Update for 6/24/13!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Pure heartless Rape Dance

The Tyrant who fell down and can’t get back up! By SirSeph

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2 Responses to Update for 6/24/13!

  1. wanderingaddict says:

    nothing is as sexy or empowering as listening to two “alpha” males fighting over you like you’re nothing but a bitch in heat. so sexy~~

    you know, I’ve never had long hair, so I don’t have much experience being actually mistaken for the female gender based on physical appearance. a friend of mine who’s a fervently (misguided) believer of evolutionary psychology will occasionally insist, however, that I’m “more like a girl” because of my bisexuality – so basically based on the fact that I’m sexually attracted to men, “like women are.”

    it’s degrading in a lot of ways – not because it’s woman as it is that I’m being told that I am supposed to identify with something that I don’t identify with in any way.

    Kaito or Shuunto or whatever the fuck the uke’s name is was just told that he looks exactly (as far as I could tell, that was Uke sans blue eye glow) like Best Friend’s ex girlfriend. and so Best Friend wanted to do him.

    because he looked like a girl.

    and he’s obsessed with not seemingly like a homo.

    while he wears his hair long (super unusual for a guy in America but writing towards the culture this is set in? what’s that?) and also is apparently effeminate enough to be mistaken for a girl on occasion?

    it’s just like “wow, you’ve put literally zero effort, thought, or care into your characters and their thoughts and actions.” I can’t imagine how no one else in Uke’s situation would not be physically ill.

    • SirSeph says:

      To be fair, psycho-killer-seme somehow managed to make himself look like a ~gorgeous~ woman by tossing on, what was it, a turtleneck and skirt? The artist/author/mastermind clearly has no concept of gender whatsoever. Let’s not put her up to standards TOO high.

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