Story Brain-storming Sunday: Bromance/Womance!

It’s that time!

I encourage people to give suggestions to mine or any story posted.  If you think somebody’s idea totally rules or totally sucks that’s cool. BUT you have to give at least one reason why.  I will probably be doing some playful devil’s advocate all over the place.  Hopefully we can have fun and learn about writing from each other.

It won’t have to be BL orientated, but combating beaten to death cliches will give you major bonus points.

This week prompt is: FRIENDSHIP!

We talked a bit about relationships with romance and no sex, now let’s talk about relationships without sex OR romance!

Sure the two friends realize they dig each other story is sweet, but there’s nothing wrong with just two people in tight friendships. If a straight person can have a friendship with somebody of the opposite sex without banging them, the homos can have relationships with the same sex without sex!

Go on internet! Tell me about your fictional best buds!

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22 Responses to Story Brain-storming Sunday: Bromance/Womance!

  1. cc says:

    (Not contributing for ~reasons)

    However I will say that I love friendships in stories and I derive sadistic pleasure from watching fanboys/girls writhe when their “OMG THEY SHOULD TTLY BE TOGETHAR” get “shafted” by canon because the characters really do have a much more magnificent friendship than romance.

    • wanderingaddict says:

      I’m bi. I lean towards guys more often than girls and often identify as gay if I’m trying to make a point. I love guys getting it on with guys and think it’s the best thing in any story ever. but damn if I don’t think it’s a thing of beauty when the bromance is so strong it completely kills any possibility of the two actually hooking up!

    • Wanda says:

      I have this problem in my own work. Readers want so-and-so and so-and-so to be together forever and I’m just like “eeeeeeaaaayah, no.” I don’t like changing people’s sexualities to satisfy boners/girl-boners, so usually if I say a guy is straight, I mean it. D8<

      • wanderingaddict says:

        I agree with your stance of “nope. sorry.” but I have to also admit I am terribly amused by head-nods in the direction of the ship. done with comedy or class, of course.

  2. Stardigrade says:

    I’ma tawk about a show I got into recently, Hunter x Hunter. It’s may not be for everyone, it’s a Shounen Jump-style show along a similar vein to DBZ and One Piece. However it’s far from typical. The story is very tight with little filler, there’s very good character development, and surprisingly dark, bloody and complex at times, much more so than others of its kind.

    Above all, I love the friendship of the main guy Gon and Killua. Gon is a very typical nonchalant Shounen hero in a lot of respects (this is called out on by the other characters several times) however he’s also a typical 11-ish year old boy. You get shows and anime about children where they are basically mini adults and don’t act like children at all, and Hunter x Hunter breaks the mould by giving Gon and Killua sweet moments like this that really takes me back to being that age.

  3. RayneofCastamere says:

    Female friendship. Seriously, there’s not enough of it. There’s way too many examples in media where girls only see each other as rivals and backstab one another. Female solidarity FTW.

    • Stardigrade says:

      Ooohh I do like Daria and Jane’s friendship, that’s the only one that springs to mind at the moment

      • RayneofCastamere says:

        Sad, isn’t it? There are a billion bromances but very few female friendships of the same caliber. It’s like popular media don’t think women can be loyal and faithful to anyone they don’t want to bang.

        • Stardigrade says:

          I don’t suppose My Little Pony counts? -__- The more I go into children’s media, the more I can think of but no older mainstream examples.

          I’m sad now. :(

          • wanderingaddict says:

            my little pony is amazing! a similarly-veined show is the Tinkerbell movies on Netflix, if you have that. I’ve been really impressed with them. but also, come on guys, Xena and Gabrielle were womancing long before it turned lesbian and even the very last episode where Xena lives on in Gabrielle’s head could be interpreted as strictly womance!

          • Stardigrade says:

            I won’t lie to you, I watched Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure last Christmas and thought it was /awesome/. Now knowing there’s womance and shipteasing, I’ll definately check out the others.

    • Wanda says:

      Because DUH, girls are bitches! I’m only friends with guys cuz guys are logical and don’t create stupid DRAMA and talk behind my back amirite!?

      Whenever girls say that shit, I think, “Well, if you can’t get along with half the world– approximately 3.5 billion people– I think it’s a problem with you, not with women.” Internalized misogyny, yaaaaaay! Speaking personally, I’ve never had ANY trouble with drama and women. ANY. But I guess it’s more interesting to Hollywood to create Mean Girls™ than to create women who actually support and like one another.

  4. Wanda says:

    All of my stories feature some type of important friendship, such as:
    A straight girl and a genderqueer gay man.
    A gay man and a gay man They were previously in a relationship but decided they were better off friends, due to incompatibility.
    A gay duke and his straight wife. They are in an open relationship because the duke is gay, but they have a son, and they’re very supportive of one another.
    Five girls in space Lady friendships are just as important as the male kind.

    I also piss off my readers constantly by teasing them with a couple that then turns out to just be friends. Because usually people are better off friends, and I recognize that. I will never change the personality of a character to “fit” into a relationship with another person. I’ve seen this happen, and it’s downright awful. No one should have to change. If the guy is a philanderer who loves to party, then he shouldn’t become Mr. Loyal who watches TV all night for his significant other.

    I’m also cool with stories about friends with benefits. I’d like more of those. 8D

    • Stardigrade says:

      These are all amazing *__* I liked picture of the straight girl and the gay guy, very sassy xD
      Also yay for the gay guy and the gay guy. I think that kind of friendship is even more stigmatised by the mainstream than straight man/woman.

      But what is this e__e facial expressions in a comic? What an absurd notion.

      • wanda says:

        When you’re a 6’3″ drag queen, sassy is second nature. ;)

        Duuuuh, all gay men sleep with all gay men. They can’t be friends! I think it’s ridiculous, because nearly everything I read written by gay men about gay men older than 20 has a gay character with at least two other gay friends. GAYS. THEY TRAVEL IN PACKS. Or was that wolves?

        Aaaaaalll the facial expressions, man. Proof that a character can still emote and be attractive, because Justin is a sexy mofo. I mean, he’s not KAWAII DESU but no one is perfect.

        (How many times can one link to one’s own work without being annoying? This I would like to know. XD).

        • Stardigrade says:

          That’s some very nice rendering, plus the skin tones and texture are very good o.Q Good show!

          I have a gay friend who’s fairly homophobic himself and thinks the “gay community” shouldn’t exist because the LGBT should now begin to integrate into society. I suppose it’s true to a degree, but it’s hard y’know most of the world is still fairly homophobic. And I think friendships among people like yourself are far more valuable than any relationship.

          • Wanda says:


            How unfortunate for him. :/ Let me guess– he passes for straight? When you “pass”, it’s easy to tell everyone that they should just play nice with the straights because of course straights are so nice to you. Where as the “flamers” who get all the shit should cut that act out and just be “normal” because they’re asking for it anyway.

            If he is flamboyant and still homophobic, God help his soul. XD

          • Stardigrade says:

            Yeah, basically. He’s “sociably” camp himself, but scorns the overly-flamboyant kind, thinks they’re “exhibitionist” and gives gays a bad name. I think he’d be a decent antagonist in a story xD

            I actually had another friend who used to be quite loud and camp but as time’s gone he’s toned it down a fair bit. Also a career change, he wanted to be an actor, now he’s training as an engineer!

            Sorry to get into this sad discussion xD But your Justin just brought it to mind x3 Good for him for being exactly who he wants and not caring what others think, that’s the perfect life ethos.

          • Wanda says:

            Why is this dude your friend? XD Or is it like the “oh yeah, I know that guy, he’s, uh, what’s-his-face” kind of friend? Maybe one day he’ll wise up. Or maybe he’ll be a jerk forever. Some people never mature past 14.

            I think everyone calms down a little bit as they age. I was a weird mixture between punk/goth/homeless-chic in high school and now I’m pretty much average all around. I think it’s because I was surrounded by idiots in high school, so I wanted to distinguish myself as a non-idiot. In college most people I met were non-idiots, so I didn’t have to try so hard. *sigh* Those were the days.

            I always welcome sad discussions. :D Justin does probably care what others think, because if he didn’t he wouldn’t be so quick to call people douchefuckers. XD

          • Stardigrade says:

            That bud is really just a distant friend-in-law these days. But they’ll always be people with irritating differences, it’s whether the good points weigh them out enough xD He was fairly sophisticated in nerd culture and Golden-age music and that was enough for me!

            I used to be on rocket fuel around friends when I was in my prime, since childhood I had proper hyperactive episodes (but only around friends – Around everyone else, I was as quiet as a mouse) and as I got older it was obvious it was wearing people out xD I didn’t get invited along to things as much. Nowadays they just seem to manifest as “loud” moments, and not so often. I also get frustrated and have to jog my leg or rub my hands with new people if they talk slowly or the conversation is boring.

            I used to make an effort with cool goth/punk t-shirts and make-up from this trendy market in London, but then the fire nation attacked. And I realised that I value experiances and learning more than my appearance xD
            I just borrow my mum, sister even my dad’s stuff much to their annoyance.

            Ah now, Justin has the right idea. Anyone who stays by Justin’s side after he calls them a douchefucker is worthy of being his friend.

          • Wanda says:

            Ah, I see. I still have a friend from high school/middle school who is pretty “white trash”, but we get along very well considering how we have nearly nothing in common anymore. XD The problems only start when she invites her awful friends to come with us.

            I have a really hard time pretending to care when people have boring conversations. Like when my coworkers sit around and tell each other exactly what their children are up to . . . it’s nice, I guess, but I really do not care one bit. All I can think about is how much I wish I was on the internet right then. But I think I’ve always been like that.

            Indeed. Justin has managed to find the few people who are not afraid of him.

          • Stardigrade says:

            Argh indeed I detest this too :< Friends are amplifiers, and it only takes one bad friend to bring out a side of someone you wish you never saw.

            Oh yes children conversations. Lest we forget the infamous weather conversation as well. Good for 'em if that's what being an adult means to them. I'll take my Pokemon and toilet humour chats /any/ day of the week, at least I can manage my money and personal life, which is more than 80% of them can say -___-

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