Update for 10/17/13!

All SFW! Prostitutes you lucky devils!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Pure heartless Rape Dance

The Tyrant who fell down (and can’t get back up.) By SirSeph

Prostitutes r’ UsI’m bracing for how hard I’m going to laugh when Pinky is SHOCKED when he finds out that the jewelry is gotten illegally.  You’re trying to tell me this massive guy covered in bloody weapons who gives me super expensive gifts in newspaper actually didn’t purchase them!? THAT JUST DOESN’T ADD UP!

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  1. cc says:

    TH you continue to be the worst kind of generic.

    I actually would have appreciated if Glider did something “unorthodox” like give him a carving, maybe a fancy weapon that means a lot to a huntsman, anything but what you would literally present to a princess (and fuck flowers). Even if pinky didn’t like it, it would at least be interesting to see his reaction to it or show that Glider isn’t painfully and obviously trying to ~inadvertently~ get Pinky caught.

    (Giving pinky a weapon could also supply a different kind of cliche choice- it’s not safe, he could theoretically use it to defend himself or it would make Pimpy lose his shit (r U TRYING TO KILL ME, OMG PINKY, CREEEYYY U DON’T LUV MEEEE?!!) and it would be interesting to see if pinky kept the damn thing or not out of personal pref or something.)

    Buying fancy stuff to indicate “tru wuvs” drives me up a wall because it just so boring and it doesn’t help that it’s the SAME SHIT the other johns brought in. (This COULD be used to indicate that Pinky really does put up a front but this is fucking TH, of course he sincerely likes jewelry!)

    • You’re right. I suppose I was being very idealistic when I speculated the “carving.” I guess I overestimated their skills, cause I thought, “Well Pinky always gets jewelry and Glider is different from shallow tards like Not-Handsome-enough Abuser #47 so they’ll go a different route!” Jewlery COULD have significance, but here it does not. Pinky isn’t poor and doesn’t get to own much, pinky wasn’t looking in a window wishing he could have that one necklace, the jewelry isn’t even special to Glider in some way “it belonged to my mother ex-wife” etc.
      It’s just another ad-nausem gift with no value. Though maybe pimpy will see it and get all, “WHO GAVE YOU THAT!? GIVE ME IT! YOU CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS! WHY WON’T YOU SUCK MY DICK WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”

      HAHA no.

      I am really intrigued at the idea of a weapon. That maybe because Glider, has tons of experience hiring prostitutes, that he RECOGNIZES that it is NOT a safe profession, and as a courtesy to the sex workers (whom he doesn’t love but simply doesn’t want them to get hurt) he gives them a small basic knife for protection. It doesn’t have to be about how, “HE’LL USE IT ON ATROS” or “HE DON’T WANT TO SUCK DICKS” it could be because he’s got rough clients. We could even have a beautiful little window into Pinky with a scene like
      “Oh haha glider, don’t worry about me! I am lucky enough to work in a high-class institution and we have Argent. So I am well taken care of.”
      “Are you sure?”
      Then we get a little flashback to that previous john who would smack him around, or any other not-so-sexy client.
      “Of course I’m sure! Let’s get to business.”
      Meanwhile it looked as if Pinky threw out the knife but really just hid it under his dresser. DUN DUN!!!!

      • Blunderbuss says:

        That would be a really neat idea. Then Linneus could have some actual sense of agency and some means to protect himself outside his asshole pimp, and maybe the next time Xanthe treats him like shit he can remind him that he doesn’t have to take his shit AHAHAHAHA OH GOD I CAN’T EVEN FINISH THIS WITH A STRAIGHT FACE.

        Because if that happened then Linneus would grow a spine and stand up for himself, and all the fangirls would cry because that big meanie is ruining their OTP! He’s supposed to beg Xanthe for forgiveness and let him cheat on his wife for emotionally unhealthy sex!

  2. gilraen_tinuviel says:

    But of course he likes jewellery and gems. He’s a whore! Or he should behave like the one but TH fails hard.
    I mean if he would like to collect them to a drawer. Because later he could sell them on the black market and have his own money. He could use them to escape from Pimpy or I don’t know… to redeem his own contract (but of course we know it’s impossible because they’re slaves, only the fact is hidden but it’s there!)… Heh, wishes and dreams!

    • I think I mentioned it would be an interesting concept if Pinky liked Jewelry because his “appearance” is how he makes money and therefore becomes vain. That he wants to LOOK like the upper class even though he’ll never be one.

      Let me stop you right there Faps for having thoughts! He likes jewels cause he girl and money make girls have the horny end discussion.

      • gilraen_tinuviel says:

        Yeah, he just likes looking like a Christmas tree! He wants just to be a princess (his childhood dream).
        I mean even secretly trying on the best pieces when he’s alone and can dream on would give us a deeper characterisation. Because very often prostitutes wear on the best things when they don’t work because: A) clients could destroy something; B) it gives them sense their humiliation from the work is at last not in vain. It soothe them psychologically.

  3. RayneofCastamere says:

    URGH. More jewelry? Seriously, Gilder couldn’t have gotten him a fancy knife or something? There have been some seriously blinged out weapon in history. Why not something like that instead of more things to dress Pinky in like he’s a giant dress-up doll.

    Actually, considering how he’s drawn most of the time, ESPECIALLY in that third panel holy shit, and his personality, maybe he is some kind of doll that was brought to life through black magic and a blood sacrifice. I mean, LOOK at him! No way he’s all human. He’s gotta be some sort of animate doll. It all makes sense now!

  4. Mil says:

    My God! I remember when I first came across TH, I tried so hard to actually read it SO many times but then I would always see pinky and be like “Fuck, what is wrong with him?!”, I would instantly close out of the tab after that. I don’t mind pretty guys in comics, but when it gets to a certain point they just start to look so hideous and unnatural! Everything about pinky is just so EEW! And he’s only gotten so much more ugly, it hurts just to look at him! xC

    • You know Pinky didn’t start bothering me until like after Glider showed up. They really started going overboard with the saturated colors, the ~colored eyelashes~, and the duck lips then. Right now it only seems to be getting worse.

      Like sometimes I wonder if you could go back and time and show the recent pages of Teahouse to the authors as they were starting out, I bet they would laugh at you. Haha that is my style but wtf is with those pout lips and lashes?

  5. Tiamat says:

    Can someone explain to me what the hell is going on with Pinky’s anatomy in that last panel. Also he looks like a RealDoll in most of the panels. D:

    The most recent KS pages bug me because it looks like she scanned the page in at a low resolution and then upsized it. It looks… really bad.

    • I can explain the anatomy! Its the same as that recent Reed and Rory scene. We need to show off THEM BUNS and the spine is the casualty.

      • Tiamat says:

        Good to know that DC and Marvel aren’t the only ones who commit that particular artistic sin, I guess. Still, you’d think that they’d just frame the scene in a way that shows off DEM BUNS without breaking the spine.

    • RayneofCastamere says:

      I said it before and I’ll say it again: Pinky’s secretly an animated doll. It’s why he’s so inhuman.

  6. Blunderbuss says:

    Oh god Linneus’s face TERRIFIES ME in these panels. It’s like he’s transformed into a mutant anime fish person. I mean fucking LOOK at him!

    I also rub my hands fiendishly together like Snidely Whiplash as I read the comments. Half of them are people who are whole-heartedly supporting this pairing (yes, YES, come to the dark side!), but then that is ruined by others who;

    - Say that it could never work because Gilder is a murdering bad guy (because the other ‘semes’ are so innocent)

    - Hope that Xanthe will be a dick and tear them apart (because we all know petty jealousy is ~so romantic~)

    - Tell anyone who wants Linneus to be happy that he doesn’t deserve it because this whole situation is ALL THIS FAULT (we don’t even know what happened!)

    Why do I keep doing this to myself by reading the comments?

    • Their over glittering and feminization has seem to have dropped them right in uncanny valley.

      Yeah the thing that gets me about the comments if the RUSH to blame Pinky for their failed relationship. The relationship has a HUGE power imblance in Pimpy’s favor #1, and we get the VAGUEST hint Pinky did something to put their relationship at a disadvantage. I bet we’re going to find out though that Pinky REALLY DID IT FOR Pimpy after all. Cause the OTP > Everything else.

      I mean I sort of see it as well he has things more important in his life than his relationship to Pimpy and you know what FUCKING GOOD FOR HIM! He should have other priorities, and Pimpy getting super pissy about this looks like ultra egomania.

  7. bickazer says:

    I’m just mystified at why the prostitutes in Teahouse never even behave like prostitutes. They’re blushy wide-eyed little children. I mean, what is the point in even reading a comic about prostitutes if they just act like every other blushing desu uke out there?

    I mean, it wouldn’t be that more original, but at least it would distinguish itself from the yaoi herd if the story was about a nice guy john slowly encouraging a cynical, hardened prostitute to open up and truly love and whatnot. A cliche love story for sure (though I confess to kind of liking it…and Moulin Rouge pulled it off with aplomb, but Moulin Rouge is a perfect movie), but I don’t feel like we tend to see that kind of story in yaoi, where the ukes are always innocent little angels and the semes are the angsty tortured ones.

    It just pisses me off so much because Teahouse doesn’t even need to be set in a whorehouse. It would be the exact same story if it were about high school.

    • gilraen_tinuviel says:

      Actually, if it was in a high school/ boarding school, it would make a more sense than in a whorehouse. Their behaviours would be typical and ordinary.

  8. Wanda says:

    I actually like Gilder somewhat, so I’m just gonna say that Pinky’s hands are the least manly hands I’ve ever seen. Seriously. I’ve found one of the main indicators of a person’s sex is their hands, and I’m sorry, but Pinky is either a transgender woman or biologically female. There is just . . . no. I’m sorry. You cannot give a penis to a female body and say “Lol, totally a biological gay male, no hormones involved!”

    Shit pisses me off, yo. Lazy, lazy art. God, I hate yaoi. You can make the men girly as FUCK, but at least give them man hands.

    Also, Pinky is this Russian lady HAWT, AMIRITE? Ain’t nothin’ sexier than bug-eyes staring blankly into your soul.

    Also, butt cleavage is not hot. I’m sure there are others who think so but . . . yeah no.

    • cc says:

      On one hand I disagree a little (I’m a sucker for stylization), but I agree in the case of TH because the stylization isn’t used in any practical, least of all meaningful way.

      And because multiple male characters share this trait, that’s not visually interesting at all!

      • Wanda says:

        My problem is that people cannot see a feminine male as beautiful unless he looks like a woman. Take transgender women who still look masculine– they’re constantly the butt of jokes, like AHA LOOK AT THIS MAN, TRYING TO BE A WOMAN. Obviously I don’t think Teahouse has said that, but I really don’t think any of the readers would think him so OMG KAWAII! if he were more masculine-looking. He’d probably be the “funny, quirky” character if that were so, the one who’s seen as silly instead of pretty.

        I guess this is a personal pet-peeve, and maybe Teahouse doesn’t deserve my scorn. I’m just so sick of this yaoi fascination with boys who are indiscernible from women (and who, of course, are “submissive” because of that, cuz wumminz be submissive!)

        • cc says:

          Naw, I totally get what you mean, I’m (personally) just hesitant barring possible design combinations.

          Still, TH lacks any real grasp of good visual design, so it deserves all the scorn IMO.

          I have a hatred of that cliche as well. Oh hetero-normative/sexism/uncreative choices.

    • There is a good indicator of masculinity or femininity in how long your index or ring finger in comparison to each other!
      If your index finger is longer than your ring finger you are supposed to have more feminine characteristics and are more likely to enjoy the company of men. While with the ring finger longer than the index, the opposite is true.

      I did know a straight guy once who had the most delicate, lovely hands….though he was also a chubby hairy guy so it’s hard to really mistaken him for too feminine.

      …That Russian lady is the thing of nightmares, but….looks a lot like Pinky….therefore Pinky isssssssss

      • Wanda says:

        I’ve heard that before, and I personally think it’s trollop, but it may because my fingers supposedly say that I’m a lesbian. My fingers know something I don’t! D8

        At least Teahouse doesn’t have yaoi hands? Could always be worse . . .

        Pinky and Russian Barbie should be BFFs. They can creep people out with blank stares . . . together.

        • I think some of it’s bunk, but not entirely trollop. If my hand were correct my index and ring finger would match according to my sexuality, hoohoohoo.

          Typically the women I meet who have “macho” hands are all straight. However they have very strong and prominent personalities, and incidentally come off as insensitive a lot of the time. All of that is considered more masculine. Maybe that’s all coincidence though.

          • Wanda says:

            You must be very observant. I don’t know the finger sizes of any people I know. XD I will say that I have macho hands and yet I am the biggest pushover you’ll ever meet, and I will lie in order not to hurt people’s feelings.


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