Update for 7/23/13!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Pure heartless Rape Dance


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  1. Wanda says:

    There is this immature idea that children who have been severely abused are just so open and willing to receive the help of strangers, that they just accept food and clothes and shelter and are like little cute puppy dogs that occasionally want an adorable hug.

    Um, no.

    Often, children who have been severely abused are little shits. Because children are sponges, and they suck up knowledge from the people around them. So if those people happen to be sexual and physical abusers, SURPRISE! The child is often physically abusive as well!

    Obviously not all victims of sexual/physical abuse are doomed to perpetrate the same shit as they age, but a lot of survivors only stop their shitty behavior once they get old enough to get outside and realize that it’s not NORMAL, that people don’t ACTUALLY treat each other this way.

    I just hate this idea that abused children are just cute little shy pets to keep around because ADORBZ! No. Just . . . no. SO SHUT UP KAITO SHUNO YOU ARE JUST SO FUCKING AWFUL.

    • SirSeph says:

      Think about it, though, suddenly it makes sense that Shuno is such a raging dickbag as an adult! Oh wait, no, that makes the OPPOSITE of sense. Because AP, dear, that’s not how developmental science works. My bad.
      Man, I’m gettin’ so sick of KS hitting every single shit cliche in the book. And the art. Ohhhh boy am I sick of the art.

      • Tiamat says:

        The art was tolerable however many pages ago the comic started, because KS is Baby’s First Webcomic and the art showed potential (the story was always shit, though). It’s just gone downhill, though, and iirc continues to get worse where it isn’t stagnating.

        If there weren’t much worse webcomics I’d call KS the platonic form of bad yaoi webcomic.

    • Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis this foreverrrrrrrrrrrr.

      I can’t say it better myself. In particular I’m baffled that he just wanders into a room he hears voices coming from cause he’s associated humans with caring right a hur hur. I have had the misfortune of meeting children who have maladaptive behaviors. If a guardian hits a kid to get what they want out of them, the kid will be taught, “If I hit people I’ll get what I want too.” It’s pretty damn simple.

      So yeah, jesus christ read a book AP.

      • Wanda says:

        Well, the author’s only doing this so that everyone can feel so bad for her poor wittle Shuno. It’s okay that he’s a rapist, he was mistreated! SEE, HE USED TO BE AN ADORABLE CHILD.


        Ugh. Just . . . ugh *bangs head on table*

        • SirSeph says:

          She’s not even doing a good job of showing him being mistreated. Like wow a sequence of cutesy shit with kitchen workers life is SO FUCKING HARD. Sure, bad shit probably happened what with him getting KIDNAPPED and all, but is she showing it? Nope! A+ good job I’m really feelin’ for the little booger he’s so tragic.

          • cc says:

            I believe something AWFUL happens to these people so as we PITY THIS GUY.

          • I mean how unsettling is watching a frightened child murder another frightened child or an animal with their bare hands. There’s little that more unsettling than that, and that’s what he “does.” So if you drew a scene of that in a competent way you’d be golden! ….I suppose I’m banking on the competent which you cannot trust from this author.

            The later show a scene of him actually being kidnapped but even than most of that chapter was Shuno being cute with his mommy and daddy. hur duhr


          Pol Pot on the other hand was ADORABLE! You’d forget about how he killed 1/4 of his own country’s population if you could PINCH THEM WIDDLE CHEEKS! AWWWWWWWW

          • Wanda says:

            Hell, this comic basically forgives anyone who is attractive, child or no, because HORMONES. And as we all know, attractive people can never be evil, and if they do evil things, it’s okay, because they had a rough past.

            This goes beyond yaoi, man. People think this shit in real life. :/

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