Story Brain Storming Sunday: BDSM!

It’s that time!

I encourage people to give suggestions to mine or any story posted.  If you think somebody’s idea totally rules or totally sucks that’s cool. BUT you have to give at least one reason why.  I will probably be doing some playful devil’s advocate all over the place.  Hopefully we can have fun and learn about writing from each other.

It won’t have to be BL orientated, but combating beaten to death cliches will give you major bonus points.

This week prompt is: BDSM!

Big dong small mouth? Bring dem sassy marauders? Bountiful demonic sex and mischief?

Whatever that acronym means it’s had popular culture in a tizzy.  Yet the reason it’s been in the spotlight is for a stupid reason.  Who’s annoyed that most portrayals of those who enjoy kinky sex are damaged maladjusted disgusting freaks?  Afterall there’s evidence those into a bit of rope/tape/cuffs/chains/etc are overall very psychologically stable.

You up for a sweet romance that just happens to include latex, masks, and cages?  Nothing but straight sex?  Full throttle lifestyle or just a side plotline?


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  1. I’ve actually been working on a side project where this is the focus.

    It’s current name is “Top dog is a bitch” about a female dom and a male sub and their less than perfect relationship.

    Myway (I couldn’t resist) is stubborn woman nearing her 30s with no real sexual history and starts an average seeming relationship with flighty Jason.

    Jason comes forward as to being into some kinky stuff and Myway learns she’s more than happy to oblige.

    What I want is to basically do a story about average people into BDSM that features a self-assured male sub and shy female dom. I want it punctuated with sex, sweetness, but to not veer away from personality clashes or serious relationship problems. I want it to be a good study in characterization.

    My main concern as I write this story is that you see the story through Myway’s eyes but she is not an entirely good person, and I’m worried that the majority of people will not enjoy her. One thing being she has fits of possessiveness but I don’t want people to think that it’s connected to her being a dom. It’s connected to her being insecure.

    What do you folks thinks?

    • Stardigrade says:

      I think this is a wonderful idea, and a very very good opportunity to demonstrate that in a consensual S&M partnership, it is the sub who is really the dom.

      I also like that Myway may inspire conflict in the reader, I hope you explore all her flaws and faults and errors to the full degree, whether she ammends them or not.

      Perhaps you could have a situation where Jason sets hard limits and Myway breaks them, either accidently or forcefully. What would be the repercussions of that on their relationship? Where would they stand trust-wise?

      • Haha thank you!

        I do not want to sugar-coat Myway but I do not want somebody be turned off the story because they can’t stand her. I’m going to try my best to not “justify” her behavior but make readers “understand” it and hopefully through that I actually get a fanbase haha.

        I do like that last idea a lot! I had pictured Myway into slave roleplay but that’s a hard limit for Jason. It’s early into their relationship Myway gets too wrapped up and pushes that limit part due to her inexperience. The aftermath of it Myway learns more about BDSM and what sets Jason off, and it works out. Perhaps one of the few times it does work out.

        • Stardigrade says:

          I’m going to go out on a wing here and recommend another manga well-worth your time – Nana to Kaoru and it’s sister series Nana to Kaoru Arashi. Yes it’s a male-dom female-sub series but it explores trust issues within a starting S&M partnership very VERY well.

        • Stardigrade says:

          Also expanding on your idea of Slave role-play there’s an episode of Secret Diaries of a Call-Girl where main lady is asked to be a Dom for a client for the first time ever and out of her frustration with her personal life, she ends up pushing one of her current client’s hard limits and upsets him so much it pushes her to give it up and never offer it again. It really shows how symbiotic S&M can be and that regardless if your sub likes being treated like dirt, they allow you to treat them inhumanely as much as THEY allow.

    • wanderingaddict says:

      I love this idea and this story. I’m not really interested in BDSM when it’s the dom that’s always pushing it (barf) but I love it when the submissive one is able to arouse a certain kinkiness in the person they want to dominate them. to me, it can totally define some boundless depths in terms of affection. similar to stardigrade, I would also suggest the counter-point of the dude wanting Myway to go further than she’s comfortable, and this doesn’t have to be all about pain. it could be anything she just balks at, like humiliating him or various bodily fluids (hell, even just spitting on someone if they want you to really make it seem demeaning could be too much). or they could be fantasies she’s just squicked out by, like he – and it’s clear he just wants to pretend, but still it turns him on – likes the idea of her promising to castrate or insult his equipment/sexual prowess (which always mystifies me, but I know some dudes are insanely into that). that could play negatively into her insecurity, and it might be something they both need to deal with – in some ways, it could bring them closer and deal with the adult topic of “gee, maybe sometimes some things will just always be fantasies and they don’t have to be fulfilled”, something that is so rarely acknowledged (especially when it comes to bdsm).

      • wanderingaddict says:

        oh, another great thing she might struggle with is that he’s bi and really likes anal-play. it could even be something not related to BDSM per se, where she’s worried she can’t compete with a man for his affections and so is always trying to make pegging unusual and exciting, and loses sight of the fact that he’s with her because she’s a woman and he’s also attracted to that as well. I dunno, just a thought. I think it’s a brilliant story idea overall.

        • Stardigrade says:

          I really like the idea of a bi-guy being into anal-play with a woman, /especially/ if she’s an insecure woman, would this play into her insecurities?

          On the subject of a pushy sub, I have a friend who’s a hardcore sub and INSISTS on putting up a serious fight with the dom during play. It pushes the dom to use brute-force to dominate her, the more you give the more you get. I think that’s something of intrigue for fiction.

        • You know that’s something I’ve been debating. That could play beautifully into her insecurities, but I also kind of want to touch on being into anal play as a guy doesn’t mean you’re into dudes.


      • Yeah I’m pretty sick of the idea that the “dom” is perfectly secure and great and is the most important part of S&M that the subs could be replaced with sex dolls. Ever since I saw Secretary I’ve wanted to explore a reluctant Dom. BDSM has its stigma, and that stigma applies to both sides come onnnnnnnnn.

        That counterpoint is also a great idea. Not only do I like the idea of a give and take when it comes to pushing limits but I had pictured Jason being way into humiliation. Perhaps Myway is down for some of the humiliation but he wants something in particular she just can’t go through with it makes her feel disgusting. I’m thinking the fact that Jason has a burn scar and missing fingers due to a childhood fireworks accident, and maybe he gets off on being called ugly and a cripple for it. That is certainly something that would make Myway feel shitty. Haha I like the idea she tries but can’t go through with it and pulls out the safeword. Silly Myway safewords are for subs!

        Though I could touch on the fact he likes it as part of a sex roleplay but it doesn’t exactly arouse him when somebody uses it as an insult against him.

        “gee, maybe sometimes some things will just always be fantasies and they don’t have to be fulfilled”,

        That’s defiantly something I want to touch on as well. OH SO MUCH WRITING TO DOOOOOOOOOO~

        • Stardigrade says:

          I absolutely love love the notion of a “Dom-in-Training” there’s a MARVELOUS little scene in Ichi the Killer but I won’t ruin it for you ;3

          My friend the sub has trained many partners she deemed worthy to dom her, and I think it’s even more exciting and entertaining an idea than training a slave/sub. In fact, subjugation is BORING – no more of that.

    • wanda says:

      Honestly, anything with a female dom and a male sub is a’ight with me. These things are extremely difficult to find. :/

  2. Stardigrade says:

    My favourite work of S&M fiction is Ichi the Killer. I love the variety of people with variations of S&M fetishes depicted, from the level-headed to the most instable. I love how deplorable and conflicted the protagonist is (and the twist in his story) and I love how cool and intimidating our sub-leaning villain is. Though not perfect (there are several things I wish were explained more) it’s a manga well worth your time. Some people might be a bit wishy-washy about the movie though, it’s quite artsy. Go for the manga first.

  3. Wanda says:

    Mostly I just would like to see BDSM from people who know what the hell they’re doing.

    That’s all.

    (Well, and power bottoms but YOU KNOW WHATEVER)

  4. rags says:

    BDSM where there is no sex, particularly penetrative. Idk why, I think I just really have a thing for other aspects of it besides ‘aid for sexy times’. Sometimes I see it in het stuff, with objectification or other playing around, but pretty much never in yaoi, sadly. Then again I am also one of those weirdos who thinks smarm and near-sex are infinitely hotter than actual sex.

    • Wanda says:

      Yeah, whenever my characters bone, they do way more smarmy talking to one another than they do boning.

    • Stardigrade says:

      I also appreciate this, but S&M that involves some form of genital stimulation is more understandable and therefore “acceptable” in the eyes of the mainstream, because /why else/ would anyone want the crap beaten out of them?

    • No I think I know what you mean when you say near-sex is hotter than actual sex. I have heard that a few people who are into BDSM have sex as a hard limit. Which seems bizarre but there is more to BDSM than just sex, so it’s understandable.

  5. SirSeph says:

    Ok this might be a little weird (and also this is my first time doing brainstorming sunday so bear with me), but I sort of like the idea of a couple slowly coming to realize that BDSM is something theyre into? Because I mean, you don’t know until you try it is the general phrase. So for example, maybe they try something small like “hey what if i blindfolded you” and it sort of sparks an interest in them both and there’s a lot of awkward internet searches and maybe one of them is super nervous so they do really dorky trust building exercises. But the main point is they’re BOTH ENTIRELY INFORMED on everything since this interest blossomed through and built up from learning about it from reliable sources, instead of the “oh hey what if I hit you bc I like to hit people and you might not like it but tough beans” that most “”"”BDSM”"”" stories (yaois) have.
    Also a really fluffy cutesy couple that’s super kinky behind doors is something I find quiTE APPEALING, but that might just be me. Sharp ambience changes are wonderful.

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