Update for 5/6/13!


Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Star Rapist

Pure heartless Rape Dance

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  1. Anonymous says:

    why during manga sex scenes (same-sex ones anyway) is someone always going “nooo!”? that’s creepy! am I the only one who thinks “yesss!” would be hotter? if someone I was fooling around with started saying “no” I’d, like, stop what I was doing. though I guess in this case it could just mean “i’m about to ejaculate on you”. but honestly I just can’t see Misaki as someone who should be sexually active anyway. junjou really is a step down from Gravi, Fake, Kizuna, etc (and even they had some sketchy scenes).

    • You’re not the only one who would think it’d be hotter or that any normal human being would stop if the other said no. Misaki isn’t a sexual creature at all, I honestly picture him as asexual. Frankly I don’t think he can consent cause he seemingly has no idea what sex is other than “shameful.”

      Misaki still screams no during all sexual encounters…3 years into their relationship, claims that he only does this cause sex is so embarrassing, and in fact refuses to initiate a kiss his boyfriend when asked.

      Junjou is the beyond bottom of the yaoi bin.

    • Mil says:

      The “yes”, “no” thing kind of depends, I know some fetishists that like to say “No” and pretend to be forced(By a trusted partner, of course) for the thrill of it. And supposedly some say “no” because it feels too good but don’t actually mean “No”, which is why some partners have safe words during sex (this is usually in BDSM), but in the case of yaoi it’s pretty much bullshit and the authors obviously know nothing about sex.

      Why do they always make such gross, unrealistic faces?! Why not gross realistic faces? Guys can make pretty funny expressions, that aren’t the least bit feminine looking when they ejaculate, but I guess the point of a sex scene is to make it look “sexy”… :/

  2. kakaomasse says:

    Good lord, Junjou is drawn horribly. How could they publish this? I’m no Van Gogh, but I bet I can manage some decent anatomy every now and then. Or at least correctly proportioned fingers? Those fingers. They WILL haunt me.

  3. kakaomasse says:

    Alright, alright, Da Vinci would have been a more adequate example.

  4. wanda says:

    Hey look, some more random expressions that do nothing to further characterization and/or plot! How novel of Starfighter . . .

  5. Wanda says:

    Also, wth with Hateo Kaito Rapeo. Love how rape is BAAD when it’s with a character that isn’t the main love interest, but it’s TOTES OKAY with someone who is the main love interest. Ugh. I feel like stabbing myself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Be strong- we will be probably forced to go throuh ‘love realization monolog ugu’, It will be one option from those, or every single one:
      1. he didn’t force me, I wanted it but didn’t realize it
      2. secretly I felt good with him, but I feel so bad with this random guy you were so gentle (you forced me but fuck the logic, it’s yaoi)
      3. I love youuuuuuuuuu *tears**cry**sobs**blush* *kawaiehhh*

    • Brace yourself it gets SO MUCH WORSE!

  6. RC says:

    On the off topic of the bull shit of the SF military dress code- I just spent the day surrounded by Germany military in uniform. Not a single constant hair style- some were high and tight, others were short- but still long, some even had Mohawks. There were no hippy pony-tails on the guys (but the females apparently could wear their hair like that. Now I have a case of pony tail envy).

    Face hair was EVERYWHERE. There were beards, chin stripes, goatees and clean shaven. In fact the only thing that was constant with these guys was they were all dressed in the same uniform (and some had their sleeves rolled up, some didn’t and such).

    And don’t get me started on the guys with earnings. And the fact they can drink during the duty day. Envy. ENVY ALL AROUND!

    It had me thinking of SF. So yeah, okay- it *is* possible to be a military force and have different hair and face hair styles, but I am still in agreement that SF does it wrong.

    • cc says:

      Query, did this military had to put on relatively snug helmets to operate their equipment? If yes, carry on, if no, then that’s another point against SF.

      • RC says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if helmets were “optional” when these guys operated their equipment, their uniform head gear looked like it was lightly balanced on their head.

        Unless it was a beret- then it was little bit more “on” their head- but those guys were more “special forces” kind of guys.

        There was no equipment being operated around the time I was there- as there was drinking. So, points to them for being safe, responsible drivers.

        • cc says:

          I only suggested a difference in hair regulations since military doesn’t have space-helmet requirements like SF does.

          Still good to know about IRL military practices!

          • RC says:

            OH! *head slap* duh! Lol. Early morning and still radiating pony tail envy. Yeah, I don’t think their hair would be an issue with their helmets.

            Hair buns, actually, cause helmet issues more often than not. Actually, an IRL reference for that would be the hair styles of the guys/gals/and all in between of the air force or any who fly those fighter jet things that you have to have the oxygen supply for now that I think about it.

  7. envy says:

    doesn’t every space battle end in sex or fanservice anyways? you are not fooling anyone, SF :I

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