Update for 11/28/13!

All SFW! Prostitutes are here! I’m personally on team I hope everybody gets eye herpes.

Happy stuff your face day, to the people who live IN THE ONLY IMPORTANT COUNTRY!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Prostitutes r’ Us

Show your devotion to self-involved, wangsty, sex traffickers for the low low price of 20 dollars!

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25 Responses to Update for 11/28/13!

  1. Wanda says:

    Happy Turkey Day Faps. I hope you give yourself some time off from shitty webcomics.

    I will say that at least this Teahouse comic seems to have spurred a lot of fans into feeling bad for Lilith instead of straight up hating her like they always do. Progress, maybe? I don’t know. Xanthe is such a piece of shit, and it’s fun watching so many of the fans realize it. The author’s own fandom is turning on their OTP.

    I mean, check out this comment:

    I hope you’re not feeling sorry for Xanthe in this sad love rectangle. Whatever Freudian excuse I’m sure he has up his sleeve to explain his cruel behavior towards Linneus (I don’t buy that nonsense either, but that’s another topic), that certainly doesn’t apply to his other questionable decisions — in this case, not only choosing cheat on his pregnant wife with a prostitute, but a prostitute who is in love with him. As far as we’ve seen, he’s regularly cruel and indifferent to Lilith as well, while being happy to take advantage of her feelings for him to get free and convenient sex.

    Is Lilith petty and jealous? Sure. But who’s in the real position of power here, with wealth, a good education, and family responsibilities? And whose foot was branded to show that she’s the property of Xanthe and the Teahouse?

    In my mind, the powerful man with a pregnant wife using a woman he basically owns for sex is not the victim here.

    I don’t know if this person was ever a fan. They don’t sound like it. But yay that some people get it!

    • RayneofCastamere says:

      Is…is that…could it be? An intelligent reader? Say it ain’t so! My spirits have been lifted! Someone UNDERSTANDS!

      • Wanda says:

        That person sounds too reasonable and intelligent to be a fan. Maybe it’s one of us here, or maybe one of Faps’ lurkers? Part of me hopes it is a fan though, cuz that means they’re growing up and figuring it out.

    • Thanks Wanda, I hope you have a good day yourself.

      I love how nobody really was on Atros’ side or even tried to defend him until that incredibly vague, “YOU CHOSE THIS OVER ME!” Though honestly a lot of people still don’t try to defend him.

      It’s really hard to sympathize with the guy who has all the power and control, who just keeps shitting in his own bed and making others clean it up.

      • Wanda says:

        I know somewhere along the line the authors will pull a scene where they show Atros getting beat by his daddy or something and then everyone will forgive him and go back to being Team Atros, because apparently childhood abuse makes up for the fact he’s abusing several people in the present.

        But for now, I will enjoy the fact that the fans mostly seem to dislike Xanthe.

  2. Wanda says:

    Also, how ugly are these t-shirts?. It’s like they just took a typography 101 class and then threw the design together in less than ten seconds.

  3. wanderingaddict says:

    how do you english? most common usage of “kiss you” is an expression of excitement so of course hearing on the phone would mean sexual not extreme pleasure but of course Shuuno was raised by rats or whatever so he’s a barely functional person and would not know this I guess. the onion of shit never fails to show another stupid layer of utter dumb.

    • The phrase in itself has the word could in it. Which kinda implies that she has no innate desire to kiss him but something nice he did almost makes her want to but she still won’t.


  4. RayneofCastamere says:

    I really want to give Lilith a hug and get her away from A Pimp Named Jackass.

    How is anyone supposed to feel sorry for him? Whatever he went through in his childhood is NOTHING compared to what he puts his SLAVES through every day. Did he ever get branded? NO. Is he forced to sexually service anyone, no matter how cruel or repulsive, to earn money for a complete dick of an owner? NO. Is he the property of anyone else? NO.

    Fuck him with Freddy Krueger’s glove. May his prostitutes one day rise up and overthrow him, killing him in the process. Along with King Douche and the Bland Wonder.

    • I’m a little perplexed how anybody could have feelings for A pimp named jackass but for some reason 3 people seem to?

      Sure being wealthy comes with responsibilities which can take a toll on somebody, but all he does is shit all over the place, make others clean it up, and cry about how he doesn’t have more. He’s surrounded by people who have no freedom, no choices, but must serve him dutifully, yet he’s the one who’s truly suffering u guiz! Tiniest violin 4 u

      • SirSeph says:

        >I’m a little perplexed how anybody could have feelings for A pimp named jackass but for some reason 3 people seem to?

        What if it’s all a facade and they’re working together to steal his money? Now there’s a yaoi plot twist I can get behind.

  5. Stardigrade says:

    K, I viewed the comic as soon as I got out of bed and was freaking FUMING, FUMING at the hover-text. I mean ARGH.

    “I swear we aren’t trying to troll you by putting the lillith page after the sex page”

    HOW FUCKING MEAN-SPIRITED IS THIS?! FOR FUCKS SAKE do Emirain even read what they write?

  6. Stardigrade says:

    Also, LOL at the t-shirt reference, and fuck Emirain for the INCREDIBLY SUBTLE UTENA-NESS. This whole page bleeds is basically Episode 4 of Utena jammed into one shitty page.

  7. Stardigrade says:

    I made a shitty riff, to express my deepest feels for this page….(Pardon my humour, I’m not very funny :I )


  8. Mia says:

    Those fake t-shirts are terri–

    Oh my goodness, they are official.


  9. Blunderbuss says:

    Yet again I laugh evilly as I read the comments as people start to pity Lillith and realise that they have very little ground to stand on when defending Pimpy’s treatment of her. Unlike Yvette and Linneus he was never ‘driven’ to hurt her so they have no excuse.

    I just love how the creators just merrily keep sabotaging their own characters and yet still act like him getting a happy ending is good for all.

    As for the shirts, not only are they hideous, but they’re also the same mean-spirited shit that Twilight had. They want to create ‘teams’ but we all know that one team is dead in the water because the creator has one OTP and doesn’t matter if the fans and story say otherwise. So what the fuck is the point?

    Personally, I want a TEAM EMANCIPATION shirt.

    • I think the team gilder/team atros thing all started because somebody compared Teahouse to Twilight, and instead of countering or denying the two are similar the authors just went. “LOL I’M TEAM ATROS!”

      I suppose they really don’t have much to stand on to deny or counter though. Haha, I changed my mind. I no longer want a team everybody gets eye herpes. I want a team emancipation shirt too!

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