Update for 1/23/14!

All SFW!  Prostitutes are also Mormons!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!


Prostitutes r’ Us

I chose the checkerboard color scheme cause its so symbolic of their love! Cause one has black hair, and one has red hair and they like move strategically-like on top of each other’s cartoonishly huge dicks.

(The last panel is a reference to a Mormon joke the roll-over text has. Which yeah makes a lot of sense.)

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  1. Annausagi2 says:

    Bela Lugosi, no!! D: Dat symbolism, though, SO DEEP, Faps!

    It sucks that I have a small kink for dick-bulges rubbing together. When said bulges are attached to two of the most unattractively dull characters I know, my boner just gets confused and depressed. 8(

  2. Wanda says:

    KaitoShuno: SO ROMANTIC. SUCH JEALOUS. WOW. I love how AngelPerez felt that coloring those blobs made it look BETTER as opposed to horribly and traumatically worse. :/

    I’m surprised Lord Mouthbreather is down with kissing. ARe you sure he’s not gonna make Redhead down some Tic-Tacs before making out? They just ate QUICHE, after all, and its main ingredient is egss. :/

    I loled at the dick bulges. There’s really no graceful way to depict that, I guess.

    That guy’s eyebrows will never not bother me. UUUUUGH. AT LEAST PLUCK THEM IN A NICE SHAPE, GEEZ. He reminds me of those ladies that draw on eyebrows halfway up their forehead, and they’re crooked and shit. UGH. JUST UGH.

    • I am surprised lord Moutherbreather is down with it too, and even more so since most of their interactions is just kissing. I mean he said nothing to Rory during their first meeting until sex was over, he just slobbered all over him.

      I lol’d at the dick bulges too. You might be right, but I feel it is made ridiculous because of Rory’s over-sized sweater thing and they have to pull it up to show the dong bulge.

  3. RayneofCastamere says:

    Why is Rory attracted to the Bland Wonder? At all? Is it some sort of “I have to sleep with him, so maybe if I pretend to love him it will be OK” kind of thing? Because that would be sad and actually interesting.

    Oh right, Teahouse is fatally allergic to interesting.

    I still desperatley want Rory to stop acting like the Bland Wonder is his boyfriend who can only visit him rarely. He’s your john, honey. He don’t care for nothing ‘cept your ass, and then only when it’s virginal.

    Who wants to bet that once the Bland Wonder’s actually done the deed, he’ll drop Rory like a rock and move on to a new virgin conquest.

    • cc says:


    • Lurker says:

      But if the Bland Wonder dropped Rory like that, it wouldn’t be Twu Wuw. No, make no mistake there’ll be drama, but it’ll somehow all get blamed on Rory’s scheaming-psycho-bitch-woman of a sister because women are all evil amirite. Though Rory will probably be bashed by a few fans as well for letting such a hunk get away. Semes are all innocent woobies by definition, didn’t you know?

    • I guess its because he has abs? I’m pretty confused as to the attraction as well. …Somebody has to find him attractive….but I just don’t get it.

      I would applaud heavily if Bland wonder did drop him after he lost that ~butt virginity~ because that would be the first mildly realistic thing we’d see in this comic. (Hence why it probably won’t happen.)

      Instead Bland Wonder is going to fall for Virginty-Wirginity because of reasons. There will be some dumb drama with his sister that makes the two realize they’re meant for each other or some horseshit.

    • Blunderbuss says:

      Hahaha, no, Teahouse would never show the sad and tragic side to prostitution because then they’d have to address how fucked up all these ‘OTPs’ are and actually use the brothel setting as more than just an excuse for pretty guys to fuck.

  4. bickazer says:

    Is it just me, or has the number of uncolored pages only been increasing? And the updates seem to be spaced wider and wider apart….

    Here’s hoping this means the creators are losing steam and will one day abandon Teahouse to mold and fester like it deserves.

    • This is true but its due to a number of reasons. The colorist is too busy with school to contribute so the page is done by one person now, and that person has been having some serious deadlines at their place of work.

      I was honestly hoping those things would make them reaccess the pace of the plot so that each page counted….but that hasn’t really happened. I personally want to see the whole thing through for the several more idiotic plot lines and “butt plug reminds me of your eyes” moments.

      • SirSeph says:

        If it’s not “These anal beads remind me of your smile.” then I’m done, packing up, and going home.

      • Blunderbuss says:

        Apparently they have, because they’ve cut the projected SIXTEEN chapters down to just twelve. Good god I cannot imagine this ‘plot’ going on for another ten chapters.

  5. Blunderbuss says:

    W-wait, you mean you DIDN’T recolour the first page? It was actually posted like that? WOW.

    And for fuck’s sake, Teahouse, you have ONE JOB and that’s having sexy dudes doing sexy things but this has got to be the driest, blandest, most robotic ‘sexy’ comic I have ever seen.

    For contrast, The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal just got to one of the hottest sex scenes I have ever seen. It starts here (NSFW, obvs):


    Can you see the fucking difference? They have actual chemistry. They’re smiling, they’re laughing, they’re cuddling, and the sheer hotness blows 99% of all these other ‘yaoi’ comics out of the water with the power of a goddamn h-bomb.

    But it’s not DRAMATIC and TRAGIC and PRETTY like a yaoi comic so what the fuck do I know apparently.

    And in the TH comments people are STILL posting theories on whether or not Remy poisioned the food. AUUUUGGGHHH.

    • RayneofCastamere says:

      What the…that comic…

      Guys! Who look like guys! There’s actual GUYS! And they have personality! And they show that even during sex! AND THE BIGGER GUY BOTTOMS! AND THEY USE PROTECTION!


      • Blunderbuss says:

        I KNOW RIGHT

        And get this: when a DRAMATIC REVEAL happens that makes one of them justifiably angry at the other, they act like fucking adults! And the angry guy rightfully gives the other the riot act! But since they’re both adults they manage to move past it!

        And they have chemistry! They have fun! You can actually see the process of them falling in LOVE with each other! They have dinner together where they don’t say anything romantic but you can just TELL that they love each other very much through body language and good art!

        IT’S MADNESS.

        • RayneofCastamere says:

          It actually reminded me of one Watchmen fancomic I read that focused on Rorschach and Walter. There’s no words, only body language and facial expressions, and in 10 or so pages that showed a level of love and personality that something like Teahouse could never approach in a million years.

    • Haha yep! I just edited some text in that Kaito Shuno.

      While the less than epic adventures of TJ and Amal is not my favorite gay romance comic, it runs FUCKING CIRCLES around 98% of the other stuff out there. It is fantastic!

      The theories of poisoning the food I almost enjoy. What I’m face-palming hard at is the fact the vast majority of them seem to think that Remy cut her hair (and apparently eye lashes) and is pretending to be Rory right now with the cock bulge and everything. If it turns out that it is ACTUALLY Remy over there with a banana stuffed down her pants or something I am going to laugh my fucking ass off.

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