Update for 11/19/13!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

The Tyrant who fell down and Can’t get up! By Sir Seph

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3 Responses to Update for 11/19/13!

  1. cc says:

    Red in KS is such fucking bullshit and it never ceases to boggle my mind how many writers (yaoi AND romance in general) consider isolation from EVERYONE ELSE as TRU WUV, like as if the couple are on a permanent fucking “honeymoon” or whatever.

    Alternatively, the uke having fun or a life OUTSIDE of the seme because weeeh the seme is insecure and that’s fucking kawaii is revolting. It’s called motherfucking communication red, USE IT, WHO THE FUCK KNOWS, MAYBE YOU TOO CAN GET IN ON THAT HOT FRIEND ACTION WHILE STILL SPENDING TIME WITH YOUR DICK WARMER. Oh wait no that would require having a 3 way conversation and AP already STRUGGLES hard with conversations between the talking fleshlight and rapist: the noseless wonder.

    • Is your romance set in reality and lasts longer than a week? Then you’re not allowed to ignore the fact that more people besides the two of them exist.

    • Mia says:

      Yes, I remember one romance novel I read where the love interest flipped his shit because his cousin had been talking to the main character and actually thought about beating him up in sudden rage.

      The cousin had been spending time with the MC because he was sent to be her bodyguard. He was sent by the Love Interest. Apparently he was supposed to just stand there and not talk at all???

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