Update for 7/16/13!

Kaito NSFW!

Pure heartless Rape Dance

The Tyrant who fell down and can’t get back up! By SirSeph

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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5 Responses to Update for 7/16/13!

  1. SirSeph says:

    Ok I don’t understand what’s up with AP’s noses like if it’s a straight on shot, there’s no sign of a nose at all whatsoever it’s like whoa holy shit Kaito what happened to your nose that’s a pretty important piece of your face. But then we get profiles and it’s like OH MAN WHAT IS THAT ICEBERG JUTTING OUT OF YOU SOMEONE CALL A DOCTOR?? Oh my God this comic makes me so frustrated in so many unnecessary ways…

  2. RC says:

    The Tyrant- I remember that part from the one episode of the anime I saw.

    LOL! Person who was raped gets to physically threaten and assault the rapist for laughs.


    • Anonymous says:

      I remember this part too…. and those fangirls from youtube who were explaining to each other why Morinaga’s actions were okay… That was awful.

      it’s a typical yaoi plot: seme rapes uke and the author shows us, it’s uke’s fault cuse he was so mean etc… And noone sees, that Morinaga’s disappearance is a psychological abuse, because he wants uke to feel guilty and to pressure him to be with him. Because it’s totally awwight to techyoung people, that ‘no’ always means ‘yes’ and if someone has a crush on you, your feelings don’t matter, you must always agree.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Usagi-chan-sama you’re sooooooooo hawt! husband material right there baby!

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