Update for 2/28/14!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Douchebag Glasses

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12 Responses to Update for 2/28/14!

  1. Lurker says:

    Sadly, I’m learning that yaoi readers are willing to believe/ignore just about everything. Basically, a good deal of the readership are complete idiots, blind and in denial. The success of KS pretty much proves that. I wish I had the ability to just purge

    • RayneofCastamere says:

      I think the problem is that, for the most part, most mainstream porn and sex appeal is aimed at heterosexual men. When these girls see stuff aimed at them, they take what they can get.

      Not that this is an excuse for allowing rape culture perpetuating shit like this fly, but I think it’s probably a root cause.

  2. RayneofCastamere says:

    The readers will believe it. They praise Teahouse as a masterful work of art, so they’ll let this fly.

    I wish I could travel to Yaoiland and publish The Uke Mystique. It would be like a feminist movement for ukes! They need one.

    • cc says:

      I wonder if the Uke Mystique would even mean anything to them- after all the TH fandom seems to believe that Axis is an empowered uke.

      Same with SF, they think Abel is some kind of revolutionary uke and that Cain is a nuanced character because when you bottom, your personality switches to that of a quivering “G-give me the D senpai”.

      • RayneofCastamere says:

        Mm, right. Start them slow. Suffrage is always a good place to start. Or maybe have a Rosie the Riveter-like figure to encourage them to leave the bedroom every once in a while. (Ronald the Riveter? Oscar Outdoors?)

    • I like this idea. An uke rights movement. Oh one can dream.~

  3. Wanda says:

    first of all, he’s addicted to POT, right? I didn’t know the mob dealt with pot. I thought they dealt things like illegal nuclear missiles and heroin. Then again, I don’t know much about mobs. Still. Why the fuck would they burn the house down? Why not ask for the deed as payment for drugs and just kick the mother and her children out? That way they get a free house out of the deal.

    Tell you what. Angel Perez needs to take a looooong vacation from writing anything, because clearly all she vomits out is stupid.

    • As I understand it marijuana is rarely dealt with in mobs. This is because any smoe can grow a bit of weed in their attic and the majority of folks who indulge will just got to their local oddball guy. Sure the mob could push this guy out of their drug turf but usually the people who were buying may not go to them for fear for being associated with that stuff. So any money they’d make would not be worth it. However hard drugs like heorin and cocaine are not as easy to make and are ACTUALLY addictive so they make decent change off of that.

      There is no reason why they would burn the house down. Honestly an average house in Suburba would be a near perfect place to have a meth lab, they’d be stupid to not take advantage of it. There is very little reason to kill anybody who is having a hard time paying back a debt. You can’t make any money off of a corpse.

      As I have stated a lot, AP just slaps any trope she’s seen before in random places in her story and expects it to make sense.

      • cc says:

        Wait, has anyone actually used -pot- in that fashion in a popular tragic past?

        • I don’t believe so. I think AP just thought that all drugs illegal in the USA must behave the same.

          • Wanda says:

            I can understand being 14 and not know exactly how pot works (thanks, D.A.R.E!), but you’d think someone in their 20′s would know it’s actually not physically addictive at all, nor do you buy it off the mob. I mean, I have never smoked it and I know that. No excuse for AngelPerez not to (because sometimes I think she smokes it when she makes this comic, it’s the only explanation)

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