Update for 7/27/13!

All SFW! Prostitutes and Tyrants are here!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Pure heartless Rape Dance

The Tyrant who fell down and can’t get up by SirSeph

Prostitutes r’ Us

If I had any photoshop skills I would have Axis “healing” Remy’s broken leg in those panels.

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  1. RC says:

    Does TH pour bleach and cheap color brighter on their pages now? They make my color theory and concept of lights/darks and everything else about color look good.

    And again, I am suppose to care about what happens here but I don’t because I have no reason to outside of “because the authors told me to”. -_- That’s not how you right plot. Or porn.

  2. wanderingaddict says:

    I know not every page can be super interesting, but what does this show? we already know Axis hits on her. We already know Rory has some strange looks at his sister. Anything interesting could have happened with any of the subplots and other characters, but it’s just filler. like, come on. Three years and we know that… Axis and Prince are fucking and Pinkie and Pimpy have the strangest and most contrived relationship on earth and maybe in 3 years I guess something else will happen.

    • Stardigrade says:

      The page where we first found out Rory faps to his sister was on February 21, 2011 (thanks to this awesome website http://archive.org/web/web.php)

      I remember in a livestream the authors complained Teahouse would be finished when they were well into their 30′s with prospective children but so far this story could have been crammed into a year and half :P

      • Stardigrade says:

        Oh when I say found out, I remember us all being blatantly TOLD outright. Because yay, great storytelling.

      • They’re both in their 30s now as I understand it. Yeah this story could be chopped down significantly.

      • wanderingaddict says:

        haha gah. well clearly we can expect to just be told what happens at the end too, especially since they already did the splash art of Pinkie fainting as he struggles to choose between Atros and Murderer.

    • Teahouse seems to be infamous for this. That one page where Rory gets all blushy that Reed is naked and than they smooch is a near direct copy of a page they had in the sextras.

  3. Wanda says:


    I’m sorry, but if a random dude came up to me and put my finger in his mouth, I’d punch him in the face. Even if I liked him or found him hawt. You know, Axis, the nice thing to do would be to offer a tissue, for God’s sake. We know where your mouth has been.

    Does anyone legitimately give a shit about how Red Hair #1 feels about Red Hair #2? I sure don’t. Wanting to bone your sibling is indicative of a BIGGER PROBLEM than a sad boner, sorry. The only one I slightly give a shit about at this point is Gilder, cuz he’s the only one who so far has not been a total asshole/moron. I used to find this comic mildly irritating, but now I’m just bored. Someone hits on someone else! Someone doesn’t like it! Someone pouts! Then someone hits on someone else again! OVER AND OVER AND OVER FOREVER AND EVER.

    I don’t get it. :/

    • Stardigrade says:

      Relaaax its the start of a new chapter. They aren’t obligated to establish anything new at this stage, that would rustle our jimmies too hard for our weak Fujyoshi hearts *__*

      By the way guys, if Teahouse is losing it’s zing, sex is about to ensue in my current favourite terrible webcomic Young Protectors xD

      • To me Young Protectors is not doing a good job but it’s like, “Oh they’re trying to explain their universe, but the pace is horrendous, a bunch of stuff doesn’t make sense, and flat yet confusing characterization. They’re trying but oh its sad!”

        In teahouse near everything in it just annoys the fuck out of me cause, “LOL SEXUAL SLAVERY SO HOT! EVERYONE IS A COMPLETE ASSHOLE AND WE’RE UNASHAMED OF THIS BUT SHOCKED YOU DON’T LOVE THEM!!!”

        • Stardigrade says:

          Teahouse appears to gone the same way as Starfighter and hit a stale point where there’s no sex and noone gives a fuck. But there was never much sex anyway…What are we hanging round for?

          By the by, Young Protectors has made it to 2.5 chapters and still doesn’t have a Bad Webcomics wiki entry :o

          • I never hung around for the sex, I’m here for the “butt plug reminds me of your eyes.”

            You could always make the bad wecomics entry. *WINK WINK*

          • Stardigrade says:

            Aww but yours are so entertaining ;_; And I have such a hard time finding narrative/plot problems that aren’t superficial, the sub-par art is too distracting

            I think I heard the shatter of thousands of fujyoshi’s realities when that line featured. The day TH riffed itself. 20th Jan 2013. May we never forget -____-

            You’ve never riffed the porn-pages! Well, I don’t think those need riffing, they riff themselves. Especially the Rhys/Axis ones -.-

          • Awww thank you! I could help possibly, but I can’t promise when I’ll get to it.

            I actually have riffed the Rhys/Axis porn pages, but haven’t really posted them. I’m a bit nervous since it’s paid for content. I might just do a post on /y/ one of these days, or hide a zip file of them somewhere.

            You mentioning this actually got me in the mood to riff more so I’m working on the Rory/Reed ones. You’ll see these someday I promise you.

        • wanderingaddict says:

          I really want to like Young Protectors, especially because the old guy is so totally a villain, even if not specifically evil. it’s neat how a casually deeper glance at their interactions makes it just so clearly full of manipulation and ulterior motives. I’m just really afraid that it’ll be played as an evil thing and people will freak out instead when it’s just like, more realistically, he set up some situations to play out in such a way that he’s shown in a favorable light. he’s a villain, what can you expect?

          • Stardigrade says:

            My two biggest issues with YP is how completely gormless the ginger-guy is and the way the art seems to make it 10x worse. Some of the facial expressions the artist gives him just make him totally pathetic and spineless. At the moment, he’s basically Disney’s Hercules trapped in a yaoi.

          • He to me…just doesn’t have much personality…at all. He’s pretty much the naive, good-two shoes kid who’s catch phrase is “gee wilkers!”

          • wanderingaddict says:

            haha, gormless! great word! I don’t take issue with that so much because I’m okay with like, just accepting that he’s like that for the sake of how extreme it makes the dichotomy between him and the villain. but yeah, the artist doesn’t have the best grasp of… um, motion? expression? a lot of the time their faces seem frozen and static and not actually like they’re reacting or something.

        • Wanda says:

          Yeah, that’s how I feel about it. It’s badly written without being offensive (well, except for that first kiss in the beginning, which seemed very dub-con). At least the people in YP seem supportive of one another, and the “villain” does his best to respect Red Hair’s boundaries.

          It’s like the difference between a mediocre “meh” book and 50 Shades of Grey. One is just kinda boring and average, the other makes you see red.

          • Stardigrade says:

            I thought that beginning kiss was pushed too far as well but NOPE nope…It’s all ok because the uke WANTED it in the end, the author took over everythings ok shh shh… *rolls eyes*

            I think we can all see where YP is going a mile off, and its a shame the characters don’t have enough depth so as to have other possibilities within the frame.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, I have the same problem with Young Protectors. I read it, I also read Artificle and I know what the author is up to (I don’t think the first kiss was that much dub-con, by the way: this scene was far better than a lot yaoi comic I have read til this day), but the main character is so flat. He seems so naive that the story is getting boring. I don’t think anyone could be so naive and his expresions are werid, like he’s excessively scared all the time. Sometimes his expressions just don’t make sanse. IT’s a pity, because the villan is a pretty good character.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            is Artifice by the same person? I just could not stand it. I mean, they have advanced super AI and they test these robits on fucking dirt-water miners? who are all racist against gays even though… I mean, at that point there’s literally no reason to be adverse to it? and there are no bi people at all either? and then the hero is just the dweebiest little punk, not only does he not look like the miners but he’s also the ONE with long curly hair and super young and gah. it was just way too hard to suspend my disbelief.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, Artificle is by the same person. He end working on the Artificle and started Young Protectors.

    • I’m not a clean freak by any streach of the imagination but putting someone else’s blood in your mouth get a huge
      from me.

      I think it would be sweet for someone to kiss a booboo, like you do with kids to trick them into feeling better, but actually involving direct mouth and blood contact especially SUCKING. WOW NO!

      Yeah I’m just totally perplexed what they’re trying to do with the Reds, and can’t give a fuck. I mean out of everything in the comic the shit that irks me the most is the Reed/Rory and if Reed shows up in this mess (which he will because it all comes back to the OTPs) than I will start giving shits but, “WHY THE FUCK THIS IS SO DUMB” shits.

      • Stardigrade says:

        Emirain have already said in a livestream that STDs don’t exist in their world so YAY BODY FLUID FIGHT

        I think, and this is a big “I think” that they are trying to take Rory/Roryette in the same direction as Miki and Kozue in Utena. E has said loadsa times she’s a big Utena fan, she’s dyed her hair pink and failed to make Linneus a gender-bent Utena (he has the same fringe as the title girl for pete’s sake).

        It all adds up really, Rory and Miki are both very effeminate girly boys who get pushed around by the brusquer fellas but what made Miki interesting was his strong constitution and his integrity. He stood up for himself at the best of times and wasn’t a spineless little prick like our lovely Rory is.

        Our lovely Roryette is implied to be a bit of a wild child, (if we can denote that from that single creepy encounter when she wanders into Rory’s room) just like Kozue but Kozue is a headstrong wild child and we get to see the extents of her reckless behaviour (nearly killing herself to save birds, liasons with the Student President) all we’ve seen of Roryette is her prick her finger and allow someone else to drink her blood. That’s pretty hardcore really.

        • Wanda says:

          Wow, some world building right there. STDs don’t exist! How convenient! I bet pregnancy doesn’t exist unless the woman wants it, because the body has the ability “to shut the whole thing down”, amirite?

          Look, I don’t care if vampires and shit don’t get STDs cuz they’re magical immortal beings who drink blood. But saying that in your world, STDs don’t exist is like saying in your world, no one ever has to pee or shit or burp and everyone just eats rainbows all day.

        • Yeah I heard the whole STDs don’t exist, but does that mean ALL blood borne diseases don’t exist? I mean seriously?

          I think you’re right because they’ve mentioned a few times that Rory is their love letter to Miki. I can’t believe they’ll do half a good as job as Utena did but we’re so early on. I mean, wouldn’t it be more fitting if Rory was a maid/servant at the brothel and Remy the prostitute?

          If we’re going in the Miki/Kozue direction why wasn’t this page about Remy trying to get in with Mercutio since we’ve already seen Axis flirt with her. That would show she’s doesn’t just have a crush on Axis but that she’s trying to manipulate these men, manipulate the brothel as a whole, and make Rory jealous and push him to act on it. It’s also fitting because both Mercutio and Axis have somewhat antagonistic roles toward Rory.

          I mean the only way I can figure that’s not the case is that Rory actually has the crush on Axis, which would be a real cool development but I’m near positive that’s not the case. I mean it fits he’s turned on by people who treat him like shit lol.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ooohh AxisXRory. Food for the fans indeed *raises monocle*

          Ah now that’s interesting Wanda, but they won’t go into that side because vaginas and their demands and concerns don’t belong in yaoi.

          I honestly don’t get the Rory/Reed thing at all, I just see a client/server relationship and it just so happens the client can’t get off if their goods /that they have purchased/ just lie there like a piece of meat, they demand reciprocation and response. In sex work, you can hire a “girlfriend experience”, and Secret Diary of a Call-Girl has a few episodes devoted to the complications of developing feelings for a client in such cases.

          Emirain WISHES that the relationship between Rhys and Axis had as much depth as Akio and Touga’s. Hell, they wish that any of their males had as much depth as Touga. xD

          • wanderingaddict says:

            holy shit, really? so they already have all the blueprints they need laid out for them to just copy and they STILL can’t get anything right? I mean, I have no idea what Utena is, but if it was that interesting and they’re already interested in copying and fangirling over it with characters grown straight from it, I mean, why not? it’s fucking better than the cardboard paste we see here.

  4. wanda says:

    Also, the only people who would dress an enslaved toddler in an outfit like that would be someone who HATED said toddler. Jesus, it’s ugly.

    I say that as someone who has no knowledge of fashion whatsoever.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Funny thing, even a classic lolita fashionist wouldn’t dress like Remy (and this fashion style is loosely based on Victorian fashion). Of course, Victorian maids did dress like sexy anime girls *rolls eyes*. Actually I don’t even get why she needs to wear dresses, that expose her body- she’s only a maid. In the Pinky/Pimpy flashback we see maids dressing appropriately to the Era so why does she need this kawaii animu dress? Oh, cause it’s kawaii, that’s why.

    Also, Rory is sooo Victorian in this page. Let’s say I understand that this is a ‘fantasy world’ (which I don’t cause fantasy is based on reality and ‘lol it’s a fantasy world’ is only an excuse for laziness), but couldn’t they at least make all their characters dress in the same style? Reed, Rhys and other aristocraths dress quite appropriate and people in TH wear what? Punk clothes, piercings,modern sweaters, women wear shorts. They’re not even trying.

    • wanda says:

      If they really wanted to draw some period clothes, they could make a current brothel in Las Vegas or something whose “schtick” was dressing up everyone in sexy period clothes. Like, if you don’t adhere to the funky dress code, then you’re out. But yeah, it’s the height of laziness to draw “just, whatever” because you like lolita AND Victorian clothes. You have to pick one, ladies.

      • Anonymous says:

        That would be a good idea…, but things like that need the research and they are too lazy for it. Axsis looks so ridiculous in this page with pseudo-Victorian clothes, lip piercing and the animu hairstyle. Also, are they assuming, that each time Remy blushes, she’s faking the blush? Cause they want us to think, she’s two-faced. Faking the blush- I never thought I’d say something so stupid.

  6. Niki says:

    Also, Linneuss’s character makes completly no sense. I bet even the authors don’t know who he is supposed to be and identifie as. So he is a man who gives us allusions, that he wants to be a woman both in flashbacks and in main story, but than nope he’s not trans* but only because trans* people don’t exsist in their bullshit universe?!

    Oh and by the way, I facepalm so hard when I see this Axis-is-hetero-but-gay-for-one-person plot. Typical yaoi stereotype, always maintaned wrong. Oh and by the way, how does this ‘he’s gay for him’ thing work anyway since Axis never wanted to have sex with Rhys but was forced to it?

    • cc says:

      You forgot that Atros/Pimpy is ALSO a “straight man” who is “only gay for Pinky”.


      • Wanda says:

        DON’T FORGET GILDER. Gilder’s only gay for Pinky too! 8D

        God forbid a “masculine” man actually be gay or want anything to do with a cock unless it’s wrapped up in a pretty girly kawaii package. Or gotten through rape.

        I’ve used the “mostly gay for you” thing before, but it’s mostly after a significant emotional connection has been made, and I don’t do it nearly as much as these authors do. You can only do it once per novel or else you start to look suspicious.

        • wanderingaddict says:

          as a bi guy, I’m super leery of any story that plays that card, even though I actually really like it when the romance is “well I’m not normally into guys, but I AM way into you!”; it’s just sooooooo damn rare to see it backed up with other instances of said guy being into dudes in any way at all (other than topping the (usually) bottom, of course). with Teahouse I’m actually less annoyed at Gilder (which, whatever, he wanted to do a chick that wasn’t a clear bitch and/or 500+pound cow or whatever Claret is supposed to be). what actually makes me really annoyed there is that Axis and Rhys and Rory and Reed have no sexual interests in anything other than their sex partners which leaves me just like “… really?” hell even Atros has shown he wants the D(?)(at least, I assume, but hey maybe pinky just has a vagina effect on men), but he also never ever glances at another man other than Pinky.

          • Wanda says:

            I would have been totally okay with Gilder, because he was kinda just like “yeah, whatever”, and he has the kind of personality that makes you think “well, maybe he’s just not picky and is open to new things”. But it makes no sense with anyone else, especially Rhys, who is supposedly some kind of philanderer. I understand he likes a clueless person to mouth off to him, but dude, wear a fake mustache and go to any bar. I’m sure you can find plenty of dudes who don’t know who you are who are willing to blow you and maybe badmouth you if you ask them nicely.

            Rory and Reed are gross and neither one is sexy because their approach to sex is so fucking unsexy. These authors are insanely sex-negative. They can’t imagine a submissive actually enjoying (or initiating) sex, or a dom actually wanting a sub to enjoy sex. Instead Reed has to pull the creepy psychopath thing and Rory is just a vessel to receive his dick. Rory’s desires are meaningless. Yeah, I get it: he’s a prostitute. But this is supposed to be everyone’s OTP.

            I am sexually-challenged and yet I understand sex waaaay better than these authors do. I bet they like 50 Shades of Grey.

          • To me Rhys is a straight up abuser. He wanted Axis because he wanted a power trip, he wanted to dominate someone who didn’t want it, to struggle but to be ultimately helpless. A regular dude in a bar would feel less compelled to put up with his degrading behavior.

            If he was a normal person who didn’t want his sister with “his” rough and tumble prostitute he should have talked to HER about it, found out if she was hurt. To me he wasn’t really concerned with her safety or ~dignity~ he was concerned that his “property” had stepped out of line. Though he really he had no choice in the manner in the first place. It’s an excuse to teach him his place not some gallant big brother saving her from a predator.

            Though at least those two have some hint of personality. Reed has 0 he’s pretty much a sexy blow-up doll they toss on Rory. While Rory is just “submissive.” It is incredibly sex negative for Rory’s sexual awakening to have pretty much no choice, and he had to lie back and think of England while his partner did whatever he damned well please. That shit is fucking creepy even if we don’t calculate in the “virgin” and “total possession.” It’s one thing if Reed was supposed to be a creeper, but NOOOOO he’s supposed to be hot and Rory’s falling in love with him is totes not him being naive and irrational.

            You don’t need to be a sexual person to understand all of this. All you need is a brain, and it is scary to consider that the authors who are middle aged still don’t grasp these basic sexual concepts.

            I’m not sure if they’re fans but I wouldn’t be less shocked. I did notice that E.L James’ twitter sounds exactly like the teahouse twitter. “ohgoshsqueesosmexylol”

          • Tiamat says:

            Not 100% sure, but I think they mentioned being fans of 50 Shades on their Twitter.

            I am somehow unsurprised.

          • Wanda says:

            Ugh. Of course they’re fans. OF COURSE. I bet they take writing tips from E.L. James. Maybe that’s why their characters blush so fucking much. Luckily so far no one has attempted to monitor anyone’s eating habits, BUT IT COULD HAPPEN.

            What I would love would be a re-doing of Teahouse by someone actually competent, who re-drew it and re-made it as something horrifying and abusive, like how it actually is but without make me want to punch in a wall. And they should intentionally make all “sexy” abusers fat, old, and ugly, NOT because fat, old or ugly people are inherently more abusive but because it’s probably the ONLY thing that would ever make the fangirls stop and think about how attractiveness influences their opinions on what constitutes rape and consent. Because in order to reach shallow people, you have to appeal to them using shallow means. Unfortunately, if the characters remain “hot”, then they’ll never see it. THEY WILL NEVER SEE IT.

            That’s how fucked up it all is.

            I wished they showed Axis’s interaction with Rhys’s sister, but the again, I’m glad they didn’t, because they would have somehow portrayed her as a whiny bitch (silly wimminz) and him as a total ass. In my head I imagine it as a supportive and pleasant experience for both, because Rhys’s sister doesn’t seem to have the personality problems her brother has.

          • The peering through eyelashes shit they probably picked up too!

            I did flirt with the idea of creating a BL story, and on it’s one year anniversary suddenly switch all the pages to be the exact same but with the characters being pudgy and not bishie pretty. When people bitch claim that it’s always been that way and if it was revealed go, “Gosh why are you guys upset, I thought you liked this comic for the story?”

            I think I remember the teahouse authors enjoying a picture somebody drew of Axis/Rhys’s sister having good supportive sex. You’d think Axis would be capable of feigning respect for her, he probably gets a bunch of new-timers.

          • Wanda says:

            It’s too bad that it’d be so much effort just to troll a bunch of fangirls, because that would be awesome. I did the King and the Courtesan, but that was an actual serious story I wrote that just HAPPENED to troll fangirls at the same time. It wasn’t my fault they couldn’t handle the fact that Melissa wouldn’t end up with a psychopathic abuser.

            I wouldn’t put it past Axis to be an asshole though. No one in this comic is capable of being a decent human being, even for money. EVEN WHEN IT IS THEIR JOB.

    • Yeah they went into the story going, “lol tranny in a non-tranny universe” than realized, “Holy shit that’s fucking stupid and offensive” so they backpedaled. The big reveal of him not being transgender is when asked if he wants to be a girl he just goes, “no.” ….when he’s 5.

      As I have stated many times, the story would be SO MUCH better if they had kept him transgender. The scene where Lillith tells him he’ll never be a woman, or Atros’ wife revealing that’s she’s pregnant could be 1000 times more powerful. But no.

      Every person ever gay for Linnueus is apparently ~ONLY GAY FOR HIM CAUSE HE’S LIKE A GIRL IN SPIRIT BUT NOT REALLY LOL~ Glider and atros swapped orienations for him apparently. Also we don’t know what’s going on with Rory since he clearly finds women sexually appealing he could have just swapped for Reed too for all we know. Axis’ affection for Rhys make no fucking sense at all. Rhys has done nothing but treat him like shit, and Axis even goes out of his way to fix his shirt? FUCKING WHY?! LAST TIME HE WAS OVER HE RUINED YOURS!

      • wanderingaddict says:

        wait Axis fixed Rhys’s shirt? that seriously happened? I thought Axis was fixing his own damn shirt and you riffed it to be Rhys’s! god damn!

        • Stardigrade says:

          Yeah that actually happened


          Because kawaii desu. Look, she even put the blush marks in!!

          • wanderingaddict says:

            on the next page it shows a shit-ass job a fucking six year old could do better than. *pukes*

            fuck this Teahouse comic. it’s trash. absolute trash. god damn can’t even write an asshole char right god damn.

          • You weren’t moved by the fact that no new information was revealed, Remy is still a cheap trope and Rory is utterly spineless?

            YOU HAVE NO SOUL!

          • I am still reeling from how bad that characterization is. Last time they talked Rhys had PUNCHED AXIS IN THE FUCKING FACE WITHOUT EXPLANATION. The tender moment Axis wasn’t even conscious for, and couldn’t have helped his comfort level much, and with his personality probably wouldn’t give a shit ANYWAY!

            So let’s just heap rape, physical abuse, and property damage all in one and he still falls in love with him. Lol

      • Stardigrade says:

        Back when I had some kind of support for the comic, when that page came out, I took a massive back-step when I realised the authors ACTUALLY thought that was an adequate way of confirming Linneus’s cisgenderness.
        Fo’ sho’ at no point would they ever have to touch on it again, no way would baby Linneus LIE to save face in front of his BFF?

        • Stardigrade says:

          I haven’t read TH comments pages in forever, but last time I noticed, people still thought Linny was transgender and other people were still using that backstory page to “prove” that no, Linneus was not transgender because he said “no” when asked once. One time.

          • SirSeph says:

            Yeah because it’s not like gender can be fluid or anything. Jesus Christ, if TH can bend their characters’ sexualities all over the place with no rhyme or reason I don’t see why they don’t get that gender goes the same way. Then again, they’re not doing fluid sexuality so much as a *picks up dolls of main characters and mashes their faces together* LOOK IT’S TRUE WUV sort of move. Because Word of God says XYZ about this relationship so it MUST be true, even though XY and Z are shown nowhere in the damn comic.

          • Yeah because it’s not like gender can be fluid or anything. Jesus Christ, if TH can bend their characters’ sexualities all over the place with no rhyme or reason I don’t see why they don’t get that gender goes the same way.


          • Stardigrade says:

            I could easily see Lillith transitioning, which would actually make for an incredibly fascinating story if alongside Pinky transitioning too, coupled with the drama between them over Atros.

            Rhys and Axis remind me of Cain and Abel a lot, such loving relationships for both of them, that somehow bloomed out of dub-con situations xD

            Joking aside, I actually paid for the first chapter of Teahouse and was pretty horrified how forceful Rhys was and you know, Axis saying “NO” and everything. But it’s ok, ‘cos whores don’t need respect, and Axis totally got into it.

      • Wanda says:

        Aw man, that would have been such a good scene, if Linny were trans and Lillith was all “you aren’t a woman”. But instead it was just a stupid scene to let the audience know that “OMG GUIZ, SEE, HE’S TTLY GOT A DICK BET U DIDN’T GUESS THAT ALREADY”

        A better way would have been to show Pinky as male would be to give him a full frontal nude scene in which he sits around his room naked, legs spread, reading Maxim with a cigarette and a whole bottle of Smirnoff. Maybe jacking off. THERE. YOU SEE. HE IS MALE. LOLOLOLOLOL.

        It’s a good thing I don’t draw webcomics, man.

        As for Gilder, I don’t know why any straight man worth his salt who would take a pass on Claret, the dumb girl with the huge boobs, and pick a self-conscious scrawny guy who has no sex appeal whatsoever. Not that the latter doesn’t deserve sex, but even as a straight woman, I would much rather pay for Claret’s time than Linny. At least she’s vaguely amusing. :/

        • wanderingaddict says:

          that whole scene. everything about it. the courtesans parade out, you get to “choose your whore!” – the fact that this random mercenary is even allowed in without a special code or pass or something? they only have two women on staff (and don’t even draw just random extras??(???) neither of whom are even TRYING to sell themselves to Gilder – it’s just like? ??? why the hell didn’t he take his money literally anywhere else?

          I mean, if his type is “tomboys” then that’d be understandable since neither Claret nor Lilith fit that as much, but… I totally agree with you on all other counts. it’s nice to hear a woman’s opinion of Pinky, because I cannot imagine wanting to stick it in that boring twig.

          • Yeah I mean seriously. The brothel is enormous and they only have 6 sex workers? Lillith was even glaring the whole time cause Atros had beaver-impeded her or whatever. Let’s let this guy just take all these weapons up to this locked room with a major income earner why not, nothing could go wrong.

          • Wanda says:

            Yeah, they act like they work at McDonald’s, getting paid 7.25 an hour. Okay, maybe you don’t want to be whores, that’s fine. But how do they make ANY money? Supposedly Lilith is supposed to be this gorgeous lady but every single goddamn man who meets her is like “you’re terrifying, you’re gross, ew”. A very clear case of the author’s inserting their opinions into characters who otherwise would have no reason to find Lilith gross. Especially Rhys. He’s grossed out because she’s “scary”? Dude, you’re the most narcissistic piece of trash in the joint. No one can help that you’re ego’s too big to handle a woman who doesn’t take your bullshit.

            Let me make it clear that I love myself some girly men, but only when they kick ass and take names, like any female character should. Pinky is just so fucking boring and stupid and spineless. I hate him as a man, I hate him as a woman, I hate him as an amoeba. It’s attack of the bland personality, just like Bella in Twilight. If you have a character with absolutely no personality whatsoever, he/she can be a self-insert much more easily.

          • Rhys didn’t even say Lillith was scary he said she was “used up” which is hugely misogynistic and fucking hypocrisy at its best considering how he can’t stop himself from fucking anything that staggers into his field of vision. I don’t really feel how she’s supposed to be one of the highest earners cause all we see of her is her acting nasty in front of customers. I like girls with attitude but if you’re trying to make money shouldn’t you at least crack a smile in front of clients? Christ!

            I could even handle if Pinky was a door mat but for a reason, and has a good character arc where he learns to respect himself. No such luck in this comic I can guarantee it. He is incredibly fucking boring he folds like a house of cards at each opportunity and runs away when conflict presents itself.

          • wanda says:

            Oh right, it was Mercutio that terrified him. Because of a dildo? Anyway, it is rich coming from Rhys, who is a whorebag as well. THe customer service sucks either way. Come on ladies and gents, it’s your JOB to make people happy. Try to be a little more accommodating? Claret’s the only one who seems to understand this. And they say SHE’S the dumb one.

            He’s complicit in his own door matting, considering how he’s in lurve with Atros because of ~*~REASONS~*~. But he has no personality. I don’t know a single thing about him except that he likes to wear jewelry, trim roses, and be a cute child (who ISN’T a cute child?) He has no personality. He’s a character meant for self-insertion, nothing more.

        • I mean its cheesy but Pinky looking at himself, full frontal in a mirror getting ready for a client would be a good way to show he’s a dude, and could even go into bullshit like how self-conscious he is, or tackle the gender thing there too, but nope nope nope.

          PS you should draw webcomics I am alright with this.

          Seriously, every person I talk to about Teahouse despite orientation are all like, “Shit Claret is the only one I’d consider having sex with.” She’s the only one not a raging a-hole, or a total jellyfish.

          • Wanda says:

            I MIGHT have a ClaretXGilder threesome. Maybe. If neither of them talked and just did what I told them to. Which would probably result in no sex and just long discussions about Game of Thrones and horses. YEAH. THAT’S HOT.

            They could show him trying to cover up an adams apple (but nooooo, can’t have any actual masculine traits in my male character!) or stuffing his corset or some shit like that. Maybe even a bulge in his pants. I don’t get the point of a male character having no male traits whatsoever. Why not just have him be female (or transgender, at least). It’s not like we ever see his dick anyway, or even an ALLUSION to a dick. It would not change the story a single iota. And when your male character’s femininity has absolutely no bearing on the plot, your plot is stupid. SAYS ME.

            The problem with webcomics is that they take patience and dedication, both of which I have in short supply. :( Sadness. THINK OF ALL THE PORN I COULD PROFIT FROM.

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