surprise and didn’t really say anything”

    • Even though Axis has explicitly stated he’s straight and never wanted to sexually serve men, because he got into the prostitution game it’s HIS FAULT for not seeing he’d have to get it in the ass.

      It’s one thing to choose a job but one should have good working conditions, and I’m not talking that they have chandeliers and shit, but rather that bouncers prevent them from being beat up, they don’t have to serve people they don’t want to, and you know… GET PAID?

      • RC says:

        When I first started reading TH, I admit that projected a good chunk of my “sex-worker ideal” (if you want to call them that) on to the comic.

        In that they had decent working conditions, they weren’t being beaten up (except during rough sex that they were consenting to), they could pick their clients for the most part and that their employer actually CARED about their health/well being.

        Axis and Blue-dick’s interactions COULD have been sexy and an interesting character interaction (in that Axis was saying those things and doing those actions because, well, some clients LIKE that kind of stuff (as well as some people LIKE having that done to them) and he’s an ass with possibly a heart of gold).

        Blue dick’s personality could have gone through a learning phase as he was using Axis to do things and be interacted with in ways he can’t in his life. That can CHANGE a person, make them think and view things in a different light after a while. It can help them become a better person- or make them uncomfortable because suddenly they have “feels” when they didn’t before and they are not overly pleased with this change.

        And it could have also highlighted that under all his bad boy ass-ness Axis is actually a lot smarter and aware than people assume with just meeting him and pretty damn good at his job.

        (not gonna lie- I was honestly expecting the above to ring true when I first started reading the comic).

        BUT they, the writers and artist failed to make that clear though their interactions and dialog that that was going on. Keeping up with the 50 Shades references, they went the 50′s path of piling on a lot of shit they half assed researched through Google, fanfics and other yaois.

        Instead of their actions speaking for their words, they expect their words to speak for their actions and their actions contradict their words.

        So instead of some pretty awesome story telling, we just have a trope-tastic program reenforcing shaming, hating and rape culture mindsets.

        • I agree, I was very hopeful at the beginning of the comic. Though the wacky animu “forced gay sex PTSD” on the first few pages should have been a HUGE warning sign.

          I’m annoyed as to why they didn’t make the setting at least NOT sexual slavery. I’m guessing their reasons for this include the following:

          1.) Axis is not going to WILLINGLY find out he likes it in the butt.
          2.) We don’t want Pinky to ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO leave Pimpy if he wanted to.

          Possibly more than just those two, but I can’t think of any others at the moment. Either way it’s stupid. Yeah I don’t even know if I want to say it had potential anymore. I just think I’d like to see more well done comics about sex work and projected too much on Teahouse.

          • RC says:

            Yes. Starved for well done sex work comics to the point of optimism and projecting That’s it exactly.

            I’m hash out an out line/world information and character ideas at the moment. I’ll probably be sending you an email for advice. Soon as I stop running in circles, obsessing and panicking.

          • Haha take your time, I’d love to give you some advice. If you want I can share it with other folks who follow this blog if you want more than one opinion.

  2. Anonymous says:

    haha, someone said, tha the shading ‘is beautiful’. No it’s not. Actually, it’s too much of it + TH pages started to look too bright. My eyes hurt from looking at them.

    Also, the story startes to be even more awful. I think you could post a screenshoot with fans reactions to each panel, cause nobody here is going to believe, that there is a bunch of girls who are fangirling about those two and ship them now like crazy completly ignoring the fact, Rhys just called Axis a whore. His expression says ‘you’re worthless, so nobody cares about your past’. And how does it work, anyway? Rhys can whine and act immature, leaving his sister alone cause buuuu he’s so alone and sad and his father is dying, but Axis hasn’t got any right to be upset.

    And as you pointed out at the rif- CC and E not only use the seme-uke sheme, they also make this showinistic statement: female role=slut, male role=I can do what I want.

    • Yeah like at every turn Rhys slut shames people. He even did it to Lilith at the way beginning of the book.

      The authors were probably going for a, “Look at that joking hypocrite for calling others a slut when he’s the real slut!” Yet it is inherently problematic not just because of the male/female roles but because Axis is a slave, and Rhys is an aristocrat. Rhys is allowed to fuck tons of people with impunity, including forcing others to submit to him, but Axis for trying to earn a living when he potentially had no other options is SHAMEFUL AND DISGUSTING!

      At first I thought the authors were trying to emphasizes that the richie riches were dicks, but really I think they just have no fucking concept of class…like at all. So they assume that their relationships are inherently equal, that it’s OKAY for Rhys to attempt to beat up Axis, control him, and ~joke~ about him being a whore cause Axis can be mean to him sometimes too lol.

      Christ that line pissed me off SO MUCH!

  3. RC says:

    POINTS for 50 Shades call out! I’m surprised TH writers haven’t worked in some kind of 50 Shades fan girl squeal shout out in their roll over text or what ever.

    I feel that this is them trying to back peddle and go “no, no- we have plot and character development! Look! Let us TELL you all about it! Trust us, we’re writing this shit.” ^_-

    But really, all I can hear is the song “It’s too late to apologize”.

    Not a fan of how suddenly Red’s body shaped changed to be more femmy.

    I mean, Wet Moon’s characters body shapes changed DRASTICALLY thorough the story- true, and one can even argue that one particular character changed in a rather negative way -BUT!- Wet Moon also went a few years between books so the artist more or less had to re-learn to draw the characters all over each time and characters do what they want when you don’t draw them consistently. Does not excuse the drastic change in the character- but it does explain it.

    What the hell is TH’s reason? They got tired of drawing MEN looking like MEN, got an art degree or what? Art was better in the first two books is all I’m saying.

    • I’m with you I bet E and CC are fans of 50 shades of grey. I saw E.L James’ twitter the other day and she speaks JUST LIKE the gals of Teahouse speak complete with “squees!”

      Haha I feel like they think they’re clever for sneaking in some character back-story but really can’t keep it in their pants, since this whole page is fan-service nothing more.

      • RC says:

        I thought fan-service was suppose to be teasing and arousing. Or maybe I’ve just upped my dosage/expectations and have “ruined” myself for the “lighter” stuff. I’m going with “TH does not know what it is they are doing.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to suggest you Faps making an psychological experiment: creating a yaoi story with ridiculous plot and as many cliches you can put there and see people’s reaction…, but I already know how this would end so there’s no point, I guess- you’d become a popular webcomic creator and nobody would even see the sarcasm behind this project. By the way, you know why The Young Doyler was flamed by weeboo fandom? She made them believe her story is yaoi and than disappointed them. Her story is controversial but realistic and I like it. She even created a map of Knights Errant’s world. Teahouse can’t even make a good character descriptions.

    • cc says:

      Not to knock Doyler’s writing but even her characters suffer from how the baggage of the characters’ history nearly outweighs the actual characters’, well, character. Her response to the flaming/backlash (as far as I can tell) is that she disabled comments entirely on her webcomic. While that’s her choice that isn’t precisely addressing the problem.

      She’s a lovely person for the most part but there are parts of her writing that could use work and while her reaction is well within her rights it’s not necessarily the greatest rebuttal nor is KE necessarily setting the standard for a good webcomic (writingwise, she’s a pretty damn good artist). At least not yet (in terms of writing), part of the problem is that it’s on hiatus and only barely got around to it’s premise.

      Again, Doyler is a wonderful person but I’d be lying if I personally felt she was a great writer, certainly better than TH but let’s not insult Doyler with the comparison.

      • Anonymous says:

        If it comes to comment issiue I don’t know what I would do in the situation like this. On one side, KE involves delicate themes and Doyler was tired of repetidely saying the same thing over and over (I read some really nasty comments from people), but on the other side, she kind of got what she wanted- I mean, she wanted to troll yaoi fangirls (as she said herself)and when your comic has its adverts on internet ‘gems’ like Starfighter, you should expect underage yaoi weeboos.

        That’s only my opinion, but I think, she should clearly say who is who in this comic. Not every person who reads her story had contact with queer people and it’s not a reason to be mad at them. And I was at first confused myself who is who- the whole chapter 3 seemed to be written quickly like she wanted to uncover too many secrets in one chapter. It makes the comic a little unbalanced and confuses the reader. Still, I like her writting and drawing style and I agree- she’s a really nice person. I read some of her explanations about history of KE world, religion etc. She puts some effort int this story and I like that.

        • cc says:

          That’s the gamble with writing, you have to buck-up when people challenge your writing, even if they’re just fruitlessly bashing their ignorant heads into a wall because they’re just that stupid. It’s not easy and that comes with the territory, I personally wouldn’t have simply -shut off all means of communication- with readers if I were (well, am) doing a webcomic.

          Yes there were nasty comments and some of those people were real shitbags, but (from what I saw) some people genuinely wanted to learn more or fix their mistakes and I feel like shutting down the comments section was kind of a slap in the face for them too.

          But, ah well, her sandbox, her rules.

          Here’s hoping there can be similar quality or even better comics to fill the void for you and the internet.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            ooooh okay, wow I’m glad I was able to read the comments you guys have about KE. I tried to get into it but it was so random and had nonstop backplot and these characters that didn’t like each other (and I had no reason to like) and kept switching to the most random scenes… I didn’t know it was meant to just troll yaoi girls.

          • Anonymous says:

            Well, trolling wasn’t the only message. Its trying to tell a story about transexual man and woman who identyfies herself as woman but choose to live as a man. I think it’s a quite good comic, but shows too much hatred towards men.

          • cc says:


            IMO, I don’t think it’s necessarily a hatred of men, I think it’s a problem of author vs audience and discerning speculation from malice.

            She wanted people to believe Oz is trans* -completely by choice- and while some were utter dickheads about the reveal, there were some readers who were (IMO, understandably) asking if maybe this identity was at all tied to how the setting is incredibly and cripplingly sexist (off the top of my head there really is only one named female character of importance to the story and I recall that the setting is intentionally skewed so that women pretty much have no rights). Some were also suggesting that the identity swap was actually Oz assuming his dead brother’s identity, and being completely honest, I feel this is an alright thing to speculate given that the character has more than his share of emotional and psychological trauma.

            Doyler’s handling of their reactions bordered too close to TH’s author’s reactions: that the audience is wrong and malicious/ignorant for speculating based on what the comic was showing.

            (Disclaimer, I know I’m not informed enough BUT-) Even today in a slowly progressing sttate, there are some people who stick to being identified
            by others as men because it gives them more safety or speaking ability (such as over the internet) to stand some sort of ground due to how sexism is still very much a thing.

            I also speak from knowing that there are parts of the world where females may publicly give up their identity as being female in order to assume the name and mantle of males to preserve their property and baseline rights. (They are also stripped of some rights as well despite being recognized in society as male, such as being unable to marry or adopt children and some other rights.) Now, I personally see this “conditional” identification as different and conveys a much different message from what Doyler was probably trying to achieve or maybe that is what she was trying to make comparisons of? I have no idea.

            But regardless, I feel like her reaction did not help what could have been her message (not so much that the comic is supposed to be a 101 story of trans* characters) but that a good story of trans* characters can exist. But due to how it’s framed (setting wise and how the character already has a heavy history) there is enough for the audience to speculate that the character is trans* possibly due to psychological trauma from the world, his family OR BOTH instead of Doyler’s Word-of-God that regardless of all external factors, Oz is trans*.

            TL;DR: Doyler tried really hard to have more variety in characters but this somewhat backfired due to the context she tried to place it in. Some readers were dickholes about it but Doyler didn’t really react in the best way (IMO). I have a lot of opinions and I do feel that readers speculating the character in question’s psychology IS justified given the setting and history that the readers were given.

          • cc says:

            Also sorry about the derail, Faps and others, sometimes I just OPINIONS too hard.

          • Don’t apologize! While it was off topic, it was good to see that discussion unfold.

            Maybe I should make a forum where we can all bitch maturely debate why certain comics are good/bad or what makes good writing.

    • I’ve considered it. I have been tossing around an idea for a yaoi parody about humanized versions of the fortune 400 companies, but I haven’t put in enough effort for it to take off yet.

      I’m not surprised Doyler was flamed, I respect them for doing a bit of the fangirl troll. Their story has been improving, but they’re not a great writer quite yet but parts of their comic I enjoy, and I wish them the best.

      • Anonymous says:

        I read about a story like this, actually! (I think it was from your tumblr but I’m not certain) It was a woman forced to work as a prostitute for this mob boss, he’s threaten her rape her pistolwhip her blackmail the works, and all the readers swooned about how romantic it was and he just had to overcome his inner demons. They were really sad when she got out at the end and the author was like “I know I wrote this as a social experiment but WOW what is wrong with all of you”

        • Tiamat says:

          So basically the whole “what if the abused character was a woman” rebuttal would completely fail on these people. Good to know, now I know in advance that I can just skip to the “what the everfucking shit is wrong with you guys”.

          • cc says:

            The lesson here is that “romance” is a fucking weird category in fiction sometimes and it’s baffling what readers will let characters get away with.

        • You’re right! It is by Wanda who is a regular here (if you can’t tell.) I had it on my tumblr but for the life of me can’t find it at the moment sorry! I believe it was called the “King and the Courtesan”?

  5. cc says:

    Oh TH, your only talent lies in somehow managing to somehow always top yourself in how bad each scene is!

    Seriously, how do they do it? How do they find even shittier and dumber ways of characters interacting?

    What kind of hamfisted backstory is this? This is somehow worse than an infodump or textwall. The TONE is dead and keeps rotting. We’ll have to change the saying from “Quit beating the dead horse” to TONE.

    Honestly the dialogue feels like it should be swapped. Is that the point? Is that the “BIG SUBTLE THING”?

    • RC says:

      This scene could have been good. If the tone still had a pulse, or (better) if it was active and thriving.

      This could have been sexy even. But no. So next scene will be Pink and or Pimp next? Cuz we are due for a switch.

      • My bet is Claret (the eternal cock-block) is going to burst in now to let Rhys know his dad is dead. Might end with the end of that scene, or might sneak Glider showing up drunk as Rhys is leaving.

        For an interesting plot-twist they PROBABLY won’t use is Remi pretends to be a prostitute and takes Glider’s business before Pinky knows what’s what. For an infuriating add-on Pinky gets offended he picked a different prostitute, HOW DARE U CHEAT ON ME TOO!!!

  6. Moon says:

    … ignoring everything else that is wrong with this scene (because, let’s face it, it’s already been said) did Rhys just throw a lit cigarette casually over his shoulder?

    Wouldn’t it be the funniest thing if that cigarette set fire to a curtain, thus killing everyone in the brothel in firey doom? *happy sigh* A girl can dream…

  7. Anonymous says:

    …still 0 knowledge about sex workers.
    1. Yes, prostitute can be a victim of rape as any other person.
    2. After so much time in the brothel Axis would probably fell into routine, he probably won’t be like ‘I do it cause I like it lol’. He would treat it as normal work and would bitch about it as anyone complains about their work
    3. *tries not to scream* Fantasy is based on reality. Fantasy is based on reality, you can’t throw everything into your comic and call it Victorian. XIX century cigaretts, plastic bags, paper money, sweet lolitas and punks, did I miss something?
    4. Dear Emirian, I think you mistake brothel with lonley souls club. Here, girl with the biggest breasths is considered the worst and a fetish guy who, what a surprise, looks appropriate for the brothel is also a low-earner. How?

  8. wanda says:

    Some people think Axis looks more feminine, which I personally don’t see. I actually think he’s the go-to template as “super sexy dude”, which includes ~*~perfectly defined abs~*~ with zero body hair and not a single characteristic flaw or unique feature. I also don’t think it’s particularly useful to complain about the characters “changing”, because as an artist and a writer, I watch my own characters change and grow and come into their own throughout the years. It happens, and I think it’s something good, because the more time you spend with a character, they better they will become.


    Seriously, their characters just get shittier in both appearance and personality. If anything, they are bigger cardboard cut-outs than they were when they started. At least they were silly caricatures before. Now they’ve moved beyond caricatures and have simply become awful, dislikable people.

    This reminds me of that schtick young authors often do. They want people to feel sorry for their main character, so they off that character’s parents and paint it as some great tragedy. But you know, losing your parents doesn’t make your life instantly tragic. There are people who have both parents, parents who are decent, and yet they’re doing meth in a back alley with a guy named Trax. You make your characters sympathetic by showing how their past affects them. And you don’t show it in a single scene. You drop hints in many so that when people finally know the truth they think, “OH. That makes so much SENSE. It explains that shitty behavior!”

    I’m going to start a book called “Why Teahouse Authors Suck at Writing” and it’s going to have a bajillion chapters, the last one being “fuck all of you, I hate you so much”, because that’s the biggest reason why they suck.


    • Discordia says:

      If you ever write this book – I want a signed copy.

      Also – marry me. You’re perfect.

      • Wanda says:


        Sure! That way, when we’re eighty sittin’ on the porch, we can still reflect over how much this webcomic sucked. OH THE MEMORIES.

    • I would like to contribute writing to the “Why Teahouse Authors Suck at Writing.”

      I will name my chapter, “I can’t believe you two are fucking serious…like you’re fucking serious aren’t you?”

  9. wanderingaddict says:

    I… … they actually try to have a little heart to heart after sex in what could be the first scene where they don’t just grunt and pound each other (with fists or with cocks) and the authors have Rhys pull alpha male bullshit??? and then the alttext even says “dead parents = instaboner?” ???? ?? complete with questionmark included as though even the authors themselves are confused by this?? what the fuck???? how… haha I’m just at a complete loss for words!

    • Wanda says:

      But to have EMOTIONS is to be a WOMAN, and you know how these girls feel about women . . .

      Oh wait, there’s Pinky and redheaded dude. Well, okay, you’re only allowed to feel emotions if you’re a scrawny girly boy. MANLY MEN NEVER FEEL EMOTIONS, EVER.

      • wanderingaddict says:

        hahaha oh damn! and these are two dudes so of course they don’t know an emotional moment if it bit them in the ass right? and instead they just both want to fuck 24/7 with no thought to anything else because AXIS IS A MAN too since this is their “bara” couple – haha oh it’s funny how insightful that comment is to the entire comic. every single character that’s stuck a dick (or a dildo) in someone else is a sexaholic domineering fiend, while if you get it stuck in you (maybe add the caveat of “”willingly”" (extra quotes for sarcasm)), you’re clearly an overemotional twat who wilts and falls over at the slightest sight of anything whatsoever.

        • wanda says:

          It’s a common symptom. Everyone knows that once women (or girly boys) get a penis put in them, they faint and need the smelling salts. Penises sap all strength (and personality) from you, where as vaginas suck up all the penis’s emotions and keep them for itself. It’s why women are so emotional. They get both the man’s AND the woman’s feelings.

          I don’t get it, cuz to me, nothing is hotter than a sweet, affectionate burly dude. Like, that’s the DEFINITION of sexy.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            hahaha, hahaha A for awesome!

          • Though if you get a penis in you pooter it also fixes all of your previous problems, but only if you keep on getting that penis!

            And may I give a Hell yeah to sweet burly dudes! I have always had a weakness for gentle giant characters.

          • cc says:

            2nding this affection for nice bears :)

            GOLLY I wish I was told this about penises and vags in MY sex ed course!

      • wanderingaddict says:

        interestingly this also fits with Claret being so resilient and cheerful (since she never gets anything stuck in her) and Lilith being over emotional and week because her vagina, too, has fallen into despair over… *sigh* being in lover with a man who cheats on his wife with her (understandable because his wife looks like she’s 12 and he’s probably scared he’ll go to hell as a pedo), but he’s also yearning for another prositute because he can’t get enough/keep it in his pants. Atros, meanwhile, just sticks it in people and is only ever frustrated/experiences emotion when denied sex and/or control (re: same thing for him???).

      • wanderingaddict says:

        wow, suddenly my line of reasoning reached whole new levels of unpleasant. you know, like when you suspect an odor is something gross, and then you actually open the restroom stall to see feces smeared on everything and the whole toilet’s unusable even for a dude who can at least stand and pee. I… okay this analogy is also getting away from me. oh wait! I can save it! just standing to relieve myself equates to the marginal enjoyment of the art and vague thoughts of how much better it could be, except now the stink and sight of its current state is overwhelming even that.

  10. sunfish says:

    The characters in Teahouse must be aliens, because they sure don’t act or react like humans (even humans from non-timeline specific Victorian Gay Fantasyland). This is probably their most hopeless page so far in terms of how terribly misjudged the tone is. Are we meant to think Rhys is sexy? He’s a dickhole. If he looked like anything other than a shiny yaoi prettyboy, people would not support him or this pairing.

    • He’s a dickhole. If he looked like anything other than a shiny yaoi prettyboy, people would not support him or this pairing.


      • sunfish says:

        I seriously want to ask on the comment page. It would be hilarious watching people tie themselves in knots to justify it. Then if I could draw I would redraw scenes with Rhys as a fat, slavering, prematurely balding dude. Then it would still be ~*sexy*~ and not uncomfortable right!?

        • If you do, you have my full backing and please screen cap all you can.

          Hell I’m tempted to draw those exploitative scenes verbatim with Rhys or Reed and replace them with less than dazzling attractive people and somewhat disguise where the original material comes from, post it someplace. When somebody pipes up, “Wow that’s horriable and disgusting!” Just link to the original Teahouse pages. Hell you could do this with a lot of BL manga and webcomics, could be a good way to make a point.

  11. Anonymous says:

    did somebody ask Axis why he does bad drag??

  12. Stef says:

    I have to stop reading the TH comments. They make me a thousand times angrier than the comic itself ever could. On the latest page, some reasonable person stated (in a respectful, well thought out way) that they were finding it harder and harder to like Rhys because he was acting so horrible lately. WELL, you would’ve thought they criticized Mother Theresa, the way people freaked out about how the poster was crazy and just doesnt know what real passion is or something.

  13. Niki says:

    Faps…, faps I can’t.

    “If we assume for a moment that Rhys does mean what he says to Axis, in the way you described, would that really be that bad?”

    It speaks for itself. But that’s good. It will remind me why I got out from my yaoi fangirl phrase and started looking for realism in my storys.

    • Stef says:

      Hey are you the Niki that was posting on the TH page and actually saying reasonable, intelligent stuff? If so, you are awesome!

      • Yes if it is true that you’re the Niki commenter, we’re going to have to have a smooch party.

        • Anonymous says:

          Faps, hug me with your big yaoi hands!

          And honestly, I think commenting on TH’s page is a good social experiment on how far people can go to defend their beloved yaoi.

      • Niki says:

        Yes, it’s me. To be honest, Teahouse’s commenters always find the way to make me feel werid. I just couldn’t take it anymore and posted this ‘U criticize my yaoi how dare you’ thing, because that’s how they act. It’s funny how they overuse the argument ‘don’t like, don’t look’. Is it hard to understand, that someone can have different opinion and want to help authors to improve?

    • I think many of us here had that yaoi fan phase in our lives. What separates from these fans is our ability to….mature.

  14. Stardigrade says:

    After months of following Teahouse, I can accept bad storytelling as just the norm for Teahouse (boy do I love the criticism and discussions it whirls up though)

    The main selling point of Teahouse is the “fancy” artwork, they make no bones about that. Take a look in their shop – dozens of prints to choose from, increasingly fancy covers, loads of pointless bonus art in the books. When a character says something stupid, I don’t have much gripe but when a face is off-model (hell do half the faces even HAVE models?!) limbs are at dumb angles, spines contorted, colouring OTT, THAT sets me over.
    About the past two chapters or so, quality has particularly begun to dwindle in this department. Fair enough, the writers have had personal issues to deal with. But is it so much to ask that they return to them later on and fix these errors for the printed version? C’mon guys, that poorly drawn 3/4 face angle is NOT going to be overlooked just because the headboard of the bed is beautifully coloured. >>___>>

    A particular pet peeve is the obsession with OTT crinkled sheets.

    To me this is too much, it doesn’t look good, the highly-rendered fabric next to the flat faces looks stupid. If it’s meant to be symbolising silk, silk doesn’t even crinkle like that!!

    The most recent pages feature these notorious silk sheets, and I think CC just totally missed the mark.
    Don’t even get me started on the colour scheme for those pages…Purple and mute red?!

    • Yeah the crinkled sheets seem to be their THING as of late.

      As I’ve stated before they are pretty technically skilled and they like to show off. However they show up in inappropriate ways. Like the detail on this saddle, draws the viewer’s eyes to it…but there is no reason why our focus should be there. It’s just petty misguided art strutting.

    • Niki says:

      It’s good to have some real face models for your characters. I had problems with the looks of my characters and finding a realistic model for each of them really help you draw them, describe them in the text form and differentiate them from each other. It also makes you learn about different face, eyes and lips shapes. TH’s authors really need this.

      Yes, those sheets have too much shading, it doesn’t look natural. Also character’s ability to shapeshift from male figure to female figure between two panels really bothers me.

  15. Stardigrade says:

    Anyone else get annoyed with the way CC over-details silk sheets? It looks bad with the flat faces and I’m pretty sure sheets shouldn’t crinkle as much as /that/.

    Teahouse, get over yourself.

    • cc says:

      It’s nearly universal on here that we’re all confused why they spend so much time rendering the BG in full detail and more “careful” shading than everything else.

      • Stardigrade says:

        I do admire the way she does generally does metalwork, but the fabric looks particularly awful these most recent pages.

  16. Niki says:



    Gems of ignorance. No rape here, guys! Not at all! It’s a family-friendly comic about boys-love! ‘Allow me to show you way out’ make me laugh so hard.

    • Stardigrade says:

      “Moreover, Axis agreed to continue with Reed as his client….”

      Hmmmm. I don’t remember that part.

      • Annausagi2 says:

        I knew I recognized the avatar of the person that made that statement, they put a comment on my own webcomic earlier today.


      • “Moreover, Axis agreed to continue with Reed as his client….”

        As a nitpick they said Rhys not Reed. (I know they’re pretty much the same asshole.)

        But exactly! He wasn’t allowed to object the 1st time, the 2nd time was punishment, and the 3rd time he burst into his room and punched him in the face. The fourth time he might have agreed, but really since he wasn’t allowed to say no the first time it could have been the same deal here.

        Somebody can’t give consent if they’re not able to say no.

    • sunfish says:

      I hate, hate, hate ‘if you don’t like it, go away’. That’s not how art works. Art is not only the product of the person who makes it, it’s the product of how the viewer interprets it. I think TH has a major problem between how the authors read it (because they are in love with their characters in an immature, non-critical way) and how they portray it. Just because you as the creator don’t think a scene plays as rape or demeaning doesn’t mean it may not play that way to a non-trivial section of your audience. So that section of the audience should just get lost? Nope. You’re not going to address or rectify any problems if you ignore concerns. You may not think they’re valid after consideration, but at least have a look at what commenters are saying instead of just letting your immature fans slap them down. And so many of them are clearly immature because they spend like 6 hours a week refreshing and getting literally 2-3 hours of sleep for a fucking comic page, like that’s something to be proud of. It’ll be there tomorrow, resplendent with all its issues for you to slaver over.

      • Wanda says:

        It really, really shows a lack of maturity. I was in a writer’s group since I was fifteen, and I really think it helped me be able to accept criticism. Sometimes it’s really hard, and sometimes it does take me a while to get past that defensive “this is totally not racist/sexist!” because you don’t want to think you’re capable of doing something offensive. But we all are, and sometimes we are blinded by privilege and cultural baggage and it takes someone else to hold our hand and say, “hey, I like what you’re doing, but this thing is very problematic and it needs to change”. Hell, whenever someone really critiques my work, I go to a good writer friend of mine and ask, “Is this person accurate? I can’t see past my own love for my characters/story, I’d really appreciate it if you told me, because you are a friend and I trust your opinion, and I know you believe in what I do.”

        I imagine it’s hard when you have tons of fans who love everything you do. You kind of get swept up in your own power and adoration. But these authors really need someone to hold their hand and tell them to it straight, but they REFUSE to listen to the many, many kind, thoughtful commenters who have brought up the problems in their work. And it doesn’t help that the fangirls are all “NEENER NEENER, DON’T LIKE DON’T READ”. Let’s hope such fangirls never have to go to art school or taking writing classes like I did, because critique is the POINT of those things.

        They don’t seem to understand that there’s a difference between “UR CHARACTERS ARE STOOPID” and “Some of these situations in your comic could be construed as rape.” LET US LABEL THEM ALL TROLLS, because trolls are just people who disagree with you.

    • The ignorance is so potent throughout Teahouse’s history.

      Things such as,

      1. No woman wants a limp-dicked pussy of a brother not to punch out people in over-protective rages!

      2. The comic isn’t racist because people of color didn’t exist in Victorian times.

      Also when it comes to rape the arguments of, “He didn’t fight back harder, he’s a prostitute what did he expect, and you can see him want it with his body language.”

      Haha yeah Misterdave does the flats for Teahouse, is a mod, and is clearly very mature.

      • Stardigrade says:

        Do you ever get the impression that Ash was given more ethnic features to shut up the nay-sayers?

        • I’m not sure I doubt it. Though they have implied that there will be a person of color going to show up in the next chapter I believe. Not that we have enough characters barely explained or anything. It was mentioned it in a very, “POUT POUT WE CAN GET OFF TO NON-WHITES TOO WHY ARE YOU MEAN TO US FOR THIS POUT POUT” kind of way.

    • wanda says:

      Is it wrong to portray consensual sex as ‘hot’ and ‘cute’ then? I love that these ladies are doing a sex-positive comic even if the setting is a whorehouse!

      Awww, look at that, someone read a few feminist posts and now deems herself enlightened! How cute.

      Sex positivity holds hands with consent. The whole POINT to being sex positive is so that we can talk about what is consent and what is not without being all “EW SEX YUCK UR A WHORE!”. By saying that we’re being sex-negative by refusing to condone rape is . . . sex-negative. By attempting to shut down conversations about what entails rape, you are contributing to rape culture WHICH, FYI, is exactly what sex positivity is trying to get rid of.

      These commenters are just allergic to discussion, aren’t they? If it’s not rape, then tell us why it’s not rape. Tell us what is IN THE ACTUAL COMIC, because a lot of them are like, “Well, they love each other” or “they’re super attracted to one another”. Show me. Show me where in the comic it is 100% without a shade of a doubt stated that they are in love/super attracted to one another and that punching/saying no are pre-agreed upon terms that makes such aggression “not rape”.

      They can’t show you. They can’t. BECAUSE IT IS NOT FUCKING THERE. All they’re going on is their pre-conceived notions on what is supposed to happen because it happens in every other yaoi they’ve read.

      • Niki says:


        Yes, this particular one crushed me. Sex positivity? Does she even know what that means? (oh, by the way Fuckyeahsexpositivity is not promoting Trahouse anymore doue to many negative comments about it)

        I love how Emirian don’t care about anything and fans care too much creating an ideology to completly empty comic. Emirian is like ‘so we wanted to be controversial and have tons of cute yaoi sex, so here it is lol!’ and fans are like analising this comic and creating plenty reasons to excuser Rhys like ‘Axis is just a whore!’ ‘but he continued with Rhys as his john!’ ‘ this discussion is pointless, because there WAS NO RAPE exept one situation a little similar to rape with Axis and Rhys but it wasn’t rape!’… It’s scary, but yaoi fandom is usually sex-negativity. They look at yaoi like at something entertaining with no connect to reality. They need all those werid cliches to feel good about the comic.

        • cc says:

          I honestly think most of these yaoi fans mistake the characters thinking sex isn’t embarrassing/disgusting is “sex positivity” (because they’re positive they want sex LOLZ111!)- which is (that sex is embarassing/disgusting is) fairly common in yaoi from Japan.

          For whatever reason.

          Personally what killed me is that they really did say “but they can’t be nice to each other and have sex, that’s boring!” I mean I GET there’s a fetish for that but I can’t really fathom how you can argue all 3 pairings all have to be assholes to each other and can consider all three entertaining!

          There are ways to have characters have playful/witty banter AND have really consensual sex or a really loving relationship. It’s like they don’t know they can have BOTH AT THE SAME TIME, what a NOVEL CONCEPT!

          • Niki says:

            I always thought, that yaoi manga conceptions were a misuderstanding. Especially the seme/uke part. I was always wondering how the seme-uke scheme was created. Considering that yaoi was created by female mangakas, it was probably their misunderstanding of how homosexual men lived in XIX century Japan. I believe, that the seme uke roles in affairs were related to hierarchy in samurai world and to how a woman and someone who ‘took female role’ was seen in japanese society. It had nothing to do with their bed preferrences. Kinda like in ancient Rome, where a slave could only take passive role. But now, in a modern world, where people finally can be equal, why do they show men in such roles? It looks werid…
            I don’t know if they keep those roles to make female readers identify with the couple? If you don’t have the clear roles of woman and man, you can’t enjoy yaoi? Yaoifangirlssuck (tumblr created by a boy to criticize weeboo yaoi fangirls) suggested, that yaoi can be a way for young girls to show their sexuality if they think, that creating erotic story about heterosexual couple will make them look ‘lusty’ in society’s eyes. That actually might be quite true. If it comes to the ‘no’ in yaoi sex- that can be also explained by prudery. Looking from the fangirl’s point of view: if uke (the one taking ‘female’ role) is ashamed and finds sex werid and disgusting (but still enjoys sex even he never initiates it)- he is still viewd by them as innocent and pure. Look! He isn’t a lusty nymphomaniac! He is still ashamed and his mind is innocent!

            I also heard a theory, that yaoi ‘no’ is a product of some women’s fantasy about being fully domiated by partner. For me, yaoi looks like shapeless pile of female fantasies mixed together and badly written: fangirls create a story, that looks like rape but they want their characters to just have intense sex with respect for each other.

            My point is, if you decide to write about your fantasies about yaoi, make your couples look like a healthy relationship. You can’t make something look like rape and say it’s not rape. If they are having a roleplay sex, tell us, if he really want sex with his partner, don’t use the ‘no’ cliche. Get rid of the yaoi stereotypes as soon as you can. Because they are shit. Noone cries ‘the tears of lust’ while having sex, if you really want it, you don’t feel werid or ashamed and if you say ‘no’ the ONLY reaction your partner should have is STOP. Yaoi is a huge product of lack of knowledge, not only about gay people, but also about sex and couples in general.

          • cc says:

            Related/unrelated to the “no”s in yaoi-

            I have seen, on more than one occasion that some readers try to convince themselves and others into thinking the “no”s are SIMPLY mistranslated or cut off “good”s because in Japanese no = ie and good = ii.

          • Anonymous says:

            I don’t thing a translation like that is possible. ‘ii’ and ‘ie’ really sound different, have different accent. If someone knows Japanese so good to make a translation, he/she wouldn’t make a mistake like that.

          • cc says:


            That’s part of my point actually; some fans are truly that delusional/in denial- they try to find fault in anything but the actual material.

          • Wanda says:

            The “gay boys having sex makes it easier to write about sex” thing is actually partially true with me. I’m probably somewhere on the asexual spectrum, but being female with sexual desire carry such heavy baggage. I mean, we are told our whole lives that it’s shameful (if you’re a slut) or that you’re a boring prude (if you’re not having sex). And there isn’t much written about female desire or how women process sex, at least in a healthy way. So for me, it’s just easier to write two guys having sex because there’s very little baggage with it. Sex! It’s what men do!

            Of course, this is probably not a good thing, but using femme boys has kind of helped me work through my own issues without dealing with the baggage that comes with being a woman. I also tend to heavily dislike gender roles, and with two men (or two women) it’s easier to break out of those. It’s a handicap, but it helps.

            Yaoi fangirls haven’t really thought that out yet though. They kind of just masturbate to this bullshit and hate women unapologetically.

        • cc says:

          I actually sometimes think that the reason why they don’t like balanced or equal relationships is because we still have a ton of media where power imbalances are the ideal/norm.

          • Wanda says:

            This is true. It kinda sucks, because I would just die to read some romance in which the woman was dominant, not in a “DOMINATRIX WHIPS YOU” kind of way but in a way in which she “wore the pants” and the guy kinda just shrugged and went along with it. It’s impossible to find this dynamic, in my experience. But it seems most women want to be the submissive ones, which is cool, but I don’t really want to read about that. :/ It leaks into their yaoi, which I understand, cuz my preference for hard ass women has leaked into my gay stuff too. I like to write about femme boys because I like powerful feminine presences in my stuff, and my femme boys are always domineering. XD

        • Wanda says:

          I’m shocked at all the analyzing going on. Analyzing is a good thing, but not when the material just isn’t there. I feel like the fangirls analyze cuz there’s nothing concrete provided. It’s just all a bunch of fanservicey sex and the fans want to scramble to find something deeper. I just think Emirian are just really, really lazy.

  17. Blunderbuss says:

    God fucking dammit, just when I thought Teahouse could not stoop lower in its ignorance of sex work they actually have Rhys MOCK THE VERY IDEA OF AN ORPHAN BEING FORCED INTO PROSTITUTION.

    Because that is totally not a MAJOR reason why people turn to sex work.

    And we’re having a rich privileged asshole be a smug prick about it. Good god, can this asshole please die in a horse carriage accident so his much worthier sister can have the throne?

    Good on Axel for not going for the bait, but he really should have just gotten out of bed and told him to go fuck off, not go for round two.


    • cc says:

      I think you have too much optimism assuming that he wasn’t taking bait, because having legit fights between hawt gaiz distracts from the ttly awesome sex.

    • I was overwhelmed by how shitty that comment is, it has so many facets of shittery.

      1.) What you said about how it is a very common and tragic way for people to be forced into prostitution.
      2.) He is a “lover” of yours and he admits a tragic piece of his life to you so, “lol u slut.”
      3.) Rhys isn’t a slut because he plays the dominant role in this, but since Axis gets it in the butt he’s a slut.

      I am crossing my fingers that his sister bursts in next page to tell him his father died as he was getting his cock played with. She than kicks him so hard in the balls that they shoot out the top of his skull. Rather than dying or just dicking everything that moves with no consequences anymore he is forced to actually DO HIS FUCKING JOB!

      GOOD END!

      • Anonymous says:

        w-what do you mean “Rhys isn’t a slut”? he puts out for free! he’s THE slut! well, he and Atros.

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