Update for 3/30/14!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Who’s supriseddddddddddddddd?

Douchebag Glasses by SirSeph

Best riff page on this site.

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2 Responses to Update for 3/30/14!

  1. Lurker says:

    You know what’s a definite big fucking red flag? If a person becomes turned on when you’re seriously upset. Just run. Then again, might be too late when you’re already alone with him in the middle of God only knows where in the dark.

    But seriously though, it’s not cute for someone to completely disregard your discomfort/anger/upset, laugh at you and brush it off with “you’re too cute!” What a creeper! Ew, ew, ew. Why is Blue friends with him again?

    • My best guess as to why they’re bros is simply because Blue is super desperate for a friend. And hell nobody has EVER treated him with any respect so why should he expect it lol?

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