Update for 6/21/13!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Pure heartless Rape Dance

The Tyrant who fell down and can’t get back up! By SirSeph

Prostitutes r’ Us

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27 Responses to Update for 6/21/13!

  1. Moony says:

    Wtf, that’s it? All he had to do was make his horse rise on its hindlegs to get those teens running? And then he doesn’t even bother to ask if the albino is all right, do you need any help, ect.? Wow, Atros sure redeemed himself in my eyes!

    Also, they couldn’t even bother lazily attempting to have that saddle make sense?

    • Come on! How easy would it be for the teens to knock that kid out of the saddle…especially since the saddle is not strapped on at all. Contrived to the nth degree. Horses are pretty damn docile animals to boot.
      Yeah I was expecting Atros to at least ask if they were alright and than Pinky begs him to take her in and, reluctantly, he does so. Way to give up on any past building there.

      • Wanda says:

        Yeah, the whole “do you know what it’s like to be trampled?” shit? Whatever, dude. Horses won’t trample on command. You can run them through people, but generally people can jump out of the way. It’s not exactly hard. I have fallen off horses countless times, and never once has one stepped on me, even if I’ve fallen underneath them. They will jump over you and avoid hurting you if they can.

        Also, yes, see how kind Xanthe is because he gives into Pinky begging him to keep her. Not because, ya know, HE wants to be the decent person and keep her. Nope, being compassionate is WIMMINZ WORK (or girly boyz).

  2. Mia says:

    “I tried to rape you because you look like my ex!”

    How is that better at all?!

    • It’s not in the very least, but the author tries to spin this into a super sympathetic plea to UNDERSTAND colt. She committed suicide just like how you tried and its very sad, feel sad for me! WHY WOULDN’T YOU PUT OUT MY PAST IS SO FUCKING TRAGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC

      • Kerli says:

        They won’t make her trans*, simply cause even if they’d try to create a stereotypical/clitch trans* person character, they’d fall. It’s too complicated for them. Like with Linneus- in the first chapter he is all feminine, wearing jewerly and from his conversation with Lilith you can tell, that he wants to be a woman. That’s actually the impression I got when I read thet chapter and I felt it even stronger with the first bits of backstory with all those allusions like, for example ‘only women drink sweet tea- it suits you’. But nope, it would have too much sense. CC and E don’t like their stories to have sense. See? I even started to have my own theories while reading that comic. It’s not only me, I saw many resonable explanations in comments. It’s actualy sad, that readers can care enough to create more resonable plot, than the authors who are just like ‘yaoi, sex lool!!!11′

        I bet, making a trans* character is too complicated for them. But mayby it’s better? They can’t even handle the main topic of their comic- the brothel well. Yeah, Clarett who has the biggest boobs and exposes her body the most hasn’t got any clients. Because in case you didn’t know, Victorians were coming to brothels to pay for giving blowjobs and have ‘dates’ with cute virgin boys and ladies with style.

        And the whole action with making Lilith a cold bitch is actually funny- she is the only character in this comic who looks like XIX century inspired. Prostitutes in Victorian Era didn’t show as much of their body. Just because it’s brothel and it’s ‘fantasy world’ doesn’t mean you can be ignorant… I can do that too. Let’s have a rich courtisane in Rococo setting who’s wearing a pencil dress with those funny rococco shoes and lolita stuff. See? I can make a ‘vintage fantasy setting’ too. |D

        • The fact that he was transgender is the exact same feeling I had during my first read-through. It would make that scene, and the scene when he finds out that Atros’ wife is pregnant so much more powerful. It would also make more sense cause they beat people over the head with how straight Atros is, therefore it would make more sense for him to be attracted to him because he can see Pinky is TRULY a woman on the inside.

          I honestly don’t see how making a transgender character is complicated. My bet is they didn’t do it with Pinky because they don’t want anybody to accidentally feel like OH NOES IS I LESBIAN NOW FAPPING TO PINKY!? Though you’re right it’s better. They already butcher sex workers, homosexuals, high and low class people, and even women. We don’t need their hands in the transgender pot too.

          • Stardigrade says:

            My sentiments exactly, I imagine if Linneus decided on a sex-change it wouldn’t be out of place in a Victorian setting that includes punks :P

  3. wanda says:

    Yeah. No comment on that abomination of a saddle, nor the weird confirmation of that horse in the fourth panel. Did the horse fall down? Why is his/her butt so low? *sigh*

    Oh yes, Atros is such a kind human being, now that we’ve seen the true extent of his compassion. Signal a horse to rear, glare at the person you saved, then walk off like a bast– I mean, a boss.



    If anything, this scene makes me hate him more, not less. I also see that the duck lips have infected Argent as well. Soon that’s all this comic will be: expressionless bug eyes and same!face duck lips.


    • Stardigrade says:

      Hey, what IS going on with that horse’s rear end? Does it have a lower spine problem o___O?

      Is it against the horse code to follow commands from spoiled pre-teens by punishment of butt-shrinkage?

      In other news, this backstory was boring and has not developed anything at all.
      I can kinda see what they’re trying to do now with the colour scheme, Atros’s world is rosy and peachy and Argent-things world is greyish blue. Wow, pathetic fallacy much. It would help if they put a bit more time into it so it didn’t look half-arsed and confusing.

      • cc says:

        Having an abusive father and having to solve things by being an asshat.

        >>Rosy and peachy

        Have some fucking consistency TH auth-

        Oh right they have skewed views on ~abuse~, I forget this sometimes.

        Still puzzling over the “he” bits. Is Argent trans* or is this SOMEHOW not Argent. Because let’s be honest, character design is not a strongsuit.

        • Stardigrade says:

          What would be clever is if child-argent was a significant enough character, having the two color schemes mix into violets and light purples when Argent enters his life and changes things for him. But they’ve already completely fudged the opportunity for this and I doubt we’ll be seeing childhood argent again, except in a flashback where she confirms to us that she’s only serving him as repayment for “saving” her and then coldly living her to pick herself up e___e

          It’s such a pity that Argent isn’t more in-depth and Teahouse would never have the balls to have a true trans-character. Another fudged opportunity lost with Linneus.

          • cc says:

            Another missed opportunity is how Argent is practically a nonentity even in the present. She hasn’t actually done anything aside from hold a sword to that one douchebag’s throat- which Pimpy had already punched the shit out of. It also again begs the question of why she was able to obtain the lofty position of being a bodyguard but Pinky still “gets” to be a piece of property.

            I actually still am unsure of why they bothered with this flashback since it doesn’t even redeem Pimpy, which is strange since they did practically the most generic and low-effort way of showing and still botched it.

            I’d like to see how they handle the “why he in the past” simply because I want to see how many more cars can pile up in this trainwreck.

          • Yeah I’m with you as to why they bothered with this flashback. Most of the others had a least a little something, except maybe the pen one.

          • That would be a really cool way to mesh the two of them together! I think some people speculated that Axis’ true hair color was purple and that the further we get into the comic the more of his purple hair we see implying that Rhys, who’s got the blue hair, is bleeding into his red. But nope he’s just got black hair.

            Yeah my bet is one flashback she’ll just show up like “I must defend your honor for saving me that one time!”

          • Stardigrade says:

            If you’re going to do a bland job of the story and emphasise the visuals, colour symbolism would have added so much depth.

            I notice that Emirain have long abandoned their flower symbolism. :/ It was kinda lame anyway, to your average punter, a flower with loads of frilly bits is just a flower with frilly bits.

        • Wanda says:

          I’m gonna go with trans, though Argent looks no different when presenting as male as she does as female. Of course, this is Teahouse world, where men and women have absolutely no physical differences whatsoever, unless you’re ~*~MANLY~*~, but even then, no chest hair or pubic hair exists. Basically, the only difference is muscle, because even the men’s faces are feminine.

          • Stardigrade says:

            I’m gonna go with trans also, simply to compensate for Linneus.

            (Teahouse isn’t edgy enough for that, but we can dream)

        • Don’t worry its nothing interesting it’s basic gender confusion. The authors have seem to confirm that it is Argent, and they are not trans. In fact if I remember correctly one of the mods threatened to start banning people en masse if any ~trans drama~ was stirred up.

          Personally I don’t know why they got to stomp out speculation so quickly but WELP!

          • Stardigrade says:

            I think this was already mentioned before, but they SO could have made her femininity more obvious…Full body shot mayhap?

          • cc says:

            But what’s the point of gender confusion at all??? It’s has literally no point and comes off as exceptionally lazy and just NEEDLESSLY complicates things.

            I would have almost preferred a botched “we’re diverse! look we have a trans* character! who isn’t offensive (and lacks any real personality! but OMG we’re DIVERSE~~~~~ GIVE US BROWNIE POINTSSSSS!!).

            Truly TH does manage to disappoint in many ways.

          • There isn’t any reason for it at all. It just confuses their audience. Then they get pissy when people start speculating as to why they did it?

            New levels of stupidity have been reached.

            Also, it’s not embarrassing at all when people can’t tell your characters apart Teahouse?

      • Wanda says:

        Some Tennessee Walking Horses do lower their butts when they gait, but yeah, obviously this horse is not doing that. It’s just a weird drawing. I think the enormous saddle is probably what keeps throwing them off. Dude, saddles are nowhere near that huge. They should have just put Pinky BEHIND the saddle, cuz that’s what actually happens when you ride double. *grumbles*

        I like to think that horse just hates him and was trying to throw him off. It seems like a chill horse though. It’s not even prancy or nervous, which makes if far less intimidating.

        It was an extremely boring backstory, gotta admit. He didn’t DO anything, and Argent is doing what every single character under Xanthe’s “protection” does in this story– stare blankly. Seriously, if Argent were so badass she would have spit out some blood and told him she can take care of herself. Instead . . . ~*~ANIMU STARE~*~.

        Gotta admire this girl though. She went through a beating and still manages to have PERFECT EYELINER. Dedication.

        • Stardigrade says:

          I will always admire your equine knowledge, pray tell that Teahouse will continue to ruin horses for everyone and you’ll be there to whip ‘em back in place

          • Wanda says:

            I am the horse queen. I’ll admit it’s one of the few things I know anything about. So if anyone needs any horsey facts *clucks tongue and makes pistol with fingers* ya’ll know where to find me.

            I’ve gotten used to people not knowing anything about horses. I think Teahouse butchering them makes me exceptionally mad cuz it’s Teahouse and it pisses me off no matter what it does.

  4. envy says:

    At the start, I sort of gave TH the benefit of the doubt, because I know a lot of stories that start off kind of awkward that get better. Somehow, it’s managed to take everything it had that could have been interesting and only gone downhill from there…

  5. Anonymous says:

    what is going on with Teahouse’s coloring? I mean it’s pretty and all, but is the kid an ice-powered mutant or something?

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