Update for 10/23/13!

All SFW!  Goodnight sweet Rapedance, we knew you well.

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Pure heartless Rape Dance

There she is! The end of the Pure Heartless Rapedance riffs.  I stopped doing them because these particular riffs are more hassle than fun to do. I don’t know if I’ll ever take them up again, but it is a possibility.

The Tyrant who fell down (and can’t get back up.) By SirSeph

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9 Responses to Update for 10/23/13!

  1. Iggy Lovechild says:

    Why didn’t Senpai walk out after like round one ? I mean, I’m kind being serious since I’m guessing the tsundere punches are supposed to “highlight” how not helpless he is. (Ya know….he could totes fight fuck face off but he doesn’t because he secretly waaaaannnnttts it. Ugh)

    • If we put aside the fact that reason is probably “shitty writing.” My best guess is guilt here. Since fuck-face goes on about how cruel he is for not having sex with him, and how bad it was to wait 2 months. He was probably waiting around for shit-lord’s orgasm, since yanno the point of sex is for the man to get off. Obviously their sex life is about Cock-rag’s pleasure not his, and he’s aware of that so he just flops there and let’s him do whatever until he’s done.

      Hot right?

  2. Stardigrade says:

    What will you be doing instead of Rapedance nao?

    Meanwhile, over at Starfighter, another magic show has begun. Featuring…Conjuring lube out of nowhere, mood-killing sound-effects, breath-effects that look like vomiting and featureless twink-bodies that are /exactly the same/.

    • Blunderbuss says:

      Yeah, and as much as I love victory sex, uh, shouldn’t they be in debriefing or something? Waiting to be dismissed? Ensure that their ship is placed back in the hanger for rearming?

      I’m pretty sure that once you barely come back alive from a battle you’re not allowed to just skip off to your bedroom for sex.

      • Annausagi2 says:

        All I can think about is how Cain probably got all horny like he did way back in the first battle (he jerked off directly afterwards.) Horny because he just got to kill. 8(

      • Yeah, and as much as I love victory sex, uh, shouldn’t they be in debriefing or something? Waiting to be dismissed? Ensure that their ship is placed back in the hanger for rearming?

        Yeah this victory is apparently a HUGE DEAL, everybody was watching them win. No superior officer even shows up to talk to them, even though they were specially requested weren’t they? This is further proof space army is just sexy high school. I was half expecting one of the main officers to go, “What a great pass Cain you won the game, now go back to your bunk and bang Abel the sexiest cheerleader we have!”

    • I don’t have anything planned for the moment. I may start up something else but for now I’m taking a bit of a break.

      OH man, what the hell starfighter? Suddenly their space suits aren’t one pieces anymore, and lube in a little disk? I thought everybody was gay in space army shouldn’t they have more and why the disk set up? To me it looks more like he’s just got some fancy moisturizer and is trying to heal Abel’s butt before he harms it rather than prepare and prevent any harm from being done.

      But man my favorite is “DIP!”

      It reminds me of an old bullshit 4chan story. Apparently a bunch of guys were at a party, and one of them “dared” the others to rape him. Which they did, and used Ranch dressing as lubricant.

      • Stardigrade says:

        Well a /dab/ of lube is marginally more considerate than none at all. Gosh the crazy things people do when they’re in love.

        Maybe their suits levelled up when they beat the bad-guy? Next level, the crotch unfastens for easy genital access.

        xDDD wouldn’t ranch dressing…burn? Cuz the vinegar? ;__;

        • Apparently Cain has that level because of how the suit opened up completely at the crotch so he could jerk off.

          I’m pretty sure the ranch dressing would cause issues, and the story was entirely made up so they could make a joke about “Ass-Dip-chan”

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