Update for 9/22/13!

Tyrant NSFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Pure heartless Rape Dance


The Tryant who fell down and can’t get up – SirSeph

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  1. RayneofCastamere says:

    That’s it. I’m buying Senpai a Taser. Let’s see how Morinaga likes a fistful o’ lightnin’.

  2. Stardigrade says:

    So I had some spare time and got round to reading Tyrant properly…

    I don’t even know where to begin ;_;

    I’m going to go out on a wing here and say that the story /had/ potential. Of course, every story has potential, I’m a very optimistic person in that sense. But nu nu, it’s very very clear the author did not want to be “interesting” or “pioneering” like I’d say the fricking MAJORITY of manga-ka are, she jumped on the yaoi bandwagon and just wanted to create dub-con porn with enough plot to keep it out of a H-magazine.

    But I think we’re all well acquainted by now that Tyrant sucks dogs bollocks, here are things I picked up on that /could/ have been interesting if developed further.

    -The Seme acts Uke outside the bedroom and vice versa. I don’t read a whole bunch of yaoi, so I don’t know if this is a regular thing, but it’s much more flavourful than UKE WIMP SEME DOMDOMDOMDOM

    -The uke-acting Seme’s manipulation of someone his senior IS INTERESTING. I would have loved to have seen some development on this, it could have been so much more advanced and embedded than a shitty “I’ll drop out of uni if you don’t let me fuck you once a week” blackmail.

    -The Uke’s feelings and responses to Seme’s appalling behaviour /could/ have been explored more, for better or for worse. There is no development, even when it’s clear that he’s reciprocating the feelings. If he is developing Stockholm Syndrome, I’d like to know why. How. THE MECHANICS. What is going on in everyone’s heads?

    -No Yaoi Bitch – Unless the little sister counts? She does cock-block at least once I think.

    • Stardigrade says:

      “it’s very very clear the author did not want to be “interesting” or “pioneering” like I’d say the fricking MAJORITY of manga-ka are”

      Yeah I worded that wrong, I’d say bandwagons and genre tropes are RIFE in manga and anime and pioneers are few and far between.

      Sorry about that xD

      • cc says:

        What’s sad and hilarious is “an actually consensual and well-developed relationship” in a yaoi would be pioneering.

        Also what Tyrant does is a distinct subset of “subversive” yaoi, where the roles are like that but the unhealthy aspects are still very present and treated as romance. I believe they have a term for “secret seme” and “secret uke” or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what it is called.

        • Stardigrade says:

          It’s sad that when someone comes up with an original idea, instead of inspiring people to come up with their OWN original ideas, they just turn it into a trope to mass-produce xDDDD

          It’s like my least favourite anime ever, Evangelion’s Shinji Ikari was a pioneering character and now you see him fricking EVERYWHERE *cough*Attackonfuckingtitan*cough*

          • Tiamat says:

            Hey, Eren isn’t like Shinji and Armin (from what I’ve read thus far) gets significantly less whiny a few chapters in.

            I mean, Eren’s still a dumb shounen protagonist in a setting where hotblooded determination on its own will get you horribly mauled at best, but he’s hardly Shinji.

            …Granted, this might be different in the anime, but from what I’ve heard it’s a very loyal adaptation thus far.

          • cc says:

            I’m sorry Star but I disagree so hard, so forgive me that I would even go so far as to think you haven’t watched one or the other. (I can ALMOST see a case if you mean Rebuild Shinji, but no way in hell if you mean TV Series Shinji)

            Shinji’s problem is that he has abandonment, trust and esteem issues. Shinji’s goal is normalcy and acceptance from others, the angels are the least of his problems since he does succeed in killing them. Killing the angels isn’t the problem, it’s the human people around him he can’t deal with. His arc is that he is manipulated by every single adult in his life and he has a problem connecting to anyone his age.

            Eren’s so driven by rage and frustration it’s palpable. Eren wants to kill all titans so hard and he practically has to claw his way to doing it (maybe). His idea of happiness is one where the titans are dead and the people he cares about are alive.

            The most the two characters have in common is that they are male protagonists who are engaged in combat situations and I guess they fight things much larger than themselves.

            Still, I would like to hear why you believe they are apparently so similar that Eren is somehow a copy of Shinji.

          • Stardigrade says:

            I got 6 episodes into Attack on Titan and as awesome as the fight scenes were (and fancy high-budget animation), I just couldn’t stick the main guy’s INCESSANT whining. I don’t care if it was justified by his backstory or not xD
            And his sister/friend thing was basically just Rei Ayanami to me. I’m sure that kind of Tsundere character is pretty common these days anyway though.

            Yeeeeeaaahhh Shinji and Eren’s motives to fight the giant monsters are different but both are pretty bland characters outside the constant bitching.
            Shinji tends to mope and Eren tends to whine, I’ll give you that as well.

            Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh on Eren, I remember something cool with him being eaten and becoming a Titan, but getting your bland character to do interesting things doesn’t make them anymore engaging to me.

            Both are characters that deserve to be written much more sophisticated reactions to their situations other than moping. Japan is capable of this! Vash the Stampede from Trigun instantly springs to mind with his bubbly exterior and his pacifist ethos hiding a melting point of emotions. I’m not saying that a character can’t be extroverted with their feelings, but how much screen-time does it need?

          • I personally didn’t even see Rei as Tsundere. She’s pretty much just a fucking wall that likes Shinji’s dad. To me, she had SO little going on she was a fucking snoozefest. Though I suppose it’s a welcome change from the regular (secretly super powerful damsels in distress) of being squeaky and whiney and being totally unable to defend herself.

            I also don’t really see Mikasa as Tsundere either. She’s quiet and straight-forward but not openly hostile or deflecting toward people from what I remember. She always had a thing for Eren, I don’t remember her ever blubbering about not liking that baka. Then again I’ve seen so much Tsundere that I kinda have a narrow vision of what it’s supposed to be…cause I see so much of the flat-out stereotype.

          • I personally fucking hate Shinji but don’t think that Eren is that bad.

            I would say that Shinji mopes, but Eren fumes. They both have a huge amount of frustration at their current situations and both are pretty much GUILT POWERED but Shinji internalizes it while Eren externalizes it.

            Shinji is totally non-committal and pretty much sees his petty self-esteem issues as more important than yanno keeping civilization as he knows it safe. I mean it makes sense (except for every human being wanting to jump his bones) being a self-centered angst-ridden teenager but I personally can’t fucking stand him. I also did not care for Evangelion and think HIGHLY overrated but that’s a rant for another day.

            Eren actually moves forward on his goals, but in the more recent episodes (of what’s on crunchy roll) he becomes muddled because he wants to be able to trust others but finds it hard to do with his blood lust and want to make up for past mistakes. While Shinji pretty much massacres all bad guys without breaking a sweat; Eren really has a hard time of it despite his enhanced powers and makes mistakes due to his palpable rage. I mean his non stop internal monolog of “kill all titans” is annoying but he experiences fear, he gets humbled (a lot), and views titan killing as something for the benefit of all mankind rather than just “I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE EVERYONE OUT OF MY WAY!!!”

          • cc says:

            Oh boy I’m going to sound like an absolute dick for this post. I will also come off like a fucking weeaboo or some shit, but I don’t care because CHURUCTUR ANALYSIS and media and shit. Also holy fuck this will be a long post.

            “And his sister/friend thing was basically just Rei Ayanami to me. I’m sure that kind of Tsundere character is pretty common these days anyway though.”

            Mikasa is no tsundere. A tsundere is a character who is an asshole to the person they have the hots for, this can range from verbal abuse to “comedic” violence, Asuka (the redhead) from Evagelion is a tsundere. I am not curious what you thought the word meant. (There are many -deres because JAPAN)

            Mikasa’s intrigue as a character lies in how she used to be normal but has grown a pretty creepy worldview regarding how cruelty is the only way to live in a cruel world which is at odds with her severe codependency issues that translates into smothering Eren to the point where he balks at and fights with her about it.

            Rei through and through is an “idealized traditional Japanese woman” who is subservient and lacks any real agency or direction of her own until the literal end of her life. Rei is interesting as a character because of her very gradual shift to understanding that she is an individual.

            Both are (IMO) fairly different characters (you’re welcome to disagree with execution of course, AoT being honest and Eva having it’s head up it’s own ass), and that while they have some similar behaviors (being quiet/introverted) they are different characters and their creators treat/write them differently for different reasons and different effects.

            As for Eren.

            “Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh on Eren, I remember something cool with him being eaten and becoming a Titan, but getting your bland character to do interesting things doesn’t make them anymore engaging to me.”

            He’s developed more after that since that’s a pretty significant event. The character drama lies in it’s before/after sense and given what I have seen, I’d vouch that one of the themes is expectations/preconceptions vs reality.

            I’ll admit while in-depth character writing is not a strength, I wouldn’t call it a weakness since it really does seem to be focusing on the bigger picture and the idea that the characters aren’t in a bubble that revolves around them. They are part of a group and the solution won’t always ride squarely on the shoulders of an individual.

            As for “why” there is a writing difference, I’ll give my theory. (Also I find some irony in your statements in liking Trigun’s writing more after that “oh be different” thing.)

            Trigun is actually very western and is written with very Christian philosophy and themes in mind (this has been said by the author themselves). And while it does have action sequences it is much more episodic and the character is only really explored in the later half of the series.

            Also there is some more irony in that Vash ultimately doesn’t really change over the course of the anime- he’s still a very interesting character and the people around him do though. Again, not a knock on the writing since they are good characters but I feel it’s not the same since AoT is leaning more towards how the characters do change over the long run.

            A very very very minor factor to consider is that Trigun’s anime was 26 episodes long with a comparatively smaller cast and AoT is (99%) probably slated for more with a larger cast.

            I’d encourage you to watch more of AoT, at least until you see Eren being human again before finalizing judgement in regards to interest in characters, but it really is your call. If you want some context of character pacing, episode 5 of Trigun is when Meryl finally accepts that Vash is the real Vash.

            Again, you do NOT have to watch more AoT but I will still disagree with you about Shinji = Eren and Mikasa = Rei. You’re more than welcome to find the characters bland but again, I recommend seeing what happens after the mission is over to see how the characters have changed before writing it off for good.

            Also, if you’re feeling generous, would you mind indulging with specifics what aspects you think would make Eren more complexly/realistically written in the given setting?

          • Tiamat says:

            Ahh, so you dropped out during the bad episodes (because man, the studio seriously dropped the ball for a few episodes)? They had a decent chunk of filler that was reeeeaaaaally dull/bad from what I’m told, and honestly that section in the manga was just kind of slow in general, you just got past it faster because you usually spend less time reading than watching. And Mikasa isn’t tsundere, she’s just murderbuddha and fears not death, which is why she pulls off the stunts she does. She’s basically an anime Humakti, with all the crazy bullshit that implies.

            Honestly though, it sounds to me more like you were disappointed by SNK because of all the “breaks shounen tropes!!!!” hype it got when it follows some tropes and breaks others. You’re not alone in that if some of the posts in the SA Attack on Titan thread are any indication, but it’s not very accurate hype.

            Honestly, Eren never really came off as whiny to me so I can’t really address that. Confused during his imprisonment and trial, certainly, but never whiny. Armin was a whiny little shit for way too fucking long (i cannot imagine how tedious he was to listen to versus just reading ugh), but he stopped once he realized that he had no reason to whine.

          • cc says:


            I’d like to hear that rant someday and I’d like to hear about if your views would change at in the context of Rebuild. (The latter is unlikely, but I can dream!)

            Personally I like Eva, not in a TEH BEST ANIME EVAR sense but I respect it and there is some very nice art and meta in it. Also the creator’s open hatred of the neckbeards in the fanbase never ceases to entertain.

          • I have seen what’s available of rebuild. Though to be fair it was awhile ago, and I wasn’t paying much attention to You can(not) redo when I saw it. Didn’t really change my opinion to be honest.

            I will admit the robot designs and body suits are sweet…until they got fanservicy as fuck. The creator’s trolling of the asshats who fanwank furiously is something I do admire though.

          • gilraen_tinuviel says:

            Ah, Eren, he’s an annoying little shit. And I love him because of it (and his cruel streak, even as a child)! What I like about the character is that normally a shōnen hero, who would be impulsive, hot-headed, prideful, self-righteous and trusting in his friends (nakama powah!) like Eren (aaaand thousand of others teenager heroes), would be rewarded because of it, or he wouldn’t bear consequences at last. But in reality somebody like Eren lives only for 5 minutes or if he’s lucky enough to live, somebody else will die because of him. And BAM! In SnK it’s exactly like that. He bears the real consequences and some of his stereotypical shōnen-like traits and behaviours are described as negative, even inside the manga (thank you, Jean, our voice of reason!).

          • cc says:

            There was no filler in the slower episodes and it is thankfully around that lull that Armin gets his realization to step up to bat. The dropped ball parts were when the studio had to REALLY cut corners but apparently that is par for course in Japan because what the fuck is project planning.

            Everything else has pretty much been uphill and a loyal/smart adaption (or so the manga readers say).

            Speaking as someone who has seen those SA threads I know what the hype was trying to say- “HOLY SHIT ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES FOR ONCE, WOW THAT IS SO NEAT”

            Oh right we’re supposed to be talking about yaois and buttfucking on this site right. Uhm… uhhh…..

          • Stardigrade says:

            Apologies for the lack of detail, I’ve literally got one foot out the door xD I’ll try and give a better response if I can get on tommorow-

            -Sorry for -dere confusion. I’m unsure if Rei could be characterised as any -dere reading into more but honestly I don’t know my arse from my elbow when it comes to Japanese tropes.

            “I’d encourage you to watch more of AoT, at least until you see Eren being human again before finalizing judgement in regards to interest in characters, but it really is your call. If you want some context of character pacing, episode 5 of Trigun is when Meryl finally accepts that Vash is the real Vash.”

            Ooohh very sharp :D Yes, that was a bit of a harsh comparison, they are totally different shows and Vash is a totally different person with totally different issues to Eren.

            “Also, if you’re feeling generous, would you mind indulging with specifics what aspects you think would make Eren more complexly/realistically written in the given setting?”

            K I really do have to leave now…Erm off the top of my head, something as simple as cutting down on dialogue during emotionally intense moments would reflect his turmoil much better. Just having him intensely staring in silence as he stares into his past. I’ve seen that used a few times…argh need an example…erm I guess Zuko has a few of those moments? Ok shitty example.

            I actually went into Attack on Titan completely blind and unaware of how astonishingly popular it’s grown, it was only after dropping out I caught size of the beast. Granted I haven’t seen Attack on Titan since July, my memory is pretty hazy but I would be all up for a re-watch. BUT – I RARELY change my mind on the re-watch, my loathing for the The Dark Knight franchise is unending and I’ve seen that sod about 2/3 times…..

          • cc says:

            Don’t sweat the -deres, there’s a fucking billion of them since it’s supposed to be shorthand for their personality/romantic inclinations, I can only be arsed to remember two.

            “Cut down on dialogue during intense moments”

            I can’t vouch for if it really lessens or not since most of the later situations would seem more bizarre with silence. Maybe someone else can weigh in. I feel like the dialogue is less talky-telly than Avatar though but that could be due to the language barrier.

            Either way, if you do choose to rewatch it from the start, I do recommend somehow getting your mitts on the blu-ray version (provided you can do so for free) and I guess somehow find the most localized version if you can.

            If you don’t watch it from the start that’s cool too. Whatever you decide, I’d enjoy if you got back to me about what you would change to improve it since such discussion (of nearly any media) is fascinating.

            Thanks for being such a good sport about this too, I know these kinds of chats can get ugly very quickly.

            (If it gives it any context I don’t really like TDK much either, it’s alright but it seems too needlessly DAARRRRRRK! and because I’m a little sick of the endless Batmans.)

          • cc says:

            That’s cool, at least you gave it a shot.

            I feel ya on the fanservice, I’m amazed my eyes can stay in my head despite the rolling.

            Though I’m a little surprised no opinion change about the characters since they take more initiative and there is overall less moping and whining. But if you mean in a more overall sense (plot and themes??), I can totally understand since it is still a clusterfuck.

          • Well yeah there was less whining but they’re still mostly shitheads or boring in my opinion. Though I will confess I did develop a begrudging affection for Asuka at the end of the series. Though I wonder if that’s because I have a weakness for violent wrathful women.

            But yeah the plot was still all over the place. I mean I think I didn’t pay attention to Redo cause I was like, “Okay so you just changed everything with no explanation? Fucking whatever!”

          • cc says:

            I pity Asuka, she just tries to do the right thing with toxic enthusiasm and it just ends badly.

            As far as I know the Rebuild plots are that they’re in some kind of time loop where instead of doing that world-end where everyone turns into tang the reset button is hit.

            An unrelated thing, but I find it interesting that Japan likes that theme (and variations) in their stories. Obviously it’s used to varying degrees of good/bad and strangely enough, different messages but it’s still (a seemingly) cultural thing. I wonder what it says about them.

            Now if only we could do that to some yaois where the ukes get to find the bigass reset button where their abusive seme is gone and they can instead go find a nice bear or other person to be in tru wuv with or something. Actually I’m kind of floored that no yaois do that, even in bad story-copying relation.

        • What’s sad and hilarious is “an actually consensual and well-developed relationship” in a yaoi would be pioneering.

          It’s sad to say but that is true, which is one reason why yaoi has fallen out of my favor so many times.

          I love how being subversive in yaoi is to make the bottom older, but still keep the shocking rape, victim blaming, blackmail, and stalking.

          Fucking hell!

      • wanderingaddict says:

        japan is has a long, long history of “imitating the master” and not creating one’s own style. Western concepts of course are “make it your own and unique” and it’s a foreign idea to think that, instead of that, the best honor is to replace the master, not necessarily surpass or be different from. that’s one reason that even the most hopeful yaois, like Elektel Delusion, have the author say “even though I want them to play switch-it-up, I’m not sure that’s allowed!’ in their author notes.

        that said, it’s super frustrating for me because even when you have a story where “uke acts seme outside bedroom” it’s still no different, for all intents and purposes. the uke is still a fucking nitwit that sobs and cries and randomly forgets about his greater authority/intelligence/whatever whenever the seme is around. the seme, at the same time, while occasionally acquiescing to the uke’s demands in public, still does whatever the fuck he wants and in the end there’s nothing innovative or original at all. it’s the same boring hetero-normative bullshit.

        • Stardigrade says:

          Wow I didn’t think it was /that/ bad xD Granted at least Japanese art is open about it’s unoriginality. For all the “free-thinking” and “amazing creativity” the west holds as a beacon, I’d say a lot of western stuff is overly reliant on tropes and too scared to go outside the box too, but in different ways. Particularly America, though England’s going the same way -_-

          Honestly by this stage, I fail to see yaoi as less than porn by this point. It’s the Japanese equivalent of Mills & Boon, and so long as I’m aware decent manga DOES exist with sweetly written consensual gay couples such as Touga and Yukito from Cardcaptor Sakura, I can sleep at night.

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