Update for 3/29/14!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Douchebag Glasses by SirSeph

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  1. Lurker says:

    Haha! The funniest thing about Blue fake-sleeping here is that in the second to last panel his face is turned towards wannabe-rapist but in the next one we see the exact same view of both their faces, meaning that they’re both facing Blue’s window, not each other. People do not turn towards you and smile before turning away if they aren’t at least party aware you’re there. I’d say AP just has no knowledge of angles or panelling but it’s funnier to think Blue is just super bad at faking sleep.

    Also, lost my shit at most recent KS page which I checked out of morbid curiosity when I knew I shouldn’t. You know what happened? I got banner straight off. AP, that delusional shit-weasel in denial actually creens the comments for anything slightly negative. What I wrote wasn’t even that bad! Okay, I may have used phrases like “sickeningly heteronormative” etc. But so what? All true. Liberty of speech, sisters and brothers!!!

    • cc says:

      You really should have taken a picture of your comment!

      And yes AP does have a track record of just deleting comments unless she can respond with generic sugar and <3's. Then again she has deleted pages where she inevitably fucked up and I guess she just couldn't delete the comments because there were too many negative ones pointing out the problems.

      There are times where IMO, it’s fine to delete comments (bigotry, harassment, spam, etc.) but it’s the consistency of anything that isn’t praise or what she considers palatable criticism which makes authors such as herself look that much worse.

      Cue of course the white knights that scream that “if u rly wanted to help teh author!1″ should be for PMs- because it’s not like the comment system is for COMMENTS or something or having publicly viewable comments might make for constructive discussion! Or you know, public comments to make sure the author can be held accountable because some just ignore the hell out of their PMs since ~it’s not a problem unless you acknowledge it gaiz!~

      • Lurker says:

        Oh Amen! And I really should have screencapped it but I didn’t expect for that to happen. I mean, it was’t even deleted afterwards, it never became public in the first place. I guess AP has to approve the comments first?

        I’ve always try to hold in the rage and keep from name calling and personal shit (well, outside this safe haven.) AP didn’t ban me for that, she banned me for calling bulshit on her bulshit sexism and objectifying, heteronormative portrayal of what is supposed to be a m/m relationship. Bitch be in serious denial. I hate her and her cronies and this hush hush policy concerning serious social issues in our entertainment media.

        • cc says:

          I don’t think authors can screen comments on the default SJ commenting system. If you’re banned I believe it just doesn’t post the comment period. Or maybe it is a new feature? I’m not sure. Either way that’s skeevy shit right there and screams of an author who needs emergency surgery to detach their head from their asses.

          And hear hear, I hate the special kind of echo chamber that seems to afflict these kinds of webcomics in particular.

          As for that recent page she posted- did blue seriously quit his job and red take on a job? I thought he had money in storage or whatever. But most importantly, what the hell is up with the housewife comment????? And what is with handing these psychopaths “cute” jobs, it’s not endearing.

          • Lurker says:

            I don’t know what’s going on there but even the mention of the “‘man’ of the house” and “housewife” roles just makes me so fucking mad that I see red. (No, ew, but you know what I mean.)

            And Red’s mental image of Blue in those fucking stockings? Could it be any more feminine? Isn’t that mother fucking psycho supposed to be gay? Not that people can’t be into that kinda thing but it’s just so stereotypical for the uke to be a chick with a dick and for the seme to totally dig that and not dream of a partner with muscles and body hair despite identifying as gay.

            I totally agree about that stupid job too. Also, is beastiality supposed to be cute and funny now? I give up.



          • cc says:

            Gay males means attraction to chicks with dicks right? Right.

            I don’t get why it makes up the majority either.

            I can understand in shortterm porn or shits and giggles kinks because hey outlets are great, but when it spans such long form crap and it’s supposed to apparently be a relationship with weighted drama it shits all over itself and propagates all the creepy shit.

            Like how to my recollection AP has admitted that her comic started off rocky (putting it lightly) and 1k pages later it’s too late to change it but with how she cranks out pages and how the two characters still act like TWATS to each other, it’s like reboot that shit.

            And considering her inability to write, a major reboot REALLY isn’t that big of a deal- it’s not like character development is being lost anyway and it’s not like she isn’t already running another piece of crap comic simultaneously right now as well.

            Yeah sorry for rambling, there’s just so much to AP and other authors like her I just can’t wrap my brain around.

          • I believe Kaito quit his job…but he did so under the pretense of opening up his own mechanic shop…that part hasn’t happened yet and I hope to fuck she doesn’t forget it so she can keep him barefoot and in the kitchen.

            I don’t know why Felix got a job in vet job…at all. My best guess is to make him seem “normal” and possibly to wrap up this story on a cutsey note. Frankly it’s pretty fucking tasteless considering people with sociopathic tendencies (what Shuno clearly has) usually murder and torture animals throughout their lives for shits and giggles.

            But hell start making sense with the writing now?

        • cc says:

          Gay males means exclusive attraction to chicks with dicks right? Especially when there are multiple gay males in the comic? All attracted to the SAME kind of person who likes to bottom. One kind of relationship and combination fits all, right.

          *Posted that way too soon. I’m just too buttmad about the hyper heteronormative slotting.

      • I know AP deleted a few pages out of a scene that was going in a very rapey direction because people pointed it out…but I believe she did apologize for it and say she was going to do better….better being very subjective here.

    • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah the story has not improved in the least, and her new title <3 art is pretty atrociously written to boot.

      I got banned after 2 comments but I’m pretty sure they were posted, she found them and than banned me. I don’t’ believe you can screen but I could be wrong. But yeah sickeningly heteronormative barely scraps the surface of Kaito Shuno…but it’s a start.

  2. SirSeph says:

    The fuck is Blue leaning on they’re in a convertible with the windows down ?????????? I really wanna see his head just lolling out the window or something. Vote for more realism in shitty yaoi comics.
    And why the fuck are the both blushing for the enTIRE PAGE what is the point.

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