Update for 2/20/14!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Prostitutes r’ Us

Sorry no funnies, I could not do a funny have a rant instead. Tres Gomen!

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39 Responses to Update for 2/20/14!

  1. cc says:

    Nay faps, it’s not filler, it’s HOOK TO BUY THE NEXT PRINTED BOOK.

    See this is why the bait and switch of “but it’s just porn” really drives how it’s so… not what it wants to be?

    • Stardigrade says:

      THIS. Honestly, the “cock-teasing” (anything goes these days I guess?) is a pretty cheap and sneaky way to GUARANTEE of sales for the next chapter.

      • Wanda says:

        It’s a money-making scheme I wish I could have thought of first. D:< I've noticed it is a thing with a lot of BL webcomics though– offer 18+ extras for buying customers. That I have no problem with. But generally those comics have more actual content in their stories, where as Teahouse is basically just one big cock teaser, completely devoid of actual enjoyable plot.

  2. Lurker says:

    To be fair, I think Teahouse is trying to establish an actual character arc for Rory here. See, he’s not just a blushing uke-desu anymore, he’s discovering his sexuality and is now coming to terms with what he wants. It’s a pity that all the potential there is lost under the avalanche of “look how hot this is” and other inane, porny shit. So that bubble really could have been circled with green. The rest of the page though? You might as well have painted it over with pink…

    • No that’s a fair point to make, however showing the fact that now he’s super into Reed and wants to bang…could’ve taken one maybe 2 pages. They show it for what 3/4 pages in the last ~scene~ and here they show it in 3…with no other information but smexy filler. We could have easily learned more about Rory besides how he now wants the buttfuck, or something about Reed. No such luck.

      • Stardigrade says:

        I would have liked to have seen a bit more conflict in Rory about having Reed as an exclusive client. Some reluctance to have someone take his cherry who he doesn’t have feelings for and then proceed to enter a long-term contractual relationship with, and the anxiety over what if he /does/ fall for his first client/first timer. I guess it would have dragged this story out longer than it should have been -__-

    • Wanda says:

      At the same time, I don’t see anything that Reed is doing that is helping Rory discover his sexuality. What Reed is doing is basically just kissing him once, shoving a finger up his dry anus, and then humping him. Rory could get that sort of treatment from any Craigslist poster, except with MORE “creep” factor.

  3. RayneofCastamere says:

    Next chapter: the Bland Wonder leaves Rory because he’s no longer “pure”, Rory, heartbroken that his john only wanted sex, joins forces with his sister to bloodily forge a great Empire of Prostitution and all would love them or despair.


  4. Stardigrade says:

    Mouthbreather’s abs are so vile, I like how that’s meant to be a “treat” to the fans after all the build-up.

    There there precious, gormless, flat-faced Rory, MORE thou shalt receive! – they’ve framed it with cliche sex-sounds-with-shot-of-legs-&-side-of-bed so clearly this is could be the virginity-taking moment we’ve been waiting for any /not/ anything else…

    • RayneofCastamere says:

      You don’t know. They could just be doing perfectly chaste naked yoga. On the bed.

      • Stardigrade says:

        Well I guess Rory already demonstrated his yoga-skills on the previous page :P Maybe this time was one sun salutation too many ;_;

    • Yeah I don’t get it at all either. Though his abs and maybe his polished hair are the only things they do to make him sexually appealing.

      Frankly I’m pretty disgusted by the whole virginity thing, and how it ~doesn’t count as sex~ until he has a dick in his ass.

      • stardigrade says:

        I have one friend whos never bottomed and believes his v-card well and truly gone and I have another who was totally adverse to any kind of anal but has now decided to get over it so he can “give” himself to his future partner. It seems to be very fluid.. but you can bet your arse two straight women would have even less of a clue…

      • RayneofCastamere says:

        Again, I wonder how on earth they think lesbian sex works.

    • Wanda says:

      I have no idea why he even HAS abs. I cannot imagine him as the “pump iron at the gym” kinda guy, because sweat would totally mess up his perfect locks. They’re not even “good genetics” abs. They’re “I don’t have a full time job so I just stand around taking selfies between chin-ups” abs.

      • They’re “I don’t have a full time job so I just stand around taking selfies between chin-ups” abs.

        HAHAHAHAHA oh my god that’s a perfect description! It makes me want to make a facebook parody of Teahouse, where Reed just comments on everything with, “…”

  5. Wanda says:

    Compared to most of the other pages, I found this one relatively inoffensive. Maybe because they don’t open their stupid mouths to say more stupid inane bullshit.

    Those abs are kinda gross though. And though people can do with their chest hair what they like, the total lack of it kinda squicks me out in Teahouse. Maybe it’s cuz I’m older than 16 (the target audience for this comic), but the authors are in their 30′s and supposedly married to men who most likely have chest hair. I just don’t know how they can draw men so atrociously when they have access to their very own models who can strip down at a whim.

    I think this is a great juxtaposition though. It’s an example of how you can cram both sexy sex AND important facts into a story.

    • The utter lack of body hair in general creeps me out personally. Like I can understand if they want to omit ye olde back, sack, and crack hair….but you’re not even going to allow armpit hair? FOR REAL?! In the sextras of Teahouse Rory has a happy trail but no pubic hair. I don’t understand it at all.

      It’s a weird fantasy thing I suppose…I’ll admit I was into the bishie boys but that was back when I was 16 or so and in my budding sexuality I found testosterone intimidating. I find it odd that people can be into men but be actively disgusted by ANYTHING masculine in them even when totally secure in their own sexuality. (Which I doubt the people of Teahouse are.) Maybe I shouldn’t talk because I find a huge host of things attractive and would probably call people weirdos for not being into very specific things.

      Thanks for complimenting me on the Juxtaposition! I love red lantern, and I’m so glad there is one comic out there that deals with male prostitution as more than fetish fodder.

      • Lurking Lurker says:

        This is a really interesting train of talk for me because I dated a woman who was like this. She enjoyed yaoi but penis and body hair were extremely gross to her when I was neutral and preferred realism, especially in fiction (I’m a lesbian). I just assumed she was super-lesbian. Years later I hear she’s dating a man. A handful of straight women I know have said disparaging things about the genitalia to which they are attracted…I’m completely and utterly confused by it all. Maybe it is intimidation as you say, stemmed from a society that heralds masculinity. Maybe it’s the hijacked image of what a woman is “supposed” to be (hairless) and their brains whisper that men should conform too.

        Or maybe bitches just be crazy.

        • cc says:

          I think it sorta ties heavily back to how body hair is viewed as “dirty” unless it’s in those specific “sexy” zones, like the face or I guess around the abdomen/genitals.

          I’d also chalk up the aversion to penises (assuming the person in question is sexually attracted to males) to the US’s really poor health education- they just don’t know what dicks look like so it skeeves them off.

          • Wanda says:

            I was gonna say that we have an aversion to penises because culture is shaped by straight men and straight men find other men’s penises gross, but that doesn’t really work since many men/women also find vaginas disgusting.

            So you’re probably right. Our sexual education only comes through porn, where every hair is plucked and everything is tucked and neat and oiled up for the camera. I personally don’t think genitals are the sexiest things, but I don’t really get grossed out either. I’m kinda neutral on genitalia in general.

        • cc says:

          Oops, forgot to mention-

          I don’t draw body hair but I feel my lack of doing so leans more to “that looks distracting” instead of “ew, human traits”. (Then again, most of my characters dress like nuns, so I guess it’s mostly a nonissue).

          And that’s probably why I’m personally more forgiving about not all styles having bodyhair on males- sometimes the design just doesn’t need it or the bodyhair isn’t prominent enough to be included.

          [Insert longwinded post about graphic vs realistic styles]

          Glider looks least like an alien wax mannikin, but even he still feels off- but I feel the reason why the lack of body hair looks so weird in TH vs other styles is because everything else is rendered in such grotesque overdetail that it gives the impression that everyone shaves/waxes until they’re an oily sheen instead of tactful stylization.

          I also would not be surprised that the reason why no one really has beards or facial hair is because of how they color hair and lines.

          • Lurking Lurker says:

            Re: health education: Wow you guys, I’m talking about grown women with boyfriends or husbands, not inexperienced girls who still fear cooties. It seems that for every three cock crazed straight ladies out there there’s one who’s like “I hate penises they’re so gross, I wish I was a lesbian.” Perhaps that is just my experience?

            It’s one thing to only draw a few wisps of hair on a leg just to imply it’s there. It’s another to never render any pubic or armpit hair whatsoever so that everyone looks pre-pubescent. I’d blame that almost entirely on yaoi/manga art influence.

          • It seems to be about sexual maturity and knowledge, and while maturity and knowledge should come with having a sexual relationship….it doesn’t always…unfortunately. I swear I feel that some straight ladies in relationships never open their eyes to see the dong they’re having sex with cause eww gross but then go on to doodle a bunch of anatomically incorrect ones in their sketchpads.

            I don’t know if you’re aware but just as a reminder the authors of Teahouse openly admit when they started the comic they did not truly understand the difference between a gay male and a straight woman. They started this comic in their late twenties.


            Let that sink in.

          • cc says:

            “Wow you guys, I’m talking about grown women with boyfriends or husbands, not inexperienced girls who still fear cooties.”
            Because once you start dating or get married, suddenly one becomes enlightened about how sex works? Sorry, if that sounds harsh, but I’m reminded of how many backwards politicians there are in regards to women’s health despite being married to their wives for 10+ years or how any adult who is married can keep preaching “abstinence only” as suitable sex education.

            But maybe I’m misreading or misinterpreting what you meant- if so, sorry!

            “I’d blame that almost entirely on yaoi/manga art influence.”
            Eh, cartoons/western stuff has their fair share too. Notably, superheroes who are definitely adults. (However yes, some do have facial hair, and they almost always have the benefit of at least two flavors of body type variation when it comes to males.)

          • Lurking Lurker says:

            You said they don’t know what dicks look like. I was saying they’re sexually active and certainly do. Then you launched into a totally off topic political rant. I’m just going to go back to quietly lurking now.

          • cc says:

            (initially) I read it like they were possibly averse to it because they don’t know what it looks like, so they have no frame of reference so their reaction to a new thing isn’t “definitely positive” it gets regarded to as negative.

            Sorry about that, if you can forgive my miscommunication or misinterpretation, if we talk again, I’ll do my best not to repeat my offense.

        • blankface says:

          Like CC said, I think it’s largely just a case of not knowing what a penis looks like and finding them kind of weird and gross. Especially growing up in a society where women have come to expect violence at the hands of anyone with a penis. Invisipeen is ‘safer’, more familiar.

          I say this as a queer trans man* who went through a period of being super grossed out by penises. I just didn’t know much about them and my only experience with them was from assault, so they were really gross to me. But I slowly started increasing my exposure to them through safe spaces and on my own accord, and now I’ve gone from ‘EW DICKS’ to ‘wow that is a gorgeous penis’. Never went through the aversion to body hair, in fact, my earliest ocs were satyrs, so ;p But I can understand where the aversion comes from, again, that link to violence or aggression.

          *I should note that I have never had any intention to get bottom surgery, so not liking dicks isn’t a hurdle in my transition. I don’t need one to be male.

          • Stardigrade says:

            I think it’s pretty normal to not find genitals attractive, I know a lot of people who are like that. There isn’t so much a grotesque aversion to them as there is just “eh, it’s a bit weird lookin’, I don’t mind touching it but I’d rather stare at your pretty face”.

          • Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

            Can I just say how happy I am that I have people from so many different countries/backgrounds/sexualities/genders who like my dumb rants? Cause it makes me happy.

        • Oh yeah plenty of straight women seem disgusted by dongs. Society is playing some odd cards to cause that. They seem to be piggy-back off of the straight male’s disgust of other dudes wieners, not want to seem slutty, masculinity is intimidating, and the whole sexualizing femininity in men cause women are considered more attractive by society’s standards. It’s an odd back and forth.

          Shit is just crazy in general.

      • Stardigrade says:

        Bear in mind that Japanese people generally aren’t very hairy, and the manga/anime style though pretty convoluted at times – is meant to portray Japanese people more than anyone else. Foreigners are supposedly a novelty in Japan, and I guess artists draw what they know?

        • Wanda says:

          I’ll give manga more credit. But since the creators of Teahouse are American, I’m assuming they see more men with chest hair than without. If their characters were Asian or Native American or something, I’d let it slide, but they all look like white dudes to me.

          • cc says:

            Didn’t they confirm in a forumspring or author chat thing that everyone (named characters) were white?

            I’m sorta inclined to believe this because they felt it necessary to announce during one of their pages that the first POC character appeared (it was a maid/servant) and then there was a controversy over it?

            It was a while ago, so take that as you will I guess?

          • Wanda says:

            They look white to me, though so do the majority of characters in manga. I do think it’s kinda funny that they made one maid a POC and then got all kinds of flak for it. I don’t really care that a maid was a POC, but that they have so many fucking characters with names and non-subservient roles and they didn’t think to make ANY of them non-white? They’re probably afraid of offending someone, but I think they’ve already done in other ways.

          • Annausagi2 says:

            I’m pretty sure the reason they got flack for it was because they pointed it out in their description for the page, in a: “Look, our first POC character, u guise!! Happy now?” kind of way.

            Hell, the black character of the main cast in my own comic happens to be a maid, but I’ve gotten zero negative comments about her.
            Then again, Teahouse gets about a million more comments than my comic does, but still! >:I

  6. Kartikeya says:

    I just have to share — I saw a dream about Teahouse the other night (weird – I’ve not been reading it lately, or read even riffs about it because, frankly, TH is boring as fuck) and in the dream Lord Mouthbreather revealed his super non-expressiveness was because he actually was a trained ventriloquist and needs to be able to keep a pokerface for that reason.

    I think this is now my headcanon.

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