Update for 11/23/13!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

I want everybody to note that this is page 880 in the actual Kaito Shuno comics, but only page 386 in the riffs.  I have skipped 495 pages at this point I have skipped more than I have riffed.  I do skip a page or two as I riff scenes, if they’re totally superfluous.

However the majority of what I skip is chapters that are just 98% sex and have no bearing on the plot. ….That’s right folks with no exaggeration over half the comic is pointless sex.

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5 Responses to Update for 11/23/13!

  1. cc says:

    I think you mean with no exaggeration that the dynamics of this KUH-WAI-EEE “couple” don’t fucking change in all the pages you have skipped and riffed. I’m sure no one is surprised.

    • wanderingaddict says:

      haha, actually I’m pretty flabbergasted. 880 pages, holy shit. it makes me feel lame and terrible for not pursuing my own projects with such fervor.

  2. wanderingaddict says:

    thanks AP. it’s a good thing you explained the reference so those of us who are too fucking stupid to get a direct quote, character, and iconic symbol of the show understand that it is, in fact, not ONLY a reference, but also a Scooby-Doo reference! I”D NEVER HAVE GUESSED

  3. Mil says:

    The Scooby Doo van didn’t have windows in the back! WTF, I am appalled at you, AP! >:C

    Also I think this was the last time Kaito’s interests were ever brought up again, the rest is about the usual horrible shit and mindless filler.
    It’s kinda sad, once the new girl character fulfils her use of “strengthening their relationship”, she’s never heard from again. But at least she stays longer than the other female character and isn’t killed off.

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