Update for 3/25/14!

Douchebag NSFW! (Probably should have started the NSFW sooner but lol not paying attention.) Tuesdays amirite?

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Douchebag Glasses by SirSeph

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6 Responses to Update for 3/25/14!

  1. SirSeph says:

    Oh yeah I forgot this is the page where everyone loses their respect for me lmao

    Also what the fuck is up with AP’s selective coloring like?? is it supposed to be an artistic choice or????? I mean…she gets away with the selective eye coloring so IDK why I’m surprised but I thought Blue’s hair was supposed to be purple anyway, I give up

    • Or it could be the page where people commend you for being open about your history of enjoying the series and start requesting MORE TSUNDERE SIRSEPH!

      I’m pretty sure AP’s selective coloring comes down to, “Well I felt like it.”

      • SirSeph says:

        Tsundere sirseph is something always in stock, my friend. Gotta say the only enjoyment in this series I got in the long run was from side character romance potential. Purple CEO uke x meathead volleyball coworker OTP for life.

        That’s true…she colored pastries that never got eaten on screen. They were true main character material. Never forget.

  2. Forestiger says:

    Haha is that a double sided pillow? And no judgement, I’ve enjoyed series with terribly written characters before (cough cough Mortal Instruments).

    Though I would really like to know what your thought of the main characters actions later on is. I found them highly unrealistic and generally stupid, but I’d like your take on them.

    • SirSeph says:

      Ahaha, nah, the one on the left is the ~*official*~ body pillow that my best friend owns and the one on the left is my crappy custom ordered one (it was only $30 and had Miles Edgeworth on the other side; I can’t say no to a double sided jerkass tsundere husbando pillow u feel me?)

      Oh man…I’ve written, like, essays on how terrible the ending of this manga/game is. You’re gonna need to be more specific on which part you mean, haha. If you’re talking about the route ending in general, it’s just like…Stockholm, plain and simple. Can’t fight the bad yaoi staples. They try to pass off the whole “hate is akin to love” trope, as if sadistic hatred leading to obsession leading to love is a good or healthy thing to endorse… But if you mean the manga’s after story…weeelll that’s a whole new ball of wax and disgusting behavior! Honestly the logic of it is so bafflingly bad and convoluted I end up frothing at the mouth when thinking about it.
      Truth be told, I’m unfortunately attached to Midou to the point where my friend and I are making a fan game where he and Honda (meathead coworker who shows up like 3x, briefly) get a happy ending to make up for how mind-numbingly bad they’ve both got it in the official story. Aaand the main character gets punched in the face AND fired. I’m so excited. He’s just so, so awful, both with and without his glasses. I don’t know how or why people sympathize with him or find this to be an enjoyable storyline. His actions make no sense whatsoever and, yeah, at their route, they’re unrealistic and stupid, you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

  3. wanderingaddict says:

    it’s sirseraph! hi sirseraph!

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